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Cost Coin3.png
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set HinterlandsHinterlands icon.png
Illustrator(s) Marco Morte
Card text
Trash a card from your hand. Gain two cards onto your deck, with one costing exactly Coin1.png more than it, and one costing exactly Coin1.png less than it, in either order.

Develop is an Action card from Hinterlands. As a fairly inflexible terminal remodeler that gains more cards than it trashes, it is often considered a relatively weak and situational card that is hard to use optimally. It benefits from having useful cards in the supply at a variety of costs.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • First trash a card from your hand, if able.
  • If you trashed a card, gain two cards, one costing exactly Coin1.png more than the trashed card, and one costing exactly Coin1.png less than the trashed card.
  • The gained cards come from the Supply; gain them in either order, resolving any abilities due to gaining them also in that order.
  • If there is no card in the Supply at one of the costs, you still gain the other card if you can.
  • Put the gained cards on top of your deck rather than into your discard pile.
  • If you trash a CopperCopper.jpg, which costs Coin0.png, you will fail to gain a card costing -Coin1.png (and try to gain a card costing Coin1.png).

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

[edit] Strategy Article

Original article by dondon151, edited by theory

A quick perusal of the List of Cards by Qvist_Rankings will reveal the community’s general consensus that Develop is among the worst Coin3.png cards in the game. It is not immediately obvious why this is the case, as Develop is an exotic trash-for-benefit card that gets the player two cards at the cost of one and topdecks both for their immediate use on the subsequent turn. Less expert players will either blindly follow this consensus and ignore Develop where it is situationally useful or misjudge its power and use Develop in the wrong contexts.

It is helpful to first cover the main reasons why Develop is generally a weak card. Some of these are similar to other trash for benefit cards, but others are unique Develop weaknesses.

[edit] Shortcomings

  • It’s terminal. You wonder, should this count as a point against Develop? Most other trash-for-benefit cards (SalvagerSalvager.jpg, RemodelRemodel.jpg, etc.) are terminal. However, one must consider that the opportunity cost of a dead Develop is a Silver or a non-terminal Coin3.png that could have done something useful.
  • It doesn’t benefit the current hand. Develop doesn’t produce Coin.png, nor does it draw cards, and it trashes a card from the player’s hand. Assuming no interference from the opponent, that leaves the player with 3 cards from a 5-card starting hand. Even if the player manages to increase his handsize beforehand, choosing to play Develop renders two cards in hand unusable for the buy phase. Opening with Develop sacrifices a lot of buying power on the turns where it appears in hand.
  • It slows deck cycling. Develop gains cards to the top of the deck. Unless Develop topdecked cards that draw cards, this anti-cycling effect inhibits deck momentum by delaying the speed at which the player can get subsequent reshuffles.
  • It’s bad at gaining Victory cards. In the final stages of the game, when the player’s deck is in its dying throes (or just choking on Victory cards), most trash-for-benefit cards are useful because they can convert assets to points in some way. Develop can do this too; the problem is that topdecking a Victory card strongly hampers the subsequent turn, and Develop is fickle about what cards it can trash for points in the first place. And while SalvagerSalvager.jpg, ApprenticeApprentice.jpg, ForgeForge.jpg, RemodelRemodel.jpg, and ExpandExpand.jpg can all perform some variant of trash ProvinceProvince.jpg -> gain Province, Develop lacks this function entirely.
  • It’s inconsistent between kingdoms. Develop is unlike most traditional TfB’s in that its potential benefit is strongly dependent on the other cards in the Kingdom. In particular, Develop benefits most from there being in the Kingdom good Coin3.png cards and/or synergistic cards that are exactly Coin2.png apart. Some of the benefit from Develop is negated if, for example, you’re forced to topdeck a SilverSilver.jpg that you don’t necessarily want. This also makes most Coin3.png cards generally bad targets for Develop, as good Coin2.pngs will not always be in the Kingdom and Estates are ubiquitous.

Naturally, by examining Develop’s shortcomings, we can identify the conditions that make Develop much stronger than we normally perceive it.

