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Menagerie (expansion)
Menagerie (expansion).jpg
Type Expansion
Icon Menagerie (expansion) icon.png
Cards 400
300 (30 sets)
Other Card(s)
Additional Material(s)  
6 Exile mats
Release March 18, 2020 (expected)
Official Rulebook PDF

Menagerie is the thirteenth expansion to Dominion, set to be released in 2020 by publisher Rio Grande Games. The box contains 30 sets of Kingdom Cards. It introduces Ways and the Exile mat, and adds more Events.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Events

[edit] Ways

[edit] Non-Supply cards

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Kingdom cards

Black Cat.jpgSleigh.jpgSupplies.jpgCamel Train.jpgGoatherd.jpgScrap.jpgSheepdog.jpgSnowy Village.jpgStockpile.jpgBounty Hunter.jpgCardinal.jpgCavalry.jpgGroom.jpgHostelry.jpgVillage Green.jpgBarge.jpgCoven.jpgDisplace.jpgFalconer.jpgGatekeeper.jpgHunting Lodge.jpgKiln.jpgLivery.jpgMastermind.jpgPaddock.jpgSanctuary.jpgFisherman.jpgDestrier.jpgWayfarer.jpgAnimal Fair.jpg

[edit] Events

Delay.jpgDesperation.jpgGamble.jpgPursue.jpgRide.jpgToil.jpgEnhance.jpgMarch.jpgTransport.jpgBanish.jpgBargain.jpgInvest.jpgSeize the Day.jpgCommerce.jpgDemand.jpgStampede.jpgReap.jpgEnclave.jpgAlliance.jpgPopulate.jpg

[edit] Ways

Way of the Butterfly.jpgWay of the Camel.jpgWay of the Chameleon.jpgWay of the FrogDigital.jpgWay of the GoatDigital.jpgWay of the Horse.jpgWay of the Mole.jpgWay of the MonkeyDigital.jpgWay of the Mouse.jpgWay of the MuleDigital.jpgWay of the OtterDigital.jpgWay of the Owl.jpgWay of the Ox.jpgWay of the Pig.jpgWay of the Rat.jpgWay of the Seal.jpgWay of the Sheep.jpgWay of the Squirrel.jpgWay of the Turtle.jpgWay of the WormDigital.jpg

[edit] Non-Supply cards


[edit] Flavor text

Dominion, that’s what you’re trying to achieve. This time with animals! They each have a lesson to teach, whether it’s how to spit really far, or what kind of grass tastes the best. It’s a lot to keep track of, but you’re like an elephant: you remember everything. And you’re afraid of mice. You’ve taken up riding. Horses are intimidating; they say you can lead a horse to water, but you haven’t managed it. So you’re working your way up, starting with dogs. So far so good; the dog hasn’t bucked you off yet. Your menagerie got off to a poor start, with just a goat, two rats, and the advisor who suggested starting a menagerie. You couldn’t get that fox you wanted, but it was probably bad anyway. Now you’ve got some camels, which are just as useless for sewing as you’d been warned, and a turtle that can hold its breath for longer than anyone can stay interested. Soon the animal kingdom will be yours.

[edit] Mechanics

This is the 13th expansion to Dominion. It has 400 cards, with 30 new Kingdom cards. There are HorsesHorse.jpg that save a draw for later, Exile mats that cards can be sent to and rescued from, and Ways that give Actions another option. Events return.

[edit] Theme

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • German: Menagerie

[edit] Teaser

Menagerie previews start Monday, and as usual I have a teaser. I like trying different things with the teasers, and well this time the teaser is little bits of text from 10 cards or card-shaped things. See what you can make of them.

[edit] Secret History

I took a break after RenaissanceRenaissance.jpg, and worked on other games. One night there was just me and Kevin. What's good with two? I dunno, Dominion? It happened again a week or two later. And then that was that, I was making an expansion. A lesson for us all.

There were two ideas waiting to be used, from when working on Renaissance. First, the Jail mat. This was a mat cards could put cards onto, and then it had a built-in rule that let you get the cards back when gaining another copy of whichever card. This mat and the associated cards had been good, but I didn't want more mats in Renaissance. At one point it had four mats; in the end it has one that does double duty. So I saved this for next time, and well, it was next time. So this went right into the set and had good cards right away. Eventually I renamed it to Exile, because I wasn't looking to make a wild west expansion, which is what "jail plus horses" sure suggested. "Exile" was nice because you can use it as a verb too, and it made at least some sense for a medieval game.

