Combo: Stonemason and Vineyard

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Stonemason / Vineyard
Stonemason.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Set(s) Guilds / Alchemy
Type Rush

StonemasonStonemason.jpg and VineyardVineyard.jpg is a combo that uses Stonemason's when-buy Action-gaining ability to pump up the point total of Vineyard.

[edit] Article

This combo is simple enough - just use Stonemason's overpay function whenever possible. Whenever you do, your Vineyards are each increased by one VP.png, since you're netting three Actions. It also helps that Stonemason does really well with PotionPotion.jpg cards, as the overpay allows you to get twice the value from each Potion buy - since Alchemy cards tend to be cheap aside from their Potion cost, this should be relatively easy to make use of. Admittedly, the overpay can't be used to pick up Vineyards, but Stonemason's trashing can turn your Potion into two more Actions.

This is very much a rush strategy - you're aiming to empty out the Vineyards and Stonemasons, and Stonemason's nature should mean you empty out a third pile pretty easily as well, particularly if there's another $2 on the board.

Border VillageBorder Village.jpg is very good with this strategy - when you have $8, since your priority is Vineyards over Provinces, overpay by $6 on a Stonemason to pick up two Border Villages - this should net you a total of five Actions, and should empty three piles much more quickly. Border Villages are also a prime target for Stonemason's trashing, turning one Action into two.

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