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Welcome to the DominionStrategy Wiki Council Room!!

[edit] Before you ask a question

  • If you are asking a question, do your research first. You will usually get a quicker answer.
    • If it is a question about Dominion rules: Read the FAQ section on the card page(s) (and other relevant pages) first. You may also want to try the BGG rules forum or a search engine.
    • If you are a beginner looking for entry-level strategy guides: New To Dominion is a good place to start.
    • If it is about Dominion terms / the lingo: Check out the Glossary.
    • If you are having trouble editing the wiki (not specific to this wiki): The Wikipedia Cheatsheet might help. Test edits goes to the sandbox

[edit] Starting and replying a topic

  • To start a new discussion topic, click "New Section" to the top-right, or press alt-shift-+.
  • Insert 4 tildes (~~~~) to the end of your post. This signs your post with your username and a timestamp.
  • You may want to use section edits when replying so you aren't faced with a wall of text and you prevent mis-edits.
  • Use colons(:) when replying to comments. This indents text for readability. Use multiple colons when replying to a reply.
  • Use <s>Text</s> to strike out instead of removing text if it is easier to follow the discussion that way.
  • For more editing help, click here.
  • Please do not remove others' comments, except to fix formatting errors that interfere with readability.
  • Offensive and unrelated material will be removed.
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