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Completed map for Base Set - Act 2.

Dominion Campaigns: Base Set Act 2 (originally subtitled Magic, Money and Ministry) is the second Act of the Base Set Campaign on Dominion Online. It is immediately available to play. The cards available are the same as in Act 1.


[edit] Overview

Picking up right after Act 1, this Campaign concerns itself with first a war against the kingdom of Infamy, led first by King Leroy, then his son Leo, then a subsequent war against the witches, led by Jezebel, who had been your ally during the war against Infamy, and the reconstruction that takes place after.

[edit] List of Games

[edit] Game 1

Your grandmother, Queen of Provilia, has been brought to Justice for your parents' deaths (oddly, Grandfather was pleased). Now you can concentrate on Vaccara, where a new mine has been discovered. To fund its operation requires investment. If it succeeds, you're looking at a very happy year. Remodel their workshops so the smiths can turn polearms into pickaxes.

Starting decks

  • You: 2 Silvers, 8 Smithies
  • Cardwell the Serf: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Cardwell the Serf [+/-]
Militia Remodel Smithy Market Mine
Militia.jpg Remodel.jpg Smithy.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg
Cellar.jpg Moat.jpg Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Workshop.jpg
Cellar Moat Village Woodcutter Workshop
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 2

News, but alas, no funds, has come in from the mines! On your way back from visiting a native village, you arrange a bridge loan from the moneylenders in the market. Shopping always makes the sad feel better.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Serf Henna: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Serf Henna [+/-]
Throne Room Library Market Witch Adventurer
Throne Room.jpg Library.jpg Market.jpg Witch.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Native Village.jpg Workshop.jpg Bridge.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Native Village Workshop Bridge Bureaucrat Moneylender
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 3

The adventurers returning from the mines regale you with stories of amazing bounty. You host only a moderate reception for these brave souls featuring a somewhat fresh catch from your fishing village; after all, where is the gold they promised? They appear honest; it would be terrible if one turns out to be a thief.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Maiden Ylaria: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Maiden Ylaria [+/-]
Smithy Thief Throne Room Council Room Mine
Smithy.jpg Thief.jpg Throne Room.jpg Council Room.jpg Mine.jpg
Chapel.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Workshop.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Monument.jpg
Chapel Fishing Village Workshop Bureaucrat Monument
Additional Cards

[edit] Boss Game 4

Everyone is enjoying your festival. With funds start to arrive from the mine, you hope to purchase the loyalty of new provinces from your guests. One high-profile attendee is the gluttonous King of Infamy, Leroy. The rumor is that he plans to block your purchases, so you ask your chancellor to keep a watchful eye during the feast.

In this rules variant the supply starts with 16 Provinces.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Leroy, King of Infamy: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Leroy King of Infamy [+/-]
Remodel Thief Festival Market Mine
Remodel.jpg Thief.jpg Festival.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg
Chapel.jpg Chancellor.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Feast.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Chapel Chancellor Woodcutter Feast Moneylender
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 5

The festival has been ruined! Your chancellor discovers that King Leroy bribed your partners to steal your gold. All of it. You can't mint currency without gold. Now you have to get it back, of course, but how? Sometimes it's necessary to fight a little larceny with something "special" of your own. But first a quick visit to the harem.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Serf Willard: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Serf Willard [+/-]
Laboratory Library Mine Mint Harem
Laboratory.jpg Library.jpg Mine.jpg Mint.jpg Harem.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chancellor.jpg Feast.jpg Remodel.jpg Festival.jpg
Cellar Chancellor Feast Remodel Festival
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 6

During your childhood, the task of governing the kingdom always seemed so simple. At least, your father made it look that way! But now you're no longer a child, your father no longer sits on the throne, and you finally understand why a king has little time to play with his child in the garden or to read a book in the library. It's time to grow up!

