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Dominion Campaigns: Alchemy (originally subtitled Potions and Professors) is the sole Alchemy Campaign Act on Dominion Online. It comes with the purchase of Alchemy, which includes HerbalistHerbalist.jpg, PotionPotion.jpg, ApprenticeApprentice.jpg, ApothecaryApothecary.jpg, UniversityUniversity.jpg, Scrying PoolScrying Pool.jpg, AlchemistAlchemist.jpg, FamiliarFamiliar.jpg, Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg, GolemGolem.jpg, PossessionPossession.jpg, TransmuteTransmute.jpg, and VineyardVineyard.jpg.


[edit] Campaign Overview

You establish a university for the scientific minds of your kingdom, but the practice of alchemy soon leads to insanity among them.

[edit] List of Games

[edit] Game 1 vs. Serf Frederick

Isn't science wonderful? How your world is changing! In your underground lab, an alchemist is working on a way to transmute lead into gold. With your kingdom of Vaccara's huge stockpiles of lead, you should be the richest ruler in the world soon.

Kingdom cards: Transmute, Alchemist, Adventurer, Cellar, Woodcutter, Bureaucrat, Mine, Market, Spy, Moneylender

[edit] Game 2 vs. Serf Celestria

While you're waiting for your gold, your long-term advisor Ulmar seeks an audience. He suggests that your kingdom would be enhanced by the establishment of a university. He adds that the addition of a vineyard would allow wine to be served at university functions. You agree, and Ulmar sets to work.

Kingdom cards: Vineyard, University, Cellar, Festival, Library, Workshop, Moat, Thief, Smithy, Laboratory

[edit] Game 3 vs. Maiden Muriel

Ulmar's university is a smashing success! Every class is filled to capacity. The university apothecary has promised a youth potion; sure, why not? Let's hope that the students don't end up creating a golem instead. Science might be wonderful, but it's still tricky.

Kingdom cards: Apothecary, Golem, Market, Woodcutter, Adventurer, Laboratory, Militia, Throne Room, Village, Smithy

[edit] Boss Game 4 vs. Squire Solomon

As usual, something is afoot in the kingdom of Vaccara. A student, one of the brightest, has been murdered. You visit the university and seek some answers.

Kingdom cards: Transmute, Alchemist, Vineyard, University, Apothecary, Golem, Market, Witch, Smithy, Cellar

[edit] Game 5 vs. Serf Osred

How could the crime of murder make its way into your new, wonderful university? This was supposed to be a place of higher learning and higher thinking. You're so stressed that you visit the university's herbalist for a potion of calming.

Kingdom cards: Herbalist, Vineyard, Alchemist, Cellar, Gardens, Market, Militia, Mine, Remodel, Throne Room

[edit] Game 6 vs. Maiden Ewe

The murdered young man was the apprentice of the famous alchemist and university professor Cadby. There are rumors that perhaps Cadby was the intended victim, and the student was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kingdom cards: Apprentice, University, Golem, Moneylender, Remodel, Witch, Moat, Laboratory, Feast, Chancellor

[edit] Game 7 vs. Squire Solomon

Cadby tells you that the science departments at the university have been infiltrated by a group of wizards who seek to harness the sciences for their own nefarious purposes. They appear in masks and robes, and rumors say one of them can even conjure a familiar when evil deeds are required.

Kingdom cards: Familiar, Apothecary, Transmute, Market, Remodel, Throne Room, Chancellor, Spy, Mine, Laboratory

[edit] Boss Game 8 vs. Lady Aylild and Serf Celestria

You cross the campus quad and notice a masked, robed man. You can't make out what he's saying, but he sounds angry. More masked men join him; most of their faces are hidden, but you can see that their eyes burn a fiery red.

Kingdom cards: Herbalist, Vineyard, Alchemist, Apprentice, University, Golem, Familiar, Apothecary, Transmute, Council Room

[edit] Game 9 vs. Maiden Diamanda

You continue to Ulmar's office and report the odd occurrence. Ulmar says that all will eventually be known, and the murder will be solved. A student suggests using a scrying pool to learn the truth, but Ulman inexplicably says that enough science is enough for now.

Kingdom cards: Scrying Pool, Apprentice, Alchemist, Transmute, Moneylender, Village, Woodcutter, Market, Cellar, Thief

[edit] Game 10 vs. Squire Hadrian

You don't have a good feeling about what's going on at your wonderful university. You go back to the quad and chat with some students. One of them takes you aside and says the problems are related to the creation of a philosopher's stone, and Cadby is its maker.

