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Dominion Adventures: Prosperity Act 2, subtitled Treasure Trove, is the second section of the Prosperity Adventures on Goko. It comes with the purchase of the Prosperity: Treasure Trove card set, which includes ContrabandContraband.jpg, Counting HouseCounting House.jpg, HoardHoard.jpg, LoanLoan.jpg, MintMint.jpg, MountebankMountebank.jpg, QuarryQuarry.jpg, RabbleRabble.jpg, Royal SealRoyal Seal.jpg, TalismanTalisman.jpg, VentureVenture.jpg, and WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg.


[edit] Adventure Overview

Wealth is mysteriously increasing in every kingdom but your own, and you fight to find the source and restore balance.

[edit] List of Scenes

[edit] Game 1 vs. Serf Oswyn

Your castle expansion is moving along, and an appropriate new venture might be a limestone quarry. Your occasional rival, King Leonard, has just built a huge castle by the sea. You'll need the extra limestone to build your castle even BIGGER.

Kingdom cards: Venture, Quarry, Market, Festival, Council Room, Chapel, Laboratory, Mine, Throne Room, Spy (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 2 vs. Serf Selda

Even though the castle construction had gotten your royal seal, work has slowed. The counting house reports that construction costs are escalating (competition with King Leonard for resources is driving up the prices). You won't be satisfied unless your castle is a jaw-dropping wonder.

Kingdom cards: Counting House, Royal Seal, Cellar, Militia, Chancellor, Gardens, Market, Village, Smithy, Feast

[edit] Game 3 vs. Maiden Mirabelle

Your fortune has been spent, and you'll need a loan to finish the castle. You're starting to wonder if that gold watchtower was such a great idea.

Kingdom cards: Loan, Watchtower, Festival, Adventurer, Spy, Mine, Militia, Remodel, Workshop, Cellar (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 4 vs. King Leonard

King Leonard invites himself over to look at your expensive construction. He says he might buy out, and then call in, your loan. You can't let that happen; time to raise taxes and get that loan paid off.

Kingdom cards: Quarry, Royal Seal, Counting House, Loan, Venture, Watchtower, Adventurer, Chancellor, Festival, Woodcutter (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 5 vs. Serf Rebecca

You pay off the loan, and there's no love lost between you and King Leonard. Raising taxes has made the peasants unhappy; you might have a rabble brewing.

Kingdom cards: Rabble, Venture, Loan, Village, Moat, Moneylender, Remodel, Festival, Bureaucrat, Adventurer

[edit] Game 6 vs. Maiden Guinevere

Lowering taxes has appeased the peasants, but you still need funds to run your kingdom. It's rumored that King Leonard has a hoard of treasure, and since he's threatened you in the past, maybe some force from you is fair retribution...

Kingdom cards: Hoard, Royal Seal, Quarry, Cellar, Woodcutter, Militia, Remodel, Spy, Laboratory, Market (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 7 vs. Squire Hadrian

You think you have a friend in King Leonard's castle, the mountebank Galore. Turncoats often turn twice; you tread carefully.

Kingdom cards: Mountebank, Counting House, Watchtower, Throne Room, Gardens, Festival, Cellar, Feast, Market, Militia (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 8 vs. Galore, the Mountebank and Gentleman Viktor

Galore's not-so-subtle interrogations of your staff about you and your kingdom have convinced you that he's still loyal to King Leonard. You give him a "tour" of your dungeon.

Kingdom cards: Quarry, Royal Seal, Counting House, Loan, Venture, Watchtower, Rabble, Hoard, Mountebank, Adventurer (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 9 vs. Maiden Jacquelyn

Galore swears that Baroness Paulina, not King Leonard, directed him to gather information on you. On the night of your grandfather's ball, where you met your love, you had inadvertently insulted Baroness Paulina's dress, and she's still holding a grudge. She's still so angry that she's built a mint and is flooding your kingdom with fake currency.

Kingdom cards: Mint, Hoard, Venture, Rabble, Throne Room, Mine, Village, Spy, Smithy, Cellar (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 10 vs. Squire Fabian

Baroness Paulina is in hiding, but you don't care to arrest her; you just want to stop the mint. Also, where is King Leonard getting all his riches? It's rumored that he has a talisman to generate gold. Hmmmmm...