Starting decks

  • You: 6 Coppers, 3 Estates, 1 Remodel
  • Maiden Justina: 6 Coppers, 3 Estates, 1 Remodel
Maiden Justina [+/-]
Remodel Throne Room Council Room Laboratory Library
Remodel.jpg Throne Room.jpg Council Room.jpg Laboratory.jpg Library.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chapel.jpg Moat.jpg Workshop.jpg Gardens.jpg
Cellar Chapel Moat Workshop Gardens
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 7

King Leroy continues his underhanded campaign against you. The royal chancellor's tactician recommends reinforcing the militia, but something tells you that Vaccara's new thieves guild can strike King Leroy where it hurts most, that would be, in his pockets!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Squire Mendel: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Squire Mendel [+/-]
Council Room Festival Mine Tactician Adventurer
Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Mine.jpg Tactician.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Chapel.jpg Pawn.jpg Chancellor.jpg Militia.jpg Thief.jpg
Chapel Pawn Chancellor Militia Thief
Additional Cards

[edit] Boss Game 8

The King of Infamy, Leroy, is no longer a problem: he gobble up one too many roasted chickens and died from gastrointestinal distress. His son Leo inherited his throne and seeks negotiations with you regarding the provinces his father sought to acquire. You decide to give the young boy a chance. After all, your village needs remodeling, and it never hurts to have another market where you can sell what it's produced in your workshops.

In this rules variant your hand consists of 4 cards, not 5.

Starting decks

  • You: 6 Coppers, 2 Estates, 1 Province, 1 Silver
  • Leo Leroy: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Lady Elena: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Leo Leroy [+/-]
Remodel Thief Throne Room Laboratory Market
Remodel.jpg Thief.jpg Throne Room.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chapel.jpg Village.jpg Workshop.jpg Gardens.jpg
Cellar Chapel Village Workshop Gardens
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 9

The apple never falls far from the tree. Leo brought every weapon from his arsenal to the meeting, but it was just a diversion. He managed to infiltrate a horde of powerful witches in through the palace's gardens, and now the market, the smithy and the city moat are all under attack. It is all-out war now!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Maiden Osanna: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Maiden Osanna [+/-]
Smithy Market Witch Adventurer Hoard
Smithy.jpg Market.jpg Witch.jpg Adventurer.jpg Hoard.jpg
Moat.jpg Smugglers.jpg Village.jpg Gardens.jpg Remodel.jpg
Moat Smugglers Village Gardens Remodel
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 10

It's time to take action on this war before it's too late! The witch Jezebel has returned and seeks an audience with you. With her help and upgrades made to the citadel, soon the thief Leo will face the same fate as his father!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Squire Silas: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Squire Silas [+/-]
Laboratory Upgrade Witch Adventurer Grand Market
Laboratory.jpg Upgrade.jpg Witch.jpg Adventurer.jpg Grand Market.jpg
Moat.jpg Moneylender.jpg Spy.jpg Thief.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Moat Moneylender Spy Thief Throne Room
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 11

Leo lost most of his land to you during the war; the mines of Vaccara are finally yours. It had been a bloody, destructive conflict, and the people blame you for the damage. It would be wise of you to share the wealth of the conquest with the people. A fancy festival with a celebratory feast will improve everyone's mood!

Starting decks

  • You: 10 Feasts
  • Lady Elena: 6 Silvers, 3 Estates
Lady Elena [+/-]
Library Market Mine Witch Adventurer
Library.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Witch.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Workshop.jpg Feast.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Laboratory.jpg
Workshop Feast Council Room Festival Laboratory
Additional Cards

[edit] Boss Game 12

The witch Jezebel has promised to stay by your side, but the commoners are not pleased with the idea. A new religious faction has gained ground among the villagers, one that claims witches should be hunted and tortured. You can't rule from the throne of a divided kingdom! The best option is to spy on the two groups while considering what to do next.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Witch Jezebel: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Maiden Ylaria: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Witch Jezebel [+/-]
Spy Throne Room Laboratory Market Torturer
Spy.jpg Throne Room.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Torturer.jpg
Moat.jpg Ambassador.jpg Feast.jpg Moneylender.jpg Remodel.jpg
Moat Ambassador Feast Moneylender Remodel
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 13

Jezebel is banished as overwhelming pressure from the people forces your hand. She promises to return with greater strength. Concerned by this threat, many villagers quit their jobs in the mines and the sawmills to join the militia. Even some members of the bureaucracy waive the opulence of the feasts in the royal gardens to embrace the rigor of the military life.