The other idea was for a particular way to do "+1 Card tokens." I considered them for Renaissance, but it didn't sound great to have a pile of tokens you could constantly consider cashing in for cards. What I ended up doing for Renaissance was Sinister PlotSinister Plot.jpg, which just happens at the start of a turn. But another approach was to have a pile of one-use LabsLaboratory.jpg you could gain. It was like a +1 Card token, except different in all the ways it's different - you can only use it when drawing it, you can RemodelRemodel.jpg it, and so on. There wasn't room for a big pile of those in Renaissance, though it got ExperimentExperiment.jpg. So this was another thing to try right away, and right away I liked it. HorseHorse.jpg itself started and ended costing $3, but I tried having it cost $2, to make it weaker with trash-for-benefit. I preferred it being stronger there.

The first two cards using HorsesHorse.jpg were "Gain 3 HorsesHorse.jpg" and "+1 Action, discard any number of cards for that many HorsesHorse.jpg." They both immediately showcased the beauty of HorsesHorse.jpg. "Gain 3 HorsesHorse.jpg" is like SmithySmithy.jpg... but it doesn't draw dead cards, and doesn't draw at all the first time you play it, and well more differences, RemodelRemodel.jpg and stuff. It was a pretty neat variation on SmithySmithy.jpg and still really simple. And then the CellarCellar.jpg variant was nothing like CellarCellar.jpg. It was pretty neat too. Well as you may have noticed, these cards aren't in the set. They both just produced too many HorsesHorse.jpg. Another way "Gain 3 HorsesHorse.jpg" is different from SmithySmithy.jpg is, it takes longer to resolve - not just playing it, but playing it and playing the three HorsesHorse.jpg. So in the end there are "Gain 2 HorsesHorse.jpg" cards, but no 3, and only LiveryLivery.jpg gets to really go nuts gaining HorsesHorse.jpg.

I tried several new kinds of landscape cards for the set. The one that stuck was Ways, which let any Action be played for a particular effect. I liked the vanilla ones right away. I also planned to add Events to the set. The set was going to have to be 400 cards, to include 30 HorsesHorse.jpg and some landscapes and not have fewer Kingdom cards than usual. So, it had space. It took me a while to get around to trying some Events, but when I did that all worked out, there were new things to do, not all of them involving Exile and HorsesHorse.jpg.

I considered having another card like HorseHorse.jpg, a pile that some cards could give you. I didn't get around to trying one for a while, and meanwhile two minor themes crept into the set. So I never tried one, I had plenty of stuff going on. The minor themes are Reactions and uh weird costs. It seemed cool to have a bunch of Reactions, and I had this good trick to do to get some, which was letting you play the card. Caravan GuardCaravan Guard.jpg had done that, but it had +1 Action, which severely reduced how exciting that was. And then the weird costs, I added WayfarerWayfarer.jpg and Animal FairAnimal Fair.jpg and they were just immediately highlights of the set, so I looked for a couple more.

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Menagerie only

Intro to Horses [+/-]
Animal Fair Barge Destrier Goatherd Hostelry
Animal Fair.jpg Barge.jpg Destrier.jpg Goatherd.jpg Hostelry.jpg
Livery.jpg Paddock.jpg Scrap.jpg Sheepdog.jpg Supplies.jpg
Livery Paddock Scrap Sheepdog Supplies
Additional Cards
Enhance Way of the Sheep
Enhance.jpg Way of the Sheep.jpg
Intro to Exile [+/-]
Black Cat Bounty Hunter Camel Train Cardinal Falconer
Black Cat.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Camel Train.jpg Cardinal.jpg Falconer.jpg
Mastermind.jpg Sanctuary.jpg Snowy Village.jpg Stockpile.jpg Wayfarer.jpg
Mastermind Sanctuary Snowy Village Stockpile Wayfarer
Additional Cards
March Way of the Worm
March.jpg 200px

[edit] Menagerie & Dominion

Pony Express [+/-]
Barge Destrier Paddock Stockpile Supplies
Barge.jpg Destrier.jpg Paddock.jpg Stockpile.jpg Supplies.jpg
Artisan.jpg Cellar.jpg Market.jpg Mine.jpg Village.jpg
Artisan Cellar Market Mine Village
Additional Cards
Stampede Way of the Seal
Stampede.jpg Way of the Seal.jpg
Garden of Cats [+/-]
Black Cat Displace Sanctuary Scrap Snowy Village
Black Cat.jpg Displace.jpg Sanctuary.jpg Scrap.jpg Snowy Village.jpg
Bandit.jpg Gardens.jpg Harbinger.jpg Merchant.jpg Moat.jpg
Bandit Gardens Harbinger Merchant Moat
Additional Cards
Toil Way of the Mole
Toil.jpg Way of the Mole.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Intrigue