Kingdom cards: Talisman, Counting House, Watchtower, Quarry, Gardens, Village, Smithy, Woodcutter, Festival, Remodel

[edit] Game 11 vs. Lady Gussalen

You collect all the contraband coins in circulation. You can't fight two fronts at once; better you find Baroness Paulina before she tries something else dirty.

Kingdom cards: Contraband, Mountebank, Loan, Royal Seal, Witch, Moat, Spy, Laboratory, Mine, Moneylender (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 12 vs. Baroness Paulina and Maiden Guinevere

The Baroness is in a heavily-fortified estate south of your kingdom. You heard rumors that she has her own talisman; where are these talismans coming from? A messenger says she is refusing to turn over the coin dies and strike plates from her mint.

Kingdom cards: Venture, Quarry, Royal Seal, Loan, Hoard, Talisman, Contraband, Mine, Laboratory, Remodel (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 13 vs. Squire Terrald

You attack and capture Baroness Paulina's estate, securing her coinage equipment. Your soldies report seeing the Baroness escape the estate with Galore.

Kingdom cards: Watchtower, Royal Seal, Mountebank, Rabble, Counting House, Bureaucrat, Chancellor, Chapel, Village, Throne Room (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 14 vs. Lady Maerwynn

Word reaches you that the construction project at your castle is finished! That's at least some good news; Paulina and Galore are still on the lam.

Kingdom cards: Venture, Loan, Mint, Mountebank, Hoard, Gardens, Cellar, Mine, Remodel, Market (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 15 vs. Gentleman Thrall

Did you think that King Leonard was out of the picture? He's sent surveyors onto your land near the border--a bit aggressive, no? Your kingdom needs you, but you must first capture the Baroness and Galore.

Kingdom cards: Rabble, Talisman, Watchtower, Counting House, Mint, Gardens, Woodcutter, Village, Spy, Cellar (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 16 vs. Baroness Paulina and Galore, the Mountebank

Success! The two dangerous irritants are finally captured. But what about the greedy King Leonard? Surely this news will only make him hungrier for more power, land, and gold.

Kingdom cards: Counting House, Loan, Venture, Watchtower, Rabble, Hoard, Mountebank, Talisman, Contraband, Mint

[edit] Game 17 vs. Lady Christabel

King Leonard's greed has turned into overt warfare. Can you get home before your kingdom is lost?

Kingdom cards: Counting House, Watchtower, Hoard, Mountebank, Contraband, Mint, Cellar, Remodel, Spy, Thief

[edit] Game 18 vs. Gentleman Russell

You find your grand new castle is under siege by King Leonard and his army. While King Leonard is at your castle, maybe it's the time to visit his. In exchange for leniency, Baroness Paulina and Galore agree to help get into King Leonard's treasury.

Kingdom cards: Quarry, Venture, Rabble, Talisman, Contraband, Festival, Gardens, Militia, Moat, Woodcutter

[edit] Game 19 vs. Gentleman Viktor

The treasury yields great riches, some from your vault, and some from the surrounding kingdoms. Of course you'll return some of it, after keeping a finder's fee... As you promised, you've let Baroness Paulina and Galore off lightly, with only exile (and not execution).

Kingdom cards: Quarry, Royal Seal, Counting House, Mountebank, Contraband, Feast, Market, Militia, Throne Room, Village

[edit] Boss Game 20 vs. King Leonard, Baroness Paulina, and Galore, the Mountebank

It's the final battle with King Leonard. He has nothing to lose, so he's giving it one final do-or-die push. Either his kingdom will survive, or yours will. Whose will it be?

Kingdom cards: Quarry, Royal Seal, Loan, Venture, Watchtower, Hoard, Mountebank, Talisman, Contraband, Mint (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Epilogue

Poor King Leonard. He had put a stash of your bogus currency in his chamber, and the fumes from their inferior metals made him sick. Maybe the "comfort" of [player name]'s dungeon will be just the change of scenery he needs to feel well.

[edit] Trivia

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