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Prosperity Finale art

Dominion Adventures: Prosperity Finale, subtitled A Tiny Affair, is the final section of the Prosperity Adventures on Goko. It's available for a purchase of Coins, but cannot be played until Act 1 and Act 2 are completed. The cards available include the entire Prosperity expansion, as well as the Base set.


[edit] Adventure Overview

Your pet dog Tiny has been kidnapped and it's time for an animal rescue mission.

[edit] List of Scenes

[edit] Intro text

As the Prosperity Adventure wraps up, someone is threatening your second great love. Who could have masterminded the evil plot?

[edit] Game 1 vs. Serf Alis

With King Leonard's aggression put down, your kingdom is returning to normal. Your people are happy, and you have the largest castle around. Life is perfect! Why does that worry you?

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Monument, Trade Route, Bishop, Quarry, Loan, Watchtower, Talisman, Laboratory, Witch

[edit] Game 2 vs. Serf Erik

Things aren't perfect for Tiny, your itty-bitty pet dog. Tiny seems ill; he's not eating, and it's breaking your heart to see him sick.

Kingdom cards: City, King's Court, Grand Market, Counting House, Mountebank, Council Room, Gardens, Market, Smithy, Witch (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 3 vs. Maiden Muriel

A healer of animals you met at the grand market says he can cure Tiny's ailment. You agree to let him observe Tiny overnight, but you insist on taking a room next to his at the inn.

Kingdom cards: Forge, Trade Route, City, Peddler, Grand Market, Venture, Rabble, Gardens, Militia, Thief (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 4 vs. Thief

A scream--Tiny's pitiful yelps--sounds of someone running down the street. Through your window, you see a hooded figure disappear around the corner with Tiny in hand. You give chase, but it's hard to run in your nightgown...

Kingdom cards: Forge, King's Court, Rabble, Hoard, Mint, Bureaucrat, Library, Market, Thief, Village (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 5 vs. Serf Catrain

Tiny's fierce bites caused the dognapper to drop him and flee. The excitement seems to have invigorated Tiny, and you're relieved he's feeling better. Is the healer complicit in the crime? You take Tiny back to the castle.

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Monument, Vault, City, Peddler, Quarry, Counting House, Venture, Talisman, Contraband

[edit] Game 6 vs. Maiden Mirabelle

The animal healer is as confused as you are, and has no information about the attempted dognapping. As Tiny recuperates at the castle, you send your spies out to find who's behind the crime.

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Monument, Expand, Trade Route, City, Peddler, Royal Seal, Watchtower, Mountebank, Talisman

[edit] Game 7 vs. Squire Kalle

Your informants return with information--your old "friend" Galore is the villain! Even in exile, he manages to stay involved in your kingdom's affairs.

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Monument, Expand, Goons, Bank, Royal Seal, Counting House, Venture, Watchtower, Rabble (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 8 vs. Galore, the Mountebank and Squire Steven

Galore has set up his headquarters outside your borders; this mountebank's trail of broken dreams and empty wallets leads you to an old estate.

Kingdom cards: Expand, Vault, Goons, King's Court, Mountebank, Bureaucrat, Council Room, Moat, Spy, Village (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 9 vs. Maiden Guinevere

With Galore under guard, you plan on making his new "estate" one of your dungeon's cells. He still has confederates; you receive an anonymous offer for his freedom.

Kingdom cards: Expand, Vault, City, King's Court, Grand Market, Quarry, Loan, Rabble, Talisman, Mint

[edit] Game 10 vs. Squire Steven

You're insulted by this offer; an honest ruler can't be bought! Anyone endangering the ruler's pet should expect punishment. You spend the night at a wayside inn.

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Vault, Forge, Trade Route, City, Bishop, Peddler, Royal Seal, Hoard, Contraband

[edit] Game 11 vs. Lady Colette

You know he's in good hands at the castle, but you miss Tiny! Now the request for Galore's release has become a threat. This anonymous cohort greatly underestimates your resolve.

Kingdom cards: Bishop, Goons, Bank, Royal Seal, Chapel, Feast, Gardens, Militia, Mine, Moat (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 12 vs. Ricker and Soldier

During breakfast at the inn, a group of locals begins a brawl with your soldiers. One ruffian lands on your table; you join in the melee.

Kingdom cards: Vault, Trade Route, Loan, Talisman, Mint, Adventurer, Moneylender, Thief, Throne Room, Workshop (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 13 vs. Squire Lance

It felt good to give someone a bloody nose, even though you got a black eye and fat lip in the process. The locals had been paid to start the fight! Galore's guards are found unconscious, slumped on the floor.

Kingdom cards: Worker's Village, Grand Market, Counting House, Talisman, Contraband, Council Room, Festival, Market, Woodcutter, Workshop

[edit] Game 14 vs. Lady Marigold

Galore is gone, and his trail is cold. Could it be the Baroness Paulina, perhaps? She and Galore were exiled together after their counterfeiting caper.

Kingdom cards: Expand, Forge, City, King's Court, Peddler, Rabble, Hoard, Mountebank, Contraband, Library

[edit] Game 15 vs. Baroness Paulina

You locate Baroness Paulina, now running a school for young orphans. Her ill-gotten gain supports that school, plus a colony of artists. "No, I don't know where Galore might be," she says. "We've parted ways, and I much prefer this arrangement."

Kingdom cards: Bishop, Bank, Grand Market, Royal Seal, Venture, Chapel, Militia, Moat, Throne Room, Workshop (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 16 vs. Joseph Gelu, Gentleman Pierson, and Soldier

As you leave the Baroness's campus, your party is attacked; before you can respond, two of your guards are dead. Once again, you are face to face with the famous assassin Joseph Gelu. It's time for your self-defense lessons to prove themselves.

Kingdom cards: Monument, Counting House, Hoard, Mountebank, Contraband, Bureaucrat, Cellar, Chancellor, Gardens, Village (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Game 17 vs. Lady Margaret

Your father's gift of lessons was not in vain. One final blow, and you knock Joseph Gelu unconscious. Your parents weren't prepared for their assassin; you refuse to meet the same fate.

Kingdom cards: Forge, City, Goons, Bank, Grand Market, Mint, Festival, Library, Mine, Remodel

[edit] Game 18 vs. Gentleman Tristan

Joseph Gelu has in his pocket a message from Warlord Hogan IV, another nefarious name from your past. Apparently, Hogan was the one responsible for Tiny's attempted dognapping, and he has plans to try again. You send word to your castle to double Tiny's guards.

Kingdom cards: Vault, Trade Route, Bishop, King's Court, Quarry, Loan, Watchtower, Hoard, Mountebank, Talisman

[edit] Game 19 vs. Gentleman Donald

Nothing short of a military offensive will stop Warlord Hogan IV in his greed to own Tiny. If war comes, so be it.

Kingdom cards: King's Court, Peddler, Bank, Counting House, Loan, Contraband, Feast, Moneylender, Throne Room, Workshop (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Boss Game 20 vs. Overlord Hogan IV, Lady Marigold, and Gentleman Walter

You and your forces confront Hogan IV at his castle. You find hundreds of terrified tiny dogs, all stolen from their loving owners. Hogan and his petite canine lust must be stopped.

Kingdom cards: Monument, Expand, Vault, Bishop, Bank, Quarry, Royal Seal, Venture, Hoard, Mountebank (uses Colony/Platinum)

[edit] Epilogue

Oh, the thrill of seeing hundreds of happily wagging tails. [player name]'s face has never been so thoroughly licked. Your joy is complete, though, when you cradle your beloved Tiny in your arms at last.

[edit] Trivia

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