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Isotropic art is the collection of images used to represent Dominion cards on isotropic; the vast majority are public domain images selected by Donald X. for his prototypes.


[edit] Dominion

[edit] Intrigue

[edit] Seaside

Before public release of Seaside, isotropic used the official art for Bazaar, since it had been turned in mistakenly for Market.

[edit] Alchemy

[edit] Prosperity

Before public release of Prosperity, isotropic used the official art for Goons, since it had been turned in for Pawn, but Donald X. felt it it didn't suit the name "Pawn" very well.

[edit] Cornucopia

[edit] Hinterlands

[edit] Dark Ages

Dark Ages was never available publicly on isotropic, apart from one day when it was accidentally released in a server update; this was fixed within 24 hours. The art was released to the forums after this happened as a puzzle to guess which art corresponded to which card. Storeroom never had unofficial art, as its art was had been handed in as a spare for Vault.

[edit] Guilds

Guilds was never publicly available on isotropic, but some of the prototype images were shown when Donald X. released his Dominion: Outtakes article.

[edit] Adventures

Adventures was never publicly available on isotropic.

[edit] Promo

Prince was never publicly available on isotropic.

[edit] Basic cards

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