In this rules variant the supply starts with 16 Gardens.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Squire Allister: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Squire Allister [+/-]
Militia Remodel Throne Room Festival Mine
Militia.jpg Remodel.jpg Throne Room.jpg Festival.jpg Mine.jpg
Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Feast.jpg Gardens.jpg
Village Woodcutter Bureaucrat Feast Gardens
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 14

Your biggest fear is realized: Jezebel has returned. Fortunately your militia is stronger than ever. But what's really reassuring is that you found a powerful talisman from days past when you were hiding the gold produced in your mines in the cellars of your secret haven. Fight magic with magic!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Lady Ingride: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Lady Ingride [+/-]
Militia Talisman Council Room Library Mine
Militia.jpg Talisman.jpg Council Room.jpg Library.jpg Mine.jpg
Cellar.jpg Haven.jpg Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Gardens.jpg
Cellar Haven Village Woodcutter Gardens
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 15

Jezebel's anger seems to be fading away. The Kingdom goes back to its normal life. Villagers return to their previous jobs, filling the cities again with peddlers, woodcutters and bureaucrats. Everything seems fine, but you know Jezebel well enough to know that she has not stopped conspiring against you. Stay alert!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Gentleman Keaton: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Gentleman Keaton [+/-]
Bureaucrat Conspirator Remodel Laboratory Peddler
Bureaucrat.jpg Conspirator.jpg Remodel.jpg Laboratory.jpg Peddler.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chapel.jpg Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Workshop.jpg
Cellar Chapel Village Woodcutter Workshop
Additional Cards

[edit] Boss Game 16

You were right! Jezebel was gathering allies and already neighboring estates have fallen to her power. You sent spies and adventurers to explore the surroundings, but the news is not so encouraging. You know you have the power to defeat your neighbours' militias, but Jezebel's army of witches is beyond your capabilities. If you manage to win this war, witches will be banished for good!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Witch Jezebel: 2 Coppers, 3 Estates, 1 Bureaucrat, 1 Militia, 1 Spy, 1 Thief, 1 Witch
  • Lady Ingride: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Witch Jezebel Part II [+/-]
Spy Thief Library Witch Adventurer
Spy.jpg Thief.jpg Library.jpg Witch.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Moat.jpg Village.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Militia.jpg Remodel.jpg
Moat Village Bureaucrat Militia Remodel
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 17

Victory! Now that the witches are banished to a distant island, it's time to heal your kingdom. While the residents organize a festival and a feast in your honor, the ironworks blaze full time to repair the damage done to the gates, gardens and chapels.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Lady Juetta: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Lady Juetta [+/-]
Militia Spy Thief Council Room Festival
Militia.jpg Spy.jpg Thief.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg
Chapel.jpg Feast.jpg Gardens.jpg Ironworks.jpg Island.jpg
Chapel Feast Gardens Ironworks Island
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 18

The council has been busy lately receiving complaints of miners and other workers. They claim that while the bureaucrats and moneylenders were partying at the festival made in your honor, they had to work hard remodeling castles they are not invited to. They have a point.

In this rules variant you gain a copper with every turn.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 2 Estates, 1 Province
  • Gentleman Winston: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Gentleman Winston [+/-]
Remodel Council Room Festival Library Mine
Remodel.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Mine.jpg
Cellar.jpg Workshop.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Feast.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Cellar Workshop Bureaucrat Feast Moneylender
Additional Cards

[edit] Game 19

The general discontent grows every day. The militia, created to defeat foreign enemies, now has to restrain riots incited by smiths and woodcutters in the local markets. Many caravans have been seen abandoning the cities. This can't be good for your kingdom!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Gentleman Sedgewick: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Gentleman Sedgewick [+/-]
Feast Militia Smithy City Market
Feast.jpg Militia.jpg Smithy.jpg City.jpg Market.jpg
Moat.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Workshop.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Caravan.jpg
Moat Woodcutter Workshop Bureaucrat Caravan
Additional Cards

[edit] Final Boss Game

The royal chancellor has advised you to keep all the villages under surveillance and build new watchtowers on the roads. This has made things worse! Not only has the number of rebellions increased, but also the debts. You've been forced to ask boons of the moneylenders. Tread carefully: you do not need more enemies!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Sir Robert: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Gentleman Winston: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Sir Robert [+/-]
Gardens Moneylender Festival Library Witch
Gardens.jpg Moneylender.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Witch.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chancellor.jpg Swindler.jpg Village.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Cellar Chancellor Swindler Village Watchtower
Additional Cards

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