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Possession vs Ambassador
Possession.jpg Ambassador.jpg
Set(s) Alchemy / Seaside

PossessionPossession.jpg vs AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg is a counter which exploits wordings on both cards. When Possessed, a player's trashed cards are returned to them at the end of their Possessed turn, but Ambassador removes cards from one's deck without trashing them, allowing Ambassador to permanently remove a card from a player's deck without their permission.

In a similar vein, Possession can counter PrincePrince.jpg if you managed to Possess your opponent when Prince is in their hand. Making them play Prince but not set aside another card with it means they essentially wasted an $8 buy. It also is good against any cards that return to their pile when played, such as MadmanMadman.jpg and SpoilsSpoils.jpg.

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This isn’t strictly a “counter”, but it’s absolutely something to watch out for. Had enough of your opponent’s smug Ambassadors, showing up at your door with unwanted EstatesEstate.jpg and CoppersCopper.jpg? Simply Possess him, then watch him howl with fury as you Ambassador away two of his ColoniesColony.jpg and hand one out to everyone else in the game. In a two-player game, this can result in a 30VP.png swing! In multiplayer games, it is the only way to permanently remove cards from an opponent’s deck with Possession (since it doesn’t count as “trashing”) to directly benefit yourself, and it is a vicious counter to one of the most effective early-game attacks.

In a two-player game, MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg is a good substitute, though slightly less effective (since you can only cost the player one card instead of two). In a multiplayer game, the Possessed Masquerader will be passing cards to someone other than yourself, so you can hurt the Possessed but not help yourself.

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