Dog and Pony Show [+/-]
Camel Train Cavalry Goatherd Paddock Sheepdog
Camel Train.jpg Cavalry.jpg Goatherd.jpg Paddock.jpg Sheepdog.jpg
Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Torturer.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Mill Nobles Pawn Torturer Upgrade
Additional Cards
Commerce Way of the Horse
Commerce.jpg Way of the Horse.jpg
Explosions [+/-]
Animal Fair Bounty Hunter Coven Hunting Lodge Scrap
Animal Fair.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Coven.jpg Hunting Lodge.jpg Scrap.jpg
Courtyard.jpg Diplomat.jpg Lurker.jpg Replace.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Courtyard Diplomat Lurker Replace Wishing Well
Additional Cards
Populate Way of the Squirrel
Populate.jpg Way of the Squirrel.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Seaside

Innsmouth [+/-]
Animal Fair Barge Coven Fisherman Sheepdog
Animal Fair.jpg Barge.jpg Coven.jpg Fisherman.jpg Sheepdog.jpg
Caravan.jpg Explorer.jpg Fishing Village.jpg Haven.jpg Treasure Map.jpg
Caravan Explorer Fishing Village Haven Treasure Map
Additional Cards
Invest Way of the Goat
Invest.jpg 200px
Ruritania [+/-]
Bounty Hunter Cavalry Falconer Sleigh Village Green
Bounty Hunter.jpg Cavalry.jpg Falconer.jpg Sleigh.jpg Village Green.jpg
Lookout.jpg Smugglers.jpg Outpost.jpg Tactician.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Lookout Smugglers Outpost Tactician Warehouse
Additional Cards
Alliance Way of the Monkey
Alliance.jpg 200px

[edit] Menagerie & Alchemy

Class of 20 [+/-]
Cavalry Coven Hunting Lodge Kiln Livery
Cavalry.jpg Coven.jpg Hunting Lodge.jpg Kiln.jpg Livery.jpg
Snowy Village.jpg Wayfarer.jpg Transmute.jpg Vineyard.jpg University.jpg
Snowy Village Wayfarer Transmute Vineyard University
Additional Cards
Potion Delay Way of the Owl
Potion.jpg Delay.jpg Way of the Owl.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Prosperity

Limited Time Offer [+/-]
Destrier Displace Fisherman Supplies Wayfarer
Destrier.jpg Displace.jpg Fisherman.jpg Supplies.jpg Wayfarer.jpg
Grand Market.jpg Mint.jpg Peddler.jpg Talisman.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Grand Market Mint Peddler Talisman Worker's Village
Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Desperation Way of the Frog
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Desperation.jpg 200px
Birth of a Nation [+/-]
Animal Fair Camel Train Mastermind Paddock Stockpile
Animal Fair.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Paddock.jpg Stockpile.jpg
City.jpg Monument.jpg Quarry.jpg Rabble.jpg Trade Route.jpg
City Monument Quarry Rabble Trade Route
Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Reap Way of the Otter
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Reap.jpg 200px

[edit] Menagerie & Cornucopia/Guilds

Living in Exile [+/-]
Gatekeeper Hostelry Livery Scrap Stockpile
Gatekeeper.jpg Hostelry.jpg Livery.jpg Scrap.jpg Stockpile.jpg
Fairgrounds.jpg Hamlet.jpg Jester.jpg Journeyman.jpg Taxman.jpg
Fairgrounds Hamlet Jester Journeyman Taxman
Additional Cards
Enclave Way of the Mule
Enclave.jpg 200px
Thrill of the Hunt [+/-]
Black Cat Bounty Hunter Camel Train Mastermind Village Green
Black Cat.jpg Bounty Hunter.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Village Green.jpg
Butcher.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Menagerie.jpg Tournament.jpg
Butcher Horse Traders Hunting Party Menagerie Tournament
Additional Cards
Pursue Way of the Rat
Pursue.jpg Way of the Rat.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Hinterlands

Big Blue [+/-]
Black Cat Falconer Sheepdog Sleigh Village Green
Black Cat.jpg Falconer.jpg Sheepdog.jpg Sleigh.jpg Village Green.jpg
Cartographer.jpg Fool's Gold.jpg Margrave.jpg Trader.jpg Tunnel.jpg
Cartographer Fool's Gold Margrave Trader Tunnel
Additional Cards
Banish Way of the Turtle
Banish.jpg Way of the Turtle.jpg
Intersection [+/-]
Cardinal Hostelry Livery Mastermind Supplies
Cardinal.jpg Hostelry.jpg Livery.jpg Mastermind.jpg Supplies.jpg
Develop.jpg Farmland.jpg Haggler.jpg Nomad Camp.jpg Stables.jpg
Develop Farmland Haggler Nomad Camp Stables
Additional Cards
Gamble Way of the Mouse
Gamble.jpg Way of the Mouse.jpg

Set-aside card for Mouse is CrossroadsCrossroads.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Dark Ages

