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Dominion simulators are computer programs dedicated to playing simulated versions of Dominion games in an attempt to quantify and compare the strength and speed of various Dominion strategies. The simulators will play a large quantity of games while repeating the same strategies to determine what the average (expected) result should be. The forums have a subforum dedicated to Dominion Simulators.


[edit] Simulators

[edit] Geronimoo's

Geronimoo's Simulator, created by user Geronimoo, can be found here. Forum discussion related to his simulator can be found here.

[edit] Dominiate

Dominiate, created by user rspeer, can be found here. Forum discussion related to his simulator can be found here.

[edit] Learning From the Simulators

The simulators are excellent tools for providing expected baselines of strategies as well as for comparing two strategies. For example, the simulators can estimate how many turns on average it will take a terminal draw Big Money strategy to hit 4 provinces. They can also compare the win rates of two different strategies head to head, such as telling you whether WitchWitch.jpg or MountebankMountebank.jpg is the better option for a Big Money board. Typically the simulators work with 1-2 card combos and BM, but given careful design they can successfully handle many more complex strategies. Naturally, the simulators are only as good as the information you feed into them.

With the release of Hinterlands the simulators were used to analyze the new cards. After first being considered a weak card, Jack of all TradesJack of All Trades.jpg was proven a very strong card within a few days through the help of the simulators[1].


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