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When the second editions of Dominion and Intrigue were released, several cards from those sets were deemed obsolete and replaced with brand new cards. This necessitated the reworking of the Recommended Kingdoms in the sets' rulebooks to remove the obsolete cards and to include the new cards. In some cases, more extensive changes were made. Entirely new kingdoms were also added where none existed in first edition. The updated second edition kingdoms are listed on their respective sets' pages; this page is an attempt to preserve the original, first edition Recommended Kingdoms.

Where applicable, it also describes the changes made to these kingdoms from first to second edition, using out to note cards removed and in to note the cards that replaced them. In these specifications, an italicized card name for out represents an obsolete card and an italicized card name for in represents a card new to second edition.

Recommended Kingdoms for Dominion/Empires and Intrigue/Empires are omitted from this list because, although Empires was released before the changes were made to those sets, its Recommended Kingdoms did not include any soon-to-be-obsolete cards, so no changes were made to them when second edition was released.


[edit] Combinations of Dominion and Intrigue

The Recommended Kingdoms involving just Dominion and Intrigue got reworked heavily for second edition. Many are nearly unrecognizable between the two editions, and some appear to have been dropped entirely and replaced with completely different kingdoms.

[edit] Dominion Only

First Game [+/-]
Cellar Market Militia Mine Moat
Cellar.jpg Market.jpg Militia.jpg Mine.jpg Moat.jpg
Remodel.jpg Smithy.jpg Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Workshop.jpg
Remodel Smithy Village Woodcutter Workshop
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Woodcutter; in – Merchant.

Big Money [+/-]
Adventurer Bureaucrat Chancellor Chapel Feast
Adventurer.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Chancellor.jpg Chapel.jpg Feast.jpg
Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Laboratory Market Mine Moneylender Throne Room
Additional Cards

Second edition has no kingdom with this name, but it does have a relatively similar one called "Silver and Gold," which shares six cards with this one and seems to serve as its successor.

Second Edition Changes: name – "Silver and Gold"; out – Adventurer, Chancellor, Feast, Market; in – Bandit, Harbinger, Merchant, Vassal.

Size Distortion [+/-]
Cellar Chapel Feast Gardens Laboratory
Cellar.jpg Chapel.jpg Feast.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg
Thief.jpg Village.jpg Witch.jpg Woodcutter.jpg Workshop.jpg
Thief Village Witch Woodcutter Workshop
Additional Cards

Second Edition has a Kingdom with this name, but it's been extensively reworked; the new version retains only Chapel, Gardens, Witch, and Workshop.

Second Edition Changes: out – Cellar, Feast, Laboratory, Thief, Village, Woodcutter; in – Artisan, Bandit, Bureaucrat, Festival, Sentry, Throne Room.

Interaction [+/-]
Bureaucrat Chancellor Council Room Festival Library
Bureaucrat.jpg Chancellor.jpg Council Room.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg
Militia.jpg Moat.jpg Spy.jpg Thief.jpg Village.jpg
Militia Moat Spy Thief Village
Additional Cards
Village Square [+/-]
Bureaucrat Cellar Festival Library Market
Bureaucrat.jpg Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Market.jpg
Remodel.jpg Smithy.jpg Throne Room.jpg Village.jpg Woodcutter.jpg
Remodel Smithy Throne Room Village Woodcutter
Additional Cards

These two kingdoms appear to have been completely removed from second edition. In their place are three new kingdoms, "Deck Top," "Sleight of Hand," and "Improvements," none of which seem to share any similarities with these.

[edit] Intrigue Only

Victory Dance [+/-]
Bridge Duke Great Hall Harem Ironworks
Bridge.jpg Duke.jpg Great Hall.jpg Harem.jpg Ironworks.jpg
Masquerade.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Scout.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Masquerade Nobles Pawn Scout Upgrade
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Bridge, Great Hall, Scout, Pawn, Upgrade; in – Baron, Courtier, Mill, Patrol, Replace.

Secret Schemes [+/-]
Conspirator Harem Ironworks Pawn Saboteur
Conspirator.jpg Harem.jpg Ironworks.jpg Pawn.jpg Saboteur.jpg
Shanty Town.jpg Steward.jpg Swindler.jpg Trading Post.jpg Tribute.jpg
Shanty Town Steward Swindler Trading Post Tribute
Additional Cards

There's no kingdom in second edition with this name, but it's fairly similar to its replacement, "The Plot Thickens."

Second Edition Changes: name – "The Plot Thickens"" out – Harem, Saboteur, Shanty Town, Tribute; in – Lurker, Mining Village, Secret Passage, Torturer.

