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Over the years, various items of Dominion-themed merchandise has been released. While they provide no playable benefit to the game, fans of Dominion could use these products to advertise the game to others and promote their own appreciation for Donald X. Vaccarino's award-winning series.


[edit] Dominion Mug

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The Dominion mug was released by in a series of three such mugs released for Rio Grande Games products that Hans im Glück distributed in Germany. The other two mugs were for Carcassonne and Stone Age. The mug featured a reduced image of the German Dominion box cover with a heavy focus on the knight. The mug was made of high-quality porcelain and the image wrapped around the entire mug except the handle. The advertisement for the mug proclaimed that " the cup is not going to break, you will enjoy your content probably forever!"[1] It was first made available in early 2012 and ceased availability in May 2013. It was the only Dominion-themed merchandise sold on other that actual components that could be used while playing.

[edit] Dominion Bag

Dominion bag.jpg

The Dominion bag was released in 2009 as a promotional item for conventions. It was a tan canvas bag with the cover of Dominion screenprinted on one side and the Rio Grande Games logo on the reverse.

[edit] Dominion Mint Tin

Dominion mint tin.jpg

In 2010, a small tin of mints with the Dominion logo was released at Essen Spiel. The promotional item was distributed by Hans im Glück with its Dominion logo used and five dominion cards displayed atop the Hans im Glück logo, the words "The Refreshment" and the website The website is no longer active.

[edit] References

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