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Dominion Adventures: Hinterlands Act 1, subtitled Foreign Coins, is the first section of the Hinterlands Adventures on Goko. It comes with the purchase of the Hinterlands: Foreign Coins card set, which includes DuchessDuchess.jpg, Fool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg, DevelopDevelop.jpg, SchemeScheme.jpg, Nomad CampNomad Camp.jpg, Spice MerchantSpice Merchant.jpg, TraderTrader.jpg, CacheCache.jpg, HagglerHaggler.jpg, Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg, MandarinMandarin.jpg, StablesStables.jpg, and Border VillageBorder Village.jpg.


[edit] Adventure Overview

A desire for exotic spices leads to conflict with kingdoms in the Far East.

[edit] List of Scenes

[edit] Game 1 vs. Serf Mary

Your borders have been slowly expanding, and productive new border villages are being established. Adventurers tell of fertile soil and the plentiful native fruits and vegetables. The lands sound so wonderful that many city-dwellers are moving to country nomad camps, looking for a simpler way of life.

Kingdom cards: Border Village, Nomad Camp, Remodel, Council Room, Mine, Laboratory, Smithy, Workshop, Throne Room, Spy

[edit] Game 2 vs. Serf Amiot

The variety of spices being brought to your kingdom from the borders has excited you greatly. You love the new flavors, and you contract with the official spice merchant for all his wares. You don't want to deal with the annoying black-market haggler, so you accept the official spice merchant's dear prices.

Kingdom cards: Haggler, Spice Merchant, Cellar, Feast, Festival, Smithy, Village, Market, Adventurer, Spy

[edit] Game 3 vs. Serf Catrain

Your cache of exotic spices amazes guests to your meals. You must have more! Merchants establish trade routes with the East, and the flow of spices continues. Duchess Thomasina, explorer from the East, requests an audience with you.

Kingdom cards: Cache, Duchess, Gardens, Witch, Woodcutter, Moat, Moneylender, Market, Bureaucrat, Village

[edit] Boss Game 4 vs. Maiden Agatha

Thomasina's reputation precedes her, and you're intrigued to learn more of her adventures. Unfortunately, as soon as her private audience begins, she pulls a crossbow from her bag and aims it confidently at your chest.

Kingdom cards: Border Village, Nomad Camp, Haggler, Spice Merchant, Cache, Duchess, Feast, Workshop, Village, Laboratory

[edit] Game 5 vs. Serf Greta

You jump from your throne just as Thomasina lets an arrow fly. Thankfully, your guards are near and take Thomasina to the dungeon for interrogation. Your expansions are harming her homeland, she says. In her bag are also many foreign golden coins; she offers them as an apology for the attack. Your alchemist determines the coins are worthless fool's gold, however.

Kingdom cards: Fool's Gold, Nomad Camp, Haggler, Chapel, Laboratory, Mine, Remodel, Market, Village, Militia

[edit] Game 6 vs. Maiden Rosamunda

Thomasina's knowledge of the Eastern principalities is her only bargaining chip. She claims an Eastern magistrate hired her to kill you, with payment being all the "mysteries of the East." Your attitude toward her begins to develop into a form of pity as you condemn her to life in prison.

Kingdom cards: Develop, Spice Merchant, Duchess, Village, Council Room, Remodel, Festival, Cellar, Spy, Library

[edit] Game 7 vs. Squire Chermin

When you wake up the next morning, there is a petition on your door for Thomasina's release. Some visiting Eastern dignitaries request that she be pardoned. You see this as a "win-win"; you really didn't want her to be imprisoned, and you're sure you can get some Eastern spices as part of the bargain. An Eastern spice trader brings the goods you requested.

Kingdom cards: Trader, Border Village, Cache, Witch, Moneylender, Adventurer, Spy, Market, Laboratory, Gardens

[edit] Boss Game 8 vs. Lady Elena and Maiden Rosamunda

You arrange a group of guards to take Thomasina on the long journey to the Eastern border; it should take several weeks and will not be easy. But before the entourage can even reach the castle walls, concealed bowmen attack and take Thomasina.

Kingdom cards: Border Village, Nomad Camp, Haggler, Spice Merchant, Cache, Duchess, Fool's Gold, Develop, Trader, Witch

[edit] Game 9 vs. Maiden Agatha

The bowmen run to the stables, steal horses, and ride out of the castle, with Thomasina in tow. Was Thomasina party to this scheme? She seemed surprised at the rescue, and appeared to be a prisoner to this new group.

Kingdom cards: Scheme, Stables, Border Village, Cache, Festival, Mine, Smithy, Moneylender, Remodel, Cellar

[edit] Game 10 vs. Squire Bryce

After several weeks, a mercenary adventurer sends word that Thomasina and the bowmen are beyond your Eastern border, in a mighty fortress atop a high mountain. It's the compound of the Mandarin Wei.

