Combo: Ironworks and Great Hall

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Ironworks / Great Hall
Ironworks.jpg Great Hall.jpg
Set(s) Intrigue
Type Synergy

IronworksIronworks.jpg and Great HallGreat Hall.jpg is an interesting interaction that most players often think is quite strong when first exploring Intrigue, though in reality is not all that powerful.

[edit] Article

Due to Great Hall's typing, when it is gained via Ironworks, the player receives +1 Card and +1 Action, turning Ironworks into a cantrip. Since Great Hall is also a pure cantrip, essentially "invisible" in your deck (barring handsize attacks), this is a lot like playing a cantrip MonumentMonument.jpg, without the +$2. However, since the Great Hall pile has only 8 cards in a 2-player game, it makes Ironworks into a cantrip Monument that only works at most 8 times, usually fewer. And once that pile is empty, you now just have a deck full of mostly useless cards, leaving you far behind any player that actually invested in economy, even if they only gained SilversSilver.jpg. The extra VP.png from your Great Halls will almost never be enough to make up for losing the Province split. As such, while this interaction can be useful in breaking a tie, it is most often a distraction.

This interaction has the almost unique quality of being improved by ScoutScout.jpg; if all three cards are in the kingdom, Ironworks can be used to gain Great Halls, which Scout can then draw into hand, turning Scout into powerful non-terminal draw.

On boards on which Ironworks is a good buy anyway, for gaining engine components, Great Hall can make a good target for Ironworks after you've already gained most of the engine components you need and built your economy.

If you have cost reduction, other dual-type Victory cards, like HaremHarem.jpg and NoblesNobles.jpg, are usually excellent targets for Ironworks.

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