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Tactician / Tactician
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Set(s) Seaside

Double Tactician is a type of engine where you try to play a TacticianTactician.jpg every turn; since Tactician is a Duration card, this requires at least two copies of it in your deck. Since Tactician makes you discard all of your cards before your Buy phase, this means you are not able to play any Treasure cards, unless you are employing the Black Market and Tactician combo. Non-Black Market double Tactician engines require the use of Action cards that provide +$ in order to provide the money for buying cards.

Sifters like CellarCellar.jpg and WarehouseWarehouse.jpg are useful in Double Tactician Decks because you are starting with a larger hand size. This is a situation where Cellar is significantly better, especially without trashing. These are nice to buy with your spare second buy.

One should consider de-emphasizing early trashing in a Double Tactician deck. Once you first start playing Double Tactician, you will often be drawing your entire deck, which reduces the importance of trashing. It is easier to trash cards once you are drawing huge hands, and so you can buy a trasher later in the game in order to not lose tempo at first. The first player to start having productive turns while continually playing Tactician is almost guaranteed the win.

[edit] Build Order

With your first $5, you likely want to buy a Tactician, unless there are very strong $5 cards, like MountebankMountebank.jpg, WitchWitch.jpg, or WharfWharf.jpg. It is also worth considering TorturerTorturer.jpg. The main reason why you want a Tactician early is to have some big turns early on to purchase the cards you need. A good rule of thumb for when to buy the second Tactician is that you should have enough virtual $ to buy the engine pieces you need. For example, if you're looking for ConspiratorsConspirator.jpg, you need to have at least $4.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

  • Using VaultVault.jpg with Double Tactician lets you discard 8 cards every turn to buy a ProvinceProvince.jpg, and have one card left to discard with your remaining Tactician. For obvious reasons, this strategy alone is not very effective in ColonyColony.jpg games, and it is useful to give some extra drawing support to this strategy, or buy multiple Vaults and more than two Tacticians. It is also useful to add on a Vault in a secondary role to another independent engine to gain some extra $
  • Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg seems like it might work the same way as Vault, but you quickly run into the problem of not having enough cards to discard. So by itself, Secret Chamber doesn't work with Double Tactician. If you're drawing your whole deck however, then it is just as effective, and has the side ability and no penalty.
  • Using Black MarketBlack Market.jpg you can play all of your money while still using Double Tactician. Be careful not to play all your money to the point that Tactician is the only card remaining in your hand.

[edit] Antisynergies

  • In general, buying money doesn't work well with Double Tactician since you're giving up your ability to play it.
  • Cards like WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg and LibraryLibrary.jpg aren't as effective with a big hand, although the reaction ability of Watchtower can be useful with GoonsGoons.jpg or to set up another Watchtower for defense the next turn.

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