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To gain a card is to add it to your deck (that is, all cards you own, rather than just your draw deck). Without specification, gained cards go into your discard pile. The most common way to gain cards is through buying them, though there are other ways, mostly through gainer cards. It is also possible to add cards to your deck without gaining them, via MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg or via exchanging a Traveller. Some cards have an effect when they are gained, and a few cards have an effect when another card is gained, or would be gained.

Gaining a card does not normally let you use the card immediately. However, in some cases a gained card may be put into your hand, where it may be used like any other card in your hand. For example:

Some cards gain themselves to your hand:

The cards above all gain a card to the person playing the card. Some cards cause others to gain a card:

[edit] Official Rules

  • When a player gains a card, he takes the gained card (usually from the Supply) and puts it onto his Discard pile (unless the card says to put it elsewhere).
  • The player does not get to use the card when he gains it.

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