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[edit] The Dominion Strategy Wiki is not:

The Dominion Strategy Wiki is not:

  • A place to promote your products. Wikipedia.
  • A forum. A place to talk about Dominion cards is here.
  • A mirror or a repository of links, images, or media files:
  1. External links or Internet directories. There is nothing wrong with adding one or more useful content-relevant links to the external links section of an article; however, excessive lists can dwarf articles and detract from the purpose of Wikipedia. On articles about topics with many fansites, for example, including a link to one major fansite may be appropriate.
  2. Internal links, except for disambiguation pages when an article title is ambiguous, and for lists for browsing or to assist with article organization and navigation; for these, please follow the guidelines outlined by wikipedia.
  3. Photographs or media files with no accompanying text.
  • A blog, Web hosting service, social networking service, or memorial site:
  • Dominion Strategy Wiki is not a social networking service like Facebook. You may not host your own website, blog, wiki, or file hosting service here. Dominion Strategy Wiki pages are not:
  1. Personal web pages. Users have their own user pages, but they should be used primarily to present information relevant to working on the encyclopedia. Limited biographical information is allowed, but user pages should not function as personal webpages or be repositories for large amounts of material that is irrelevant to collaborating on Wikipedia. If you are looking to make a personal webpage or blog or to post your résumé, please make use of one of the many free providers on the Internet or any hosting included with your Internet account. The focus of user pages should not be social networking, or amusement, but rather providing a foundation for effective collaboration.
  2. File storage areas. Please upload only files that are used (or will be used) in encyclopedia articles or project pages; anything else will be deleted.
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