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BoardGameGeek (often abbreviated as BGG) is a website, founded in January 2000, that hosts reviews, discussion, and resources about boardgames.

[edit] BGG Store

The BGG Store is one of the main places to buy copies of the Dominion promo cards such as StashStash.jpg or SummonSummon.jpg. The cards typically become availabe on the store a short while after first being available at conventions or other events. The store also sells packs of blank Dominion cards, which can be used to proxy fan cards or cards you don't already own.

[edit] Golden Geek Awards

BoardGameGeek holds the Golden Geek Awards annually at their BGG.CON convention, presenting a variety of awards based on nominations and votes from the website. In 2009, Dominion was awarded "Best Card Game" and "Best Board Game of the Year".

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