Combo: Black Market and Tactician

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Black Market / Tactician
Black Market.jpg Tactician.jpg
Set(s) Promo / Seaside

Black MarketBlack Market.jpg and TacticianTactician.jpg is a notorious Dominion combo which allows you to play Treasures before playing a Tactician.

Tactician can be an annoying card. Playing it means forgoing your current turn for a doubly-good next turn. This is good when you have a bad hand, or a reduced hand, but not good when you draw the Tactician with all your PlatinumsPlatinum.jpg. Black Market provides an interesting (and devastatingly powerful) way out of this dilemma, as a hugely easy way to implement the Double Tactician engine. Play Black Market and use it to play your Treasures. Whether or not you buy from the Black Market, your Treasures are now available for the subsequent Buy phase. So long as you have at least one additional card remaining in your hand to be discarded, you can now play the Tactician, have a normal Buy phase with your Treasures, and still have a mega-turn next turn.

Black Market essentially eliminates the primary drawback of Tactician and turns it into a juggernaut. Provided you can consistently draw the Black Market and Tactician, you can have 10-card hands every turn. And although it might seem that you need a +Actions card to be able to play Black Market and then Tactician afterwards, in practice, the extra Action from Tactician fills this need perfectly.

There are several other combos that make use of this Black Market ability: if you use Black Market to play a Quarry or Royal Seal, then the Treasure’s effect can be used on gaining Action cards. But Black Market / Tactician is probably the most powerful combo, and easiest to pull off.

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