Combo: Philosopher's Stone and Herbalist

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Philosopher's Stone / Herbalist
Philosopher's Stone.jpg Herbalist.jpg
Set(s) Alchemy

Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg and HerbalistHerbalist.jpg on their own are both relatively weak. However, together, they create a rather powerful combo that allows the player to start buying ProvincesProvince.jpg or ColoniesColony.jpg quickly and reliably.

[edit] Article

Philosopher's Stone and Herbalist are not great cards. Herbalist is usually a weaker WoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg, a weak card to begin with. Putting a treasure card on top of your deck is usually unreliable. And Philosopher's Stone wants a fat deck to be good. But with a bloated deck, you aren't able to play it very often. However, these cards both solve each other's deficiencies to create a powerful combo, much greater than the sum of its parts.

The goal is simple: buy as many Herbalists and Philosopher's Stones as possible. Open PotionPotion.jpg/Herbalist. You never need to buy a second Potion. Initially, buy Philospher's Stone whenever you can, followed by Herbalists and CoppersCopper.jpg. Never let a buy go unused. You want to bloat your deck as fast as possible. Keep buying more Herbalists. You don't care about terminal collision, you just want to ensure you have one every turn to play to keep playing your important treasures every turn. Start by continually returning your Potion until you have several Stones, and then switch to returning the Stones once you start being able to afford Provinces.

Since you expect to get most of your income from Philosopher's Stones, you are able to start buying DuchiesDuchy.jpg and EstatesEstate.jpg much earlier than normal, maybe even before a single Province is bought.

Be warned - this combo can be very dependent on shuffle luck. With your thick deck, you may not draw your Herbalist with your Potion at the right times.

Cards P TransmuteTransmute.jpgVineyardVineyard.jpg $2 HerbalistHerbalist.jpg $2P ApothecaryApothecary.jpgScrying PoolScrying Pool.jpgUniversityUniversity.jpg $3P AlchemistAlchemist.jpgFamiliarFamiliar.jpgPhilosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg $4 PotionPotion.jpg $4P GolemGolem.jpg $5 ApprenticeApprentice.jpg $6P PossessionPossession.jpg
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