Best Wishes [+/-]
Coppersmith Courtyard Masquerade Scout Shanty Town
Coppersmith.jpg Courtyard.jpg Masquerade.jpg Scout.jpg Shanty Town.jpg
Steward.jpg Torturer.jpg Trading Post.jpg Upgrade.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Steward Torturer Trading Post Upgrade Wishing Well
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Coppersmith, Masquerade, Scout, Steward, Trading Post; in – Baron, Conspirator, Diplomat, Duke, Secret Passage.

[edit] Dominion & Intrigue

Deconstruction [+/-]
Bridge Mining Village Remodel Saboteur Secret Chamber
Bridge.jpg Mining Village.jpg Remodel.jpg Saboteur.jpg Secret Chamber.jpg
Spy.jpg Swindler.jpg Thief.jpg Throne Room.jpg Torturer.jpg
Spy Swindler Thief Throne Room Torturer
Additional Cards

The second edition version of this kingdom has little in common with its predecessor other than the name. The only cards they share are Remodel, Swindler, and Throne Room.

Second Edition Changes: out – Bridge, Mining Village, Saboteur, Secret Chamber, Spy, Thief, Torturer; in – Bandit, Mine, Village, Diplomat, Harem, Lurker, Replace.

Hand Madness [+/-]
Bureaucrat Chancellor Council Room Courtyard Mine
Bureaucrat.jpg Chancellor.jpg Council Room.jpg Courtyard.jpg Mine.jpg
Militia.jpg Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Steward.jpg Torturer.jpg
Militia Minion Nobles Steward Torturer
Additional Cards

No kingdom with this name exists in second edition, and this has no notable similarities with its replacement kingdom, "Grand Scheme."

Underlings [+/-]
Baron Cellar Festival Library Masquerade
Baron.jpg Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Masquerade.jpg
Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg Witch.jpg
Minion Nobles Pawn Steward Witch
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Baron, Masquerade, Steward, Witch ; in – Sentry, Vassal, Courtier, Diplomat.

[edit] Dominion and Intrigue With Other Sets

Generally, when second edition was released, these Recommended Kingdoms were left as close to the originals as possible. That usually means new cards were substituted for the obsolete cards and everything else was left alone. However, in one case ("Invasion" using Intrigue/Dark Ages), Mining Village, a non-obsolete card, was replaced with Diplomat.

[edit] Dominion & Seaside

Reach for Tomorrow [+/-]
Adventurer Cellar Council Room Cutpurse Ghost Ship
Adventurer.jpg Cellar.jpg Council Room.jpg Cutpurse.jpg Ghost Ship.jpg
Lookout.jpg Sea Hag.jpg Spy.jpg Treasure Map.jpg Village.jpg
Lookout Sea Hag Spy Treasure Map Village
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Adventurer, Spy; in – Artisan, Vassal.

Repetition [+/-]
Caravan Chancellor Explorer Festival Militia
Caravan.jpg Chancellor.jpg Explorer.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg
Outpost.jpg Pearl Diver.jpg Pirate Ship.jpg Treasury.jpg Workshop.jpg
Outpost Pearl Diver Pirate Ship Treasury Workshop
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Chancellor; in – Harbinger.

Give and Take [+/-]
Ambassador Fishing Village Haven Island Library
Ambassador.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Haven.jpg Island.jpg Library.jpg
Market.jpg Moneylender.jpg Salvager.jpg Smugglers.jpg Witch.jpg
Market Moneylender Salvager Smugglers Witch
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

[edit] Dominion & Alchemy

Forbidden Arts [+/-]
Apprentice Familiar Possession University Cellar
Apprentice.jpg Familiar.jpg Possession.jpg University.jpg Cellar.jpg
Council Room.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg Thief.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Council Room Gardens Laboratory Thief Throne Room
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Thief; in – Bandit.

Potion Mixers [+/-]
Alchemist Apothecary Golem Herbalist Transmute
Alchemist.jpg Apothecary.jpg Golem.jpg Herbalist.jpg Transmute.jpg
Cellar.jpg Chancellor.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Smithy.jpg
Cellar Chancellor Festival Militia Smithy
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Chancellor; in – Poacher.

Chemistry Lesson [+/-]
Alchemist Golem Philosopher's Stone University Bureaucrat
Alchemist.jpg Golem.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg University.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg
Market.jpg Moat.jpg Remodel.jpg Witch.jpg Woodcutter.jpg
Market Moat Remodel Witch Woodcutter
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Woodcutter; in – Vassal.

