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There are currently twelve DominionDominion.jpg expansions; each introduces a particular gameplay concept or mechanism to the game, or focuses on a different aspect of gameplay:

  • IntrigueIntrigue.jpg, a large expansion of 26 Kingdom cards, introduces Victory cards that share other types and focuses on cards that allow a player to choose between multiple effects. The first edition of Intrigue was also a standalone, coming with its own set of Basic cards. However, the 2nd edition of Intrigue is not a standalone, and as such does not include Basic cards.
  • SeasideSeaside.jpg, a large expansion of 26 Kingdom cards, introduces Duration cards and in general focuses on cards that can have effects on turns other than when they're played.
  • AlchemyAlchemy.jpg, a small expansion of 12 Kingdom cards, introduces PotionPotion.jpg and focuses on Action cards.
  • ProsperityProsperity.jpg, a large expansion of 25 Kingdom cards, introduces PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and ColonyColony.jpg, $7-costing cards, and VP tokens, and focuses on Treasure cards and powerful or expensive cards.
  • CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg, a small expansion of 13 Kingdom cards, focuses on cards that reward or increase diversity in players' hands and decks.
  • HinterlandsHinterlands.jpg, a large expansion of 26 Kingdom cards, focuses on cards with when-gain and when-buy effects.
  • Dark AgesDark Ages.jpg, an extra-large expansion of 35 Kingdom cards, introduces Ruins, Shelters, and various other unusual configurations of cards, and focuses on trashing.
  • GuildsGuilds.jpg, a small expansion of 13 Kingdom cards, introduces Coin tokens and overpaying.
  • AdventuresAdventures.jpg, an extra-large expansion of 30 Kingdom cards, revisits Duration cards, introduces Reserve cards and Events, and adds tokens that can modify cards, or track card or Event effects.
  • EmpiresEmpires.jpg, a large expansion of 24 Kingdom cards, introduces the Debt mechanic, Split piles, Gathering cards, and Landmarks, and also reintroduces VP.png tokens and Events.
  • NocturneNocturne.jpg, an extra-large expansion of 33 Kingdom cards, introduces Night cards, Heirlooms, and Boons and Hexes, and also focuses on gaining and using cards from outside the supply.
  • RenaissanceRenaissance.jpg, a large expansion of 25 Kingdom cards, revisits Coffers and introduces Villagers, Projects, and Artifacts. This twelfth expansion was released in November 2018.

There are also several promotional cards that are typically made for gaming conventions, a set of Base Cards for adding players or replacing worn cards, and a number of combined and "special edition" sets built from pre-existing expansions. Notably, CornucopiaCornucopia.jpg and GuildsGuilds.jpg have been re-released in a combined and, in later years, revised edition (Guilds & CornucopiaGuilds & Cornucopia.jpg) to include additional materials (Coffers mats, Bane marker).

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