Kingdom cards: Mandarin, Fool's Gold, Spice Merchant, Haggler, Gardens, Council Room, Village, Moat, Witch, Adventurer

[edit] Game 11 vs. Lady Aylild

You send your best diplomats to arrange a return of Thomasina; you're pretty sure that she was taken against her will. Wei's response is that you must return your ill-gotten gains before any negotiations can continue. What is he talking about? What ill-gotten gains?

Kingdom cards: Ill-Gotten Gains, Duchess, Develop, Trader, Chapel, Thief, Remodel, Mine, Market, Village

[edit] Boss Game 12 vs. Lady Gloriana and Maiden Agatha

Back at your castle, you consider the words of your diplomats. Suddenly, masked men rappel from the roof down through your open windows. The intruders weren't anticipating your armed guards, and their attack was short-lived. Why all these attacks? What have you done?

Kingdom cards: Scheme, Stables, Mandarin, Ill-Gotten Gains, Nomad Camp, Fool's Gold, Haggler, Spice Merchant, Develop, Border Village

[edit] Game 13 vs. Squire Tigra

Apparently, the attacks won't stop until you determine the nature of your "ill-gotten gains." You launch a thorough investigation into all your kingdom's income sources. Was it your new toll roads? Could it be your taxes? What about your farmlands? Your advisors pore over the details.

Kingdom cards: Ill-Gotten Gains, Cache, Fool's Gold, Mandarin, Trader, Mine, Thief, Chapel, Moneylender, Woodcutter

[edit] Game 14 vs. Lady Tilla

You summon all your kingdom's merchants to appear and be questioned about their dealings. You notice that the irritating black-market haggler hasn't come forth. It's a long shot, but just maybe he knows something...

Kingdom cards: Border Village, Cache, Haggler, Develop, Duchess, Market, Chancellor, Spy, Gardens, Remodel

[edit] Game 15 vs. Gentleman Hal

This irritating haggler keeps getting more annoying. Evidently he's gone by several aliases and has even changed his appearance a few times. The more you learn, the more suspicious he sounds.

Kingdom cards: Scheme, Stables, Spice Merchant, Nomad Camp, Border Village, Throne Room, Market, Cellar, Militia, Smithy

[edit] Boss Game 16 vs. Gentleman Searle, Squire Chermin, and Lady Tilla

Finally, a tip pays off, and your guards locate and capture the haggler. Before he can answer any questions, though, he slips his bindings and dashes for the door. Evidently, changing his identity isn't his only talent.

Kingdom cards: Ill-Gotten Gains, Border Village, Cache, Haggler, Mandarin, Trader, Spice Merchant, Witch, Thief, Cellar

[edit] Game 17 vs. Lady Maud

Your guards react quickly, the haggler is recaptured and secured. Your investigators use all their interrogation techniques to learn the truth: the haggler's black-market spices were stolen from Mandarin Wei. Aha! That's what's bothering Wei.

Kingdom cards: Develop, Spice Merchant, Trader, Nomad Camp, Scheme, Ill-Gotten Gains, Spy, Village, Cellar, Laboratory

[edit] Game 18 vs. Gentleman Vilin

You confiscate all the haggler's Mandarin spices, load up several chest of gold, and assemble your envoys. You're not just sending your diplomats to the kingdom of Wei; you're going along yourself. You must make Wei understand that you don't want war.

Kingdom cards: Fool's Gold, Mandarin, Haggler, Spice Merchant, Scheme, Border Village, Woodcutter, Thief, Council Room, Mine

[edit] Game 19 vs. Gentleman Norman

The trip to the East was long and cold. When you finally reach the foot of Wei's mountain fortress, you meet armed guards who don't appreciate foreign visitors. Finally, word comes from Wei himself that you are to be allowed up to the castle.

Kingdom cards: Cache, Stables, Border Village, Trader, Nomad Camp, Duchess, Spy, Witch, Moat, Smithy

[edit] Boss Game 20 vs. WeiBot, Squire Bryce, and Archer

Wei's security is tight. Bowmen stand at the ready, their arrows tensed and aimed. With noble pomp, Wei appears, and Duchess Thomasina is revealed as his consort. You hope that this matter can be set aright.

Kingdom cards: Scheme, Haggler, Trader, Develop, Duchess, Border Village, Ill-Gotten Gains, Witch, Militia, Bureaucrat

[edit] Epilogue

Wei accepts your apology, reclaims the spices stolen by the haggler, and takes your chests of gold as retribution. He and Thomasina hope to open legitimate spice trade routes with your kingdom. It's nice to make an ally--wars and danger are always a reality.

[edit] Trivia

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