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Highway / Market
Highway.jpg Market.jpg
Set(s) Hinterlands / Base
Type Megaturn

HighwayHighway.jpg and MarketMarket.jpg create a combo that allows the player, in one megaturn, to buy many Provinces (perhaps piledriving them) or three-piling to win.


[edit] Article

[edit] How it works

Multiple BridgesBridge.jpg played in one turn allow you to gain a lot of cards or even all Provinces in one turn. This leads to combos such as King's Court/Bridge or Native Village/Bridge. Highway has the same cost reduction and the advantage of being a cantrip, but lacks the much needed +Buy. So you need another cantrip that offers this - like Market. Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg has a high opportunity cost, but can work as well, and so can Market SquareMarket Square.jpg. The goal is now to alternate your Market and Highway buys and try to play as many as possible in one turn. With 7 Markets and 7 Highways in play, you can then buy all the Provinces in one turn. But even if you can't manage that, as your opponent usually competes with you in getting the Markets and Highways, you can quickly end the game anyway, as the Market and Highway piles are usually low near the end of the game, so buying some Victory cards (usually DuchiesDuchy.jpg) can deplete a third pile.

[edit] Synergies

  • You usually want a thin deck with no more than 4 other cards, so that you can draw your whole deck; go for a heavy trasher like ChapelChapel.jpg or StewardSteward.jpg.
  • Spice MerchantSpice Merchant.jpg is a great addition to this combo, as it is either a non-terminal trasher, or offers you another Buy for your Highways.
  • After you have about 2 Highways, you can add a TalismanTalisman.jpg to your deck; with a Highway and a Talisman in play you can get an extra Highway or Market with each buy.
  • In a similar manner, IronworksIronworks.jpg, ArmoryArmory.jpg or WorkshopWorkshop.jpg let you gain Highways or Markets with at least one Highway in play. They also can gain a Province with 4 Highways in play later in the game.
  • With QuarryQuarry.jpg on the board, you can open with it, and then go for Markets first, as the cost reduction for getting Markets and Highways is even better.
  • With no good trashing, you could - after you have 3-4 of each Highway and Market - buy an InnInn.jpg right before the reshuffle to play all of those in one turn, possibly depleting both Highways and Markets, and then later buy another Inn for the megaturn.
  • With no good trashing, MinionMinion.jpg is good to go through your deck and play all your Markets and Highways.
  • Remodelers also have a nice synergy with Highway; you can, for example, Remodel a Copper into a Highway with 3 Highways in play.
  • When you can draw your whole deck, OutpostOutpost.jpg is a good terminal to add, as you can easily buy more Markets and Highways, and later spread your megaturn over 2 turns.

[edit] Countering

Strong attacks, especially cursers, prevent you from drawing a lot of Highways and Markets in one turn.

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