Friendly Carnage [+/-]
Animal Fair Cardinal Falconer Goatherd Hunting Lodge
Animal Fair.jpg Cardinal.jpg Falconer.jpg Goatherd.jpg Hunting Lodge.jpg
Altar.jpg Beggar.jpg Catacombs.jpg Fortress.jpg Market Square.jpg
Altar Beggar Catacombs Fortress Market Square
Additional Cards
Shelters Ride Way of the Camel
Necropolis.jpg Ride.jpg Way of the Camel.jpg
Gift Horses [+/-]
Camel Train Destrier Displace Paddock Scrap
Camel Train.jpg Destrier.jpg Displace.jpg Paddock.jpg Scrap.jpg
Hunting Grounds.jpg Pillage.jpg Rats.jpg Sage.jpg Squire.jpg
Hunting Grounds Pillage Rats Sage Squire
Additional Cards
Shelters Bargain Way of the Butterfly
Necropolis.jpg Bargain.jpg Way of the Butterfly.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Adventures

Horse Feathers [+/-]
Destrier Displace Falconer Sleigh Stockpile
Destrier.jpg Displace.jpg Falconer.jpg Sleigh.jpg Stockpile.jpg
Magpie.jpg Ranger.jpg Ratcatcher.jpg Relic.jpg Royal Carriage.jpg
Magpie Ranger Ratcatcher Relic Royal Carriage
Additional Cards
Pilgrimage Way of the Ox
Pilgrimage.jpg Way of the Ox.jpg
Sooner or Later [+/-]
Barge Gatekeeper Groom Mastermind Village Green
Barge.jpg Gatekeeper.jpg Groom.jpg Mastermind.jpg Village Green.jpg
Amulet.jpg Caravan Guard.jpg Dungeon.jpg Giant.jpg Raze.jpg
Amulet Caravan Guard Dungeon Giant Raze
Additional Cards
Toil Mission
Toil.jpg Mission.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Empires

No Money Down [+/-]
Animal Fair Cavalry Sleigh Stockpile Wayfarer
Animal Fair.jpg Cavalry.jpg Sleigh.jpg Stockpile.jpg Wayfarer.jpg
Catapult.jpg City Quarter.jpg Crown.jpg Engineer.jpg Villa.jpg
Catapult City Quarter Crown Engineer Villa
Additional Cards
Advance Way of the Pig
Advance.jpg Way of the Pig.jpg
Detours and Shortcuts [+/-]
Camel Train Fisherman Gatekeeper Sanctuary Snowy Village
Camel Train.jpg Fisherman.jpg Gatekeeper.jpg Sanctuary.jpg Snowy Village.jpg
Enchantress.jpg Overlord.jpg Sacrifice.jpg Settlers.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
Enchantress Overlord Sacrifice Settlers Wild Hunt
Additional Cards
transport Triumphal Arch
Transport.jpg Triumphal Arch.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Nocturne

Seize the Night [+/-]
Barge Falconer Hostelry Sheepdog Supplies
Barge.jpg Falconer.jpg Hostelry.jpg Sheepdog.jpg Supplies.jpg
Cobbler.jpg Devil's Workshop.jpg Exorcist.jpg Monastery.jpg Skulk.jpg
Cobbler Devil's Workshop Exorcist Monastery Skulk
Additional Cards
Hexes Seize the Day Way of the Sheep
Hex-back.jpg Seize the Day.jpg Way of the Sheep.jpg
Animal Crackers [+/-]
Black Cat Goatherd Groom Hunting Lodge Kiln
Black Cat.jpg Goatherd.jpg Groom.jpg Hunting Lodge.jpg Kiln.jpg
Faithful Hound.jpg Pixie.jpg Pooka.jpg Sacred Grove.jpg Shepherd.jpg
Faithful Hound Pixie Pooka Sacred Grove Shepherd
Additional Cards
Boons Enhance Way of the Chameleon
Boon-back.jpg Enhance.jpg Way of the Chameleon.jpg

[edit] Menagerie & Renaissance

Biding Time [+/-]
Cavalry Coven Displace Fisherman Goatherd
Cavalry.jpg Coven.jpg Displace.jpg Fisherman.jpg Goatherd.jpg
Ducat.jpg Priest.jpg Recruiter.jpg Scepter.jpg Swashbuckler.jpg
Ducat Priest Recruiter Scepter Swashbuckler
Additional Cards
Sinister Plot Way of the Turtle
Sinister Plot.jpg Way of the Turtle.jpg
Villager Madness [+/-]
Cardinal Groom Kiln Livery Wayfarer
Cardinal.jpg Groom.jpg Kiln.jpg Livery.jpg Wayfarer.jpg
Border Guard.jpg Flag Bearer.jpg Patron.jpg Silk Merchant.jpg Spices.jpg
Border Guard Flag Bearer Patron Silk Merchant Spices
Additional Cards
Demand Academy
Demand.jpg Academy.jpg

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