[edit] Dominion & Prosperity

Biggest Money [+/-]
Bank Grand Market Mint Royal Seal Venture
Bank.jpg Grand Market.jpg Mint.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Venture.jpg
Adventurer.jpg Laboratory.jpg Mine.jpg Moneylender.jpg Spy.jpg
Adventurer Laboratory Mine Moneylender Spy
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Adventurer, Spy; in – Artisan, Harbinger.

The King's Army [+/-]
Expand Goons King's Court Rabble Vault
Expand.jpg Goons.jpg King's Court.jpg Rabble.jpg Vault.jpg
Bureaucrat.jpg Council Room.jpg Moat.jpg Spy.jpg Village.jpg
Bureaucrat Council Room Moat Spy Village
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Spy; in – Merchant.

The Good Life [+/-]
Contraband Counting House Hoard Monument Mountebank
Contraband.jpg Counting House.jpg Hoard.jpg Monument.jpg Mountebank.jpg
Bureaucrat.jpg Cellar.jpg Chancellor.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Bureaucrat Cellar Chancellor Gardens Village
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Chancellor; in – Artisan.

[edit] Dominion & Cornucopia

Bounty of the Hunt [+/-]
Harvest Horn of Plenty Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Harvest.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Militia.jpg Moneylender.jpg Smithy.jpg
Cellar Festival Militia Moneylender Smithy
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

Bad Omens [+/-]
Fortune Teller Hamlet Horn of Plenty Jester Remake
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg
Adventurer.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Laboratory.jpg Spy.jpg Throne Room.jpg
Adventurer Bureaucrat Laboratory Spy Throne Room
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Adventurer, Spy; in – Merchant, Poacher.

The Jester's Workshop [+/-]
Fairgrounds Farming Village Horse Traders Jester Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Farming Village.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Jester.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Feast.jpg Laboratory.jpg Market.jpg Remodel.jpg Workshop.jpg
Feast Laboratory Market Remodel Workshop
Additional Cards
Bane pile:

Second Edition Changes: out – Feast, Chancellor; in – Artisan, Merchant.

[edit] Dominion & Hinterlands

Highway Robbery [+/-]
Cellar Library Moneylender Throne Room Workshop
Cellar.jpg Library.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg Workshop.jpg
Highway.jpg Inn.jpg Margrave.jpg Noble Brigand.jpg Oasis.jpg
Highway inn Margrave Noble Brigand Oasis
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

Adventures Abroad [+/-]
Adventurer Chancellor Festival Laboratory Remodel
Adventurer.jpg Chancellor.jpg Festival.jpg Laboratory.jpg Remodel.jpg
Crossroads.jpg Farmland.jpg Fool's Gold.jpg Oracle.jpg Spice Merchant.jpg
Crossroads Farmland Fool's Gold Oracle Spice Merchant
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Adventurer, Chancellor; in – Sentry, Vassal.

[edit] Dominion & Dark Ages

High and Low [+/-]
Hermit Hunting Grounds Mystic Poor House Wandering Minstrel
Hermit.jpg Hunting Grounds.jpg Mystic.jpg Poor House.jpg Wandering Minstrel.jpg
Cellar.jpg Moneylender.jpg Throne Room.jpg Witch.jpg Workshop.jpg
Cellar Moneylender Throne Room Witch Workshop
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

Chivalry and Revelry [+/-]
Altar Knights Rats Scavenger Squire
Altar.jpg Knights.jpg Rats.jpg Scavenger.jpg Squire.jpg
Festival.jpg Gardens.jpg Laboratory.jpg Library.jpg Remodel.jpg
Festival Gardens Laboratory Library Remodel
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

[edit] Dominion & Guilds

Arts and Crafts [+/-]
Stonemason Advisor Baker Journeyman Merchant Guild
Stonemason.jpg Advisor.jpg Baker.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Laboratory.jpg Cellar.jpg Workshop.jpg Festival.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Laboratory Cellar Workshop Festival Moneylender
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

Clean Living [+/-]
Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker Doctor Soothsayer
Butcher.jpg Baker.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Doctor.jpg Soothsayer.jpg
Militia.jpg Thief.jpg Moneylender.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Militia Thief Moneylender Gardens Village
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Thief; in – Bandit.

Gilding the Lily [+/-]
Plaza Masterpiece Candlestick Maker Taxman Herald
Plaza.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Taxman.jpg Herald.jpg
Library.jpg Remodel.jpg Adventurer.jpg Market.jpg Chancellor.jpg
Library Remodel Adventurer Market Chancellor
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Adventurer, Chancellor; in – Merchant, Sentry.

