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A deck inspector is a card that lets you reveal or look at one or more cards at the top of your deck. Deck inspectors that are also Attacks, like SpySpy.jpg, tend to look at fewer cards than those that aren't, like ScoutScout.jpg. These cards can allow you to discard or trash undesired cards, draw a particular type of card into your hand, or simply rearrange their order.

In order to be a deck inspector, it has to:

  • Allow the option to put cards back onto your deck
  • Reveal/look at a specified number of cards

Deck inspectors are contrasted with digging cards, which look through your deck for a specific card or card type, discarding the other cards. Some deck inspectors are also sifters.

Attack cards that look at the top of an opponent's deck are considered Deck inspection attacks.

[edit] Strategy

While deck inspectors tend not to directly provide useful resources, such as coins or cards, or at least not in any significant amount, deck inspectors can be useful to make your current or next turn go more smoothly. For example, using a CartographerCartographer.jpg or two to filter out less useful cards, and to ensure cards are drawn in the right order, can give a noticeable advantage to that player in a mirror match.

[edit] Examples

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