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Counting House / Golem
Counting House.jpg Golem.jpg
Set(s) Alchemy / Prosperity

Counting HouseCounting House.jpg and GolemGolem.jpg is a combo in which the only Actions in your deck are a single Counting House and as many Golems as you can buy. Each Golem is therefore guaranteed to find your Counting House and, in failing to find a second Action, discard all your Copper—preparing it to be retrieved by that same Counting House.

Adding a ChancellorChancellor.jpg or ScavengerScavenger.jpg as a second action for the Golem to find functions about the same way, since you can use the Chancellor or Scavenger to put all your Copper in your discard pile before playing Counting House. Scavenger also allows you to ensure you have a Golem in your next hand. CounterfeitCounterfeit.jpg can help by giving you an extra buy if your deck is getting bloated with Coppers from attacks (For example opponent is playing MountebankMountebank.jpg or JesterJester.jpg), but only if you draw one in the same hand as the Golem. Keep in mind that you don't need to counterfeit (and trash) your Coppers unless you want to.

[edit] Article

Original article by theory

Counting House is best when you have your deck in the discard. Naturally, the obvious way to accomplish this goal is with Chancellor. The problem this faces is the sheer improbability of drawing your Chancellor, plus your Counting House, plus a +Actions card, amidst all your Copper. It’s OK, but pretty difficult to pull off.

The better (and cooler) way is with Golems. Build a deck of many Golems and a single Counting House, with no other Actions. Each time you play your Golem, it will find your Counting House, then discard your entire deck searching for another action (unsuccessfully). At that point, play your Counting House and draw all the Copper in the deck into your hand. Rinse and repeat.

This approach suffers from its flaws as well—it’s inflexible, for starters. Counting House has many synergies (BankBank.jpg, CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg, WarehouseWarehouse.jpg), but none of them would work well with this strategy, which explicitly depends on the existence of only one non-Golem Action card in order to discard everything else. Moreover, it requires quite a few Golems in order to be effective; buying Golems requires buying and drawing a PotionPotion.jpg, and probably some SilverSilver.jpg in order to afford the Golem, making this fairly slow to set up. Ironically enough it also suffers greatly when you actually draw your Counting House as part of your hand. (Though you can always hope your opponent will play Minion or Militia.) But the biggest advantage this combo has over Chancellor/Counting House is the ability to buy further Coppers without gumming up your combination. If you have enough Golems to reliably draw at least one each turn, then as long as you buy a single Copper along the way, you can guarantee a $8 turn every turn.

[edit] Controversy

The article above was written in 2010, and the Dominion metagame has evolved since then. On the forums, it has been concluded that the Golem/Counting House combo doesn't actually work as well as people thought it would in 2010. Keep this in mind when playing a board with these cards.

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