[edit] Dominion & Adventures

Level Up [+/-]
Dungeon Gear Guide Lost City Miser
Dungeon.jpg Gear.jpg Guide.jpg Lost City.jpg Miser.jpg
Market.jpg Militia.jpg Spy.jpg Throne Room.jpg Workshop.jpg
Market Militia Spy Throne Room Workshop
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Spy; in – Merchant.

Son of Size Distortion [+/-]
Amulet Duplicate Giant Messenger Treasure Trove
Amulet.jpg Duplicate.jpg Giant.jpg Messenger.jpg Treasure Trove.jpg
Bureaucrat.jpg Gardens.jpg Moneylender.jpg Thief.jpg Witch.jpg
Bureaucrat Gardens Moneylender Thief Witch
Additional Cards
Bonfire Raid
Bonfire.jpg Raid.jpg

Second Edition Changes: out – Thief; in – Bandit.

[edit] Intrigue & Seaside

Uniquely among the sets released after Intrigue, the first edition of Seaside did not include any Recommended Kingdoms that combined itself and Intrigue. Therefore, the second edition Recommended Kingdoms combining Intrigue and Seaside were brand new and had no earlier versions.

[edit] Intrigue & Alchemy

Servants [+/-]
Golem Possession Scrying Pool Transmute Vineyard
Golem.jpg Possession.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg Transmute.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Great Hall.jpg Minion.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg
Conspirator Great Hall Minion Pawn Steward
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Great Hall; in – Mill.

Secret Research [+/-]
Familiar Herbalist Philosopher's Stone University Bridge
Familiar.jpg Herbalist.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg University.jpg Bridge.jpg
Masquerade.jpg Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Torturer.jpg
Masquerade Minion Nobles Shanty Town Torturer
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

Pools, Tools, and Fools [+/-]
Apothecary Apprentice Golem Scrying Pool Baron
Apothecary.jpg Apprentice.jpg Golem.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg Baron.jpg
Coppersmith.jpg Ironworks.jpg Nobles.jpg Trading Post.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Coppersmith Ironworks Nobles Trading Post Wishing Well
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Coppersmith; in – Lurker.

[edit] Intrigue & Prosperity

Paths to Victory [+/-]
Bishop Counting House Goons Monument Peddler
Bishop.jpg Counting House.jpg Goons.jpg Monument.jpg Peddler.jpg
Baron.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Baron Harem Pawn Shanty Town Upgrade
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

All Along the Watchtower [+/-]
Hoard Talisman Trade Route Vault Watchtower
Hoard.jpg Talisman.jpg Trade Route.jpg Vault.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Bridge.jpg Great Hall.jpg Mining Village.jpg Pawn.jpg Torturer.jpg
Bridge Great Hall Mining Village Pawn Torturer
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Great Hall; in – Mill.

Lucky Seven [+/-]
Bank Expand Forge King's Court Vault
Bank.jpg Expand.jpg Forge.jpg King's Court.jpg Vault.jpg
Bridge.jpg Coppersmith.jpg Swindler.jpg Tribute.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Bridge Coppersmith Swindler Tribute Wishing Well
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Coppersmith, Tribute; in – Lurker, Patrol.

[edit] Intrigue & Cornucopia

Last Laughs [+/-]
Farming Village Harvest Horse Traders Hunting Party Jester
Farming Village.jpg Harvest.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Jester.jpg
Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg Swindler.jpg
Minion Nobles Pawn Steward Swindler
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

The Spice of Life [+/-]
Fairgrounds Horn of Plenty Remake Tournament Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Coppersmith.jpg Courtyard.jpg Great Hall.jpg Mining Village.jpg Tribute.jpg
Coppersmith Courtyard Great Hall Mining Village Tribute
Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Wishing Well
Wishing Well.jpg

Second Edition Changes: out – Coppersmith, Great Hall, Tribute; in – Courtier, Diplomat, Replace.

Small Victories [+/-]
Fortune Teller Hamlet Hunting Party Remake Tournament
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Duke.jpg Great Hall.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg
Conspirator Duke Great Hall Harem Pawn
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Great Hall; in – Secret Passage.

[edit] Intrigue & Hinterlands

Money for Nothing [+/-]
Coppersmith Great Hall Pawn Shanty Town Torturer
Coppersmith.jpg Great Hall.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Torturer.jpg
Cache.jpg Cartographer.jpg Jack of All Trades.jpg Silk Road.jpg Tunnel.jpg
Cache Cartographer Jack of all Trades Silk Road Tunnel
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Coppersmith, Great Hall; in – Replace, Patrol.

