Dominion Campaigns: Guilds Act 1

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Dominion Campaigns: Guilds is the sole Guilds Campaign Act on Dominion Online. It comes with the purchase of Guilds.


[edit] Campaign Overview

[edit] List of Games

[edit] Game 1

Your chancellors inform you that your Grandfather's oldest sister has died and made you the sole heir of her vast fortune. You are surprised by the news; the old maid never liked you. You organize a feast in her memory with the best bakers you can find. The local candlestick makers present you with a life-size wax statue of her. That is a little weird.

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Alice the Serf: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Alice the Serf [images]
Smithy Thief Baker Festival Library
Smithy.jpg Thief.jpg Baker.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg
Candlestick Maker.jpg Chapel.jpg Chancellor.jpg Feast.jpg Militia.jpg
Candlestick Maker Chapel Chancellor Feast Militia
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Game 2

What to do with such a fortune? Your advisors counsel using it to expand the kingdom's trading markets. The adventurers guild wants a loan for its next project. You tell your herald to issue a referendum to gather ideas from the people. But in the end you decide to buy that ridiculously expensive masterpiece you always coveted!

Starting decks

  • You: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
  • Serf Willard: 7 Coppers, 3 Estates
Serf Willard [images]
Throne Room Council Room Market Mine Adventurer
Throne Room.jpg Council Room.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Adventurer.jpg
Chancellor.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Herald.jpg Moneylender.jpg Thief.jpg
Chancellor Masterpiece Herald Moneylender Thief
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Trivia

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