[edit] Benefits

  • When Develop is the best form of trashing in the Kingdom. Develop is a weak trasher, but it’s a trasher nonetheless. It provides no benefit at all upon trashing Coppers and Curses, but sometimes we use other TfB’s, such as SalvagerSalvager.jpg, Coin0.png Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg, or TraderTrader.jpg for that purpose. In engine games in particular, Develop’s trashing is an important consideration, because there is potential to play Develop more often and the weak trashing goes a long way towards improving engine consistency. For example, MenagerieMenagerie.jpg typically synergizes with Develop because it trashes Estates for Menageries (or other Coin3.pngs), and the Copper trashing is also beneficial to this type of deck by reducing the frequency of duplicate cards.
  • When cards of cost Coin2.png-Coin4.png in the kingdom are abundant and strong. This is an indicator for Develop in a few ways. First, hands with Develop on turns 3 and 4 will tend to hit Coin2.png-Coin4.png depending on the opening, so being able to buy something useful with those hands is a boon. Second, Develop converts Estates into Coin3.pngs. Third, it is not as bad to trash a Copper with Develop in the midgame and knock the player’s buying power from Coin5.png to Coin4.png if he doesn’t mind passing up the Coin5.png in the first place. Note that Develop is not always a must-have if there are Kingdom cards at Coin3.png, nor should it always be ignored if there is only Silver at Coin3.png. Developing Estate to Silver substantially improves the deck’s economy in future shuffles, and the topdecked Silver may very likely let the next hand reach Coin5.png. For example, a Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg - WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg engine likes a Develop opening because both key cards are at Coin3.png and Watchtower’s draw benefits from Develop’s trashing due to handsize reduction.
  • When there is a combination of surplus +Action and +Card. There is no doubt that most terminal cards are significantly improved given the means to play them frequently and in large numbers. The question is whether this is even worth mentioning with regards to Develop. In these situations, not only is Develop an adequate trasher, but it can also be a potent gainer. Because Develop gains cards to the top of the deck, a drawing engine can easily play the gained cards on the same turn. Or, one can choose to leave the gained cards on top in order to kickstart the next turn. For example, any variant of a Village / Smithy can work here. Several factors are preferable, though: a drawing village, a Coin3.png village, supplementary nonterminal drawing, gainers (WorkshopWorkshop.jpg, IronworksIronworks.jpg, etc.), and so on. Draw-to-X creates a mild synergy as well, because a play of Develop reduces handsize by 2 cards.
  • When important cards are exactly Coin2.png apart. If the player is forced to gain 2 cards that are Coin2.png apart, then obviously the ideal situation is when both cards are important components of the deck. This is another reason why Develop likes Kingdom cards at Coin3.png: power cards are most commonly at Coin5.png but not as common at Coin6.png. Coin4.png cards also tend to be weaker than Coin5.png cards and are easier to gain, so there is less opportunity cost in trashing them instead of playing them.

The best case scenario is if there are good cards at all price points from Coin3.png-Coin6.png. In these circumstances, Develop can be used repeatedly to gain more cards at each of these price points. It is possible, for instance, to trash a Coin4.png into Develop and a Coin5.png, and then to trash the Coin5.png into a Coin4.png and a Coin6.png. The flexibility offered here can prove to be extremely advantageous. A special mention goes to Coin7.png kingdom cards, which can be trashed into a Province and a Coin6.png if the situation calls for it – usually, near the end of a game. Something to watch out for, though, is getting caught in the trap of only trashing your good cards and not playing them. Inexperienced players who get too Develop-crazy end up spinning their wheels instead of building an amazing engine. It is of paramount importance to keep in mind that, though the goal of Develop (in this context) is to gain new cards, the goal of the deck is to play those cards, preferably as often as possible.

[edit] Summary:

Indicators for Develop:

  • Engines. There are a few exceptions (e.g., Estate and Silk RoadSilk Road.jpg rushes), but Develop is heavily reliant on kingdoms having engine potential in order for it to be worth using.
  • Strong cards at Coin2.png-Coin4.png, particularly at Coin3.png. Coin3.png is important because Estates can be trashed into Coin3.pngs. Non-terminals are especially desirable here.
  • Desirable cards that are Coin2.png apart. Develop’s strength as a gainer is greatest in these circumstances. Even better is if there are good cards at all price points from Coin3.png-Coin6.png.

Counter-indicators for Develop:

  • Lack of surplus actions. In the absence of surplus actions, Develop will often be competing with stronger terminals. However, note that it is possible to transition from using Develop as the terminal to using a different card, particularly when there is no need to continue trashing.
  • Lack of draw. Without drawing, newly gained cards will be played less often, and Develop’s anti-cycling effect becomes noticeably bad. Hands with Develop will always be burdened by the card slot that it occupies.
  • Handsize attacks. This can swing both ways – a handsize attack doesn't matter if someone can draw his deck, and handsize attacks promote engine-building, but hitting a 5-card hand that has Develop will usually deny the receiving player a buy or a Develop play.
  • Fast engines and/or power Coin5.pngs. Sometimes you just don’t need Develop. Picking up Develop increases the likelihood of being unable to hit Coin5.png until turn 5.
  • Stronger trashing. Whether it be AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg, ChapelChapel.jpg, Jack of all TradesJack of all Trades.jpg, or RemakeRemake.jpg, those cards can more or less do what Develop does, but better (or with a bonus). stats indicate that stronger trashers tend to lower Develop’s winrate the most (thanks DG!).
  • Shelters. Even assuming that there are good Coin2.pngs, trashing a Shelter forces the player to gain a Copper, Curse, or Ruins. Plus, most Coin2.pngs aren’t good enough to be worth opening Develop for anyway.