The Duke's Ball [+/-]
Conspirator Duke Harem Masquerade Upgrade
Conspirator.jpg Duke.jpg Harem.jpg Masquerade.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Duchess.jpg Haggler.jpg Inn.jpg Noble Brigand.jpg Scheme.jpg
Duchess Haggler Inn Noble Brigand Scheme
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

[edit] Intrigue & Dark Ages

Prophecy [+/-]
Armory Ironmonger Mystic Rebuild Vagrant
Armory.jpg Ironmonger.jpg Mystic.jpg Rebuild.jpg Vagrant.jpg
Baron.jpg Conspirator.jpg Great Hall.jpg Nobles.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Baron Conspirator Great Hall Nobles Wishing Well
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Great Hall; in – Secret Passage.

Invasion [+/-]
Beggar Marauder Rogue Squire Urchin
Beggar.jpg Marauder.jpg Rogue.jpg Squire.jpg Urchin.jpg
Harem.jpg Mining Village.jpg Swindler.jpg Torturer.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Harem Mining Village Swindler Torturer Upgrade
Additional Cards
Abandoned Mine.jpg

Second Edition Changes: out – Mining Village; in – Diplomat.

[edit] Intrigue & Guilds

Name That Card [+/-]
Baker Doctor Plaza Advisor Masterpiece
Baker.jpg Doctor.jpg Plaza.jpg Advisor.jpg Masterpiece.jpg
Courtyard.jpg Wishing Well.jpg Harem.jpg Tribute.jpg Nobles.jpg
Courtyard Wishing Well Harem Tribute Nobles
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Tribute; in – Replace.

Tricks of the Trade [+/-]
Stonemason Herald Soothsayer Journeyman Butcher
Stonemason.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Journeyman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Great Hall.jpg Nobles.jpg Conspirator.jpg Masquerade.jpg Coppersmith.jpg
Great Hall Nobles Conspirator Masquerade Coppersmith
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Great Hall, Coppersmith; in – Mill, Secret Passage.

Decisions, Decisions [+/-]
Merchant Guild Candlestick Maker Masterpiece Taxman Butcher
Merchant Guild.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Taxman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Bridge.jpg Pawn.jpg Mining Village.jpg Upgrade.jpg Duke.jpg
Bridge Pawn Mining Village Upgrade Duke
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: none.

[edit] Intrigue & Adventures

Royalty Factory [+/-]
Bridge Troll Duplicate Page Raze Royal Carriage
Bridge Troll.jpg Duplicate.jpg Page.jpg Raze.jpg Royal Carriage.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Harem.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Chamber.jpg Swindler.jpg
Conspirator Harem Nobles Secret Chamber Swindler
Additional Cards

Second Edition Changes: out – Secret Chamber; in – Courtier.

Masters of Finance [+/-]
Artificer Distant Lands Gear Transmogrify Wine Merchant
Artificer.jpg Distant Lands.jpg Gear.jpg Transmogrify.jpg Wine Merchant.jpg
Bridge.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Steward.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Bridge Pawn Shanty Town Steward Upgrade
Additional Cards
Ball Borrow
Ball.jpg Borrow.jpg

Second Edition Changes: none.

[edit] Combinations With No First Edition Recommended Kingdoms

Some sets' rulebooks did not include Recommended Kingdoms combining the set with each and every previous set. As a result, there are some combinations of sets that simply didn't have any Recommended Kingdoms in first edition. Some of these combinations received Recommended Kingdoms in their sets' second edition rulebooks. Others may be given Recommended Kingdoms later. (Not all second edition rulebooks have been released at the time of this writing.) This list notes the set combinations that did not have Recommended Kingdoms in first edition (and lists their status in second edition).

  • Intrigue/Seaside (noted above), Seaaside/Alchemy, Seaside/Prosperity, Alchemy/Prosperity (kingdoms present in second edition rulebooks)
  • Seaside/Cornucopia, Prosperity/Cornucopia, Seaside/Guilds, Prosperity/Guilds, Hinterlands/Guilds, Dark Ages/Guilds, Alchemy/Cornucopia, Alchemy/Guilds, Cornucopia/Guilds (kingdoms present in second edition rulebooks, but listed under the Cornucopia/Guilds combined set, along with the existing first edition kingdoms for Hinterlands/Cornucopia and Dark Ages/Cornucopia)
  • Alchemy alone, Cornucopia alone, Guilds alone (these are all small sets and don't have recommended kingdoms in either edition)

Alchemy/Adventures did have Recommended Kingdoms in first edition, but they were mistakenly omitted from the Adventures rulebook.

[edit] Other Set Combinations

Other combinations of sets that existed up until the release of Empires had no changes made to their recommended kingdoms between first and second edition, so the most recent Recommended Kingdoms listed on those sets' pages should be the same as they were in first edition. [Still verifying this claim.]

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