Kingdom cards: Philosopher's Stone, Herbalist, Familiar, University, Witch, Cellar, Market, Militia, Council Room, Bureaucrat

[edit] Game 11 vs. Lady Arabella

Your royal alchemists hadn't yet succeeded in creating this lead-to-gold transmuter; had Cadby already created one? You ask the student where to find the philosopher's stone, but he suddenly turns, jerks wildly, and walks away. This is extremely odd behavior to have in front of the monarch, you surmise.

Kingdom cards: Possession, Vineyard, Golem, Apothecary, Remodel, Cellar, Village, Laboratory, Market, Workshop

[edit] Boss Game 12 vs. Gentleman Alvar and Squire Winter

You follow the student to a group of men in robes. These look like the same wizardy-type guys you saw before, in the quad. You try to back away slowly, but they turn and come after you. This isn't looking good.

Kingdom cards: Vineyard, Apothecary, Scrying Pool, Alchemist, Familiar, Philosopher's Stone, Golem, Possession, Herbalist, Apprentice

[edit] Game 13 vs. Squire Xabier

Sometimes it's better to run away than to fight. You duck into the first unlocked classroom you find, and hope the door gives you some protection from the horde. Unfortunately, what comes smashing through the door isn't the's a huge golem.

Kingdom cards: Vineyard, Apothecary, Scrying Pool, Alchemist, Familiar, Philosopher's Stone, Golem, Possession, Herbalist, Apprentice

[edit] Game 14 vs. Lady Ayleth

You jump out the classroom's window (good thing it's on the first floor). Golems evidently aren't good with negotiating windows; it merely smashes through the wall and emerges outside. You run as fast as you can. The powerful but slow golem is soon lost somewhere behind you.

Kingdom cards: Herbalist, Transmute, Apothecary, Alchemist, Golem, Cellar, Chancellor, Festival, Militia, Smithy

[edit] Game 15 vs. Gentleman Althalos

You might have lost the golem, but the wizard men catch up. One stops suddenly and begins an incantation in a strange language. There is a flash of light, and something ghastly appears: it looks like a bat on fire. He's conjured a familiar!

Kingdom cards: Apprentice, Scrying Pool, Familiar, Possession, University, Cellar, Council Room, Gardens, Laboratory, Throne Room

[edit] Boss Game 16 vs. Gentleman Ivan, Maiden Lindara, and Squire Xabier

The familiar-bat follows you and knocks you to the ground. The wizard mob comes running, but before they can reach you, you shout with all your strength. Surely someone will hear and aid their monarch!

Kingdom cards: Apothecary, Scrying Pool, Alchemist, Familiar, Golem, Apprentice, Market, Laboratory, Spy, Cellar

[edit] Game 17 vs. Lady Kateryn

You punch the familiar-bat in the nose (always a good move in a fight), and it flies away. Your yell attracts the attention of some students, and they come to your aid. The wizards cut a chunk of your hair, then flee. You try to explain what has happened...the golem...the wizards...the familiar-bat...but you begin to feel light-headed, and things go dark...

Kingdom cards: Herbalist, Scrying Pool, Golem, Familiar, Vineyard, Apprentice, Chapel, Workshop, Village, Market

[edit] Game 18 vs. Lady Ida

You awaken in Ulmar's office; a few drugs from the apothecary have cleared your head. Ulmar admits that indeed a philosopher's stone had been created at the university. Since one side effect of using a philosopher's stone is insanity to the practitioner, Ulmar confiscated it and locked it away.

Kingdom cards: Apothecary, Scrying Pool, Philosopher's Stone, University, Apprentice, Transmute, Thief, Remodel, Festival, Throne Room

[edit] Game 19 vs. Gentleman Viktor

That night, in your bedchamber back at the castle, you awaken before dawn and realize your body is jerking like that odd student at the university. As if being controlled by some outside force, your body jerks itself out of bed and out the door.

Kingdom cards: Alchemist, Possession, Philosopher's Stone, Familiar, Transmute, University, Gardens, Militia, Market, Council Room

[edit] Boss Game 20 vs. Cadby, Maiden Diamanda, and Lady Arabella

Puppet-like, you stumble outside and down to the vineyard. The wizards are waiting--they must've used the lock of your hair in a possession spell. This time, their masks are off--and you see that their leader is the alchemist Cadby. Cadby laughingly admits to killing his apprentice; no non-wizards could know of the philosopher's stone's existence. Now Cadby says that it's time to murder you, too!

Kingdom cards: Possession, Familiar, Vineyard, Scrying Pool, Transmute, Golem, Thief, Militia, Throne Room, Workshop

[edit] Trivia

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