Develop is a high-skill card, and even with the advice in this article in mind, it can be hard to see exactly when investing in Develop will pay off and when it will flop. One rule of thumb that I generally follow is to consider Develop first as a trasher, and to consider it second as a gainer. Its power is modest as a trasher on certain boards, but Develop’s power truly shows when it can be used effectively as a gainer. Hopefully this article has provided you a better understanding of this card.

[edit] Example games:

In this tournament game, -Stef-‘s SwindlerSwindler.jpg wreaks havoc in dondon151's deck. However, the Develops that -Stef- gives dondon151 let him trash useless Coin4.pngs and Coin5.pngs for useful cards. Shanty TownShanty Town.jpg and Council RoomCouncil Room.jpg are gained together at Coin3.png and Coin5.png and help build a massive drawing engine in conjunction with Mining VillageMining Village.jpg and MintMint.jpg.

Here, cbaka uses Develop to launch his deck into a Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpgWatchtowerWatchtower.jpg engine.

Here cbaka uses Develop to build a MenagerieMenagerie.jpg engine. Not much else to say about this game and the previous one.

Though some of chrx’s choices were suspect, Develop helps me win the Fishing VillageFishing Village.jpg split and get my TorturerTorturer.jpg engine running faster.

-Stef- uses Develop to transition into a Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg deck supplemented by Farming VillagesFarming Village.jpg, LibrariesLibrary.jpg, and Shanty TownsShanty Town.jpg. Here, Library-Shanty Town is a modest Coin5.png/Coin3.png combination, and Spice MerchantSpice Merchant.jpg is an ideal target for Develop once its role is done. With the surplus actions from Farming Village, Develop synergizes with Library by reducing handsize by 2 cards. The presence of ExpandExpand.jpg in this Kingdom lets excess Shanty Towns and Silvers be converted into Grand Markets. Expand itself can be trashed into a Province.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

  • Useful cards of different costs, especially costs separated by Coin2.png, and especially in the Coin2.png-Coin4.png range.
  • Deck-drawing engines
  • King's CourtKing's Court.jpg and other Coin7.png cards
  • Border VillageBorder Village.jpg

[edit] Antisynergies

  • Small Hands
  • Lack of actions or draw
  • Big Money
  • Shelters

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Develop Develop from Goko/Making Fun Trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing exactly Coin1.png more than it and a card costing exactly Coin1.png less than it, in either order, putting them on top of your deck. Hinterlands 1st Edition October 2011
Develop Develop from Shuffle iT Trash a card from your hand. Gain two cards onto your deck, with one costing exactly Coin1.png more than it, and one costing exactly Coin1.png less than it, in either order. Hinterlands 2nd Edition December 2016

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Czech Výstavba
Dutch Ontwikkelen
Finnish Grynderi
French Développement
German Aufbau German Version by Hans im Glück
Italian Sviluppo
Japanese 開発 (pron. kaihatsu) 手札1枚を廃棄する。それよりコストがCoin1.png高いカード1枚、Coin1.png低いカード1枚を好きな順番で山札の上に獲得する。
Polish Rozwój (note: as referred to in Polish Empires rulebook)
Russian Развитие (pron. razvitiye)
Spanish Desarrollo

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

[edit] Preview

As if by coincidence, Develop is a way to trade it[note 1] in. Develop doesn't get you up to ProvinceProvince.jpg without a Coin7.png in the game, but you do get two cards for the one you trashed, and they go on your deck. Develop a card costing Coin4.png, bam, put a Develop and an Ill-Gotten Gains on your deck. Then next turn Develop the Ill-Gotten Gains. That is just the kind of silliness Develop has to offer.
  1. Develop was previewed with Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg, which Donald X. discussed trashing for some benefit.

[edit] Secret History

A card from late in the going. I had had other RemodelsRemodel.jpg not work out, and didn't think FarmlandFarmland.jpg was completely filling that slot. This seemed cute and worked immediately.

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Promo Coin3.png Black MarketBlack Market.jpg Coin4.png DismantleDismantle.jpgEnvoyEnvoy.jpgSaunaSauna.jpg/AvantoAvanto.jpgWalled VillageWalled Village.jpg Coin5.png GovernorGovernor.jpgStashStash.jpg Coin8.png PrincePrince.jpg
Events: Coin5.png SummonSummon.jpg
Base Cards Coin0.png CopperCopper-new.jpgCurseCurse-new.jpg Coin2.png EstateEstate-new.jpg Coin3.png SilverSilver-new.jpg Coin4.png PotionPotion-new.jpg Coin5.png DuchyDuchy-new.jpg Coin6.png GoldGold-new.jpg Coin8.png ProvinceProvince-new.jpg Coin9.png PlatinumPlatinum-new.jpg Coin11.png ColonyColony-new.jpg
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