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Making Fun is the company that ran Dominion Online during 2015 and 2016.


[edit] Gameplay

Gameplay on the Making Fun Dominion Online client

Making Fun Dominion was a downloadable app that allowed play both with other players and against a variety of bots.

Included in bot play were Campaigns, where players got to navigate through a narrative focusing on cards from each expansion.

[edit] Praises and Criticism

While providing an online play experience, the Making Fun Dominion client was not seen as serving the competitive player base well.

[edit] Praise

  • Campaigns made a quality single player experience

[edit] Criticism

  • New expansions were not released at the same time as the physical versions - Adventures took close to a year to appear online and Empires was never released.
  • Disconnecting even for a short amount of time would result in a lost game
  • The application was fairly large
  • Missing game settings, such as ability to set first player as is typically desired in tournaments
  • Flashy and unnecessary visuals and sounds

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