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This page is intended for people who are new to the game of Dominion. It will cover many important topics for those new to the game, providing links to further detail when applicable.


[edit] The Game of Dominion

[edit] Introduction

  • Guide To The Dominion Base Game - An article explaining some basic strategy found in Base Dominion.
  • How to Base Dominion Video Series by Burning Skull, which goes over general strategy concepts in games using Base Dominion
  • Dominion Glossary - A repository of many common terms used on the blog, forum, and wiki. Don’t be scared away by all the definitions: it’s intended as a reference, not as essential knowledge. Many of these terms and phrases will link to in depth wiki pages.
  • Dominion Who's Who - An introduction to some of the important individuals involved with the game of Dominion.
  • Beginner Strategy Guide - An introductory guide to the most basic levels of Dominion strategy.

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Frequently Asked Questions

  • My friend plays a strategy where he only buys money and victory cards and is able to keep winning. What's the deal? - The basic strategy is called "Big Money" and it is not at all unbeatable.
  • Yes, it is technically possible to play two Tacticians in one turn.
  • Why didn't I get triple the VP chips when I played King's Court on my Goons? - GoonsGoons.jpg gives VP chips per goons in play. See GoonsGoons.jpg wiki page or page 8 of the Prosperity Rulebook for details. Similar rules apply with HighwayHighway.jpg, PrincessPrincess.jpg, and Merchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpg.

[edit] Purchasing The Game

[edit] Which Expansion To Buy

One of the most regular questions new players ask is which expansions they should get. There is a post over on the blog which tries to answer this question, and you can find a few forum threads (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) on the subject as well. If you are looking for more information, there are also a few forum threads (1,2,3,4,5) which compare various attributes of the different expansions.

[edit] Promo Cards

Promo cards are official Dominion kingdom cards which do not belong to any particular set. The cards can typically be purchased on the BGG store.

[edit] Card Storage

Solutions for Dominion Card Storage are frequently discussed by people who own multiple expansions of the game. There is no 'best' solution to the problem, and solutions will vary by taste and resources.

[edit] Purchasing Dominion On Dominion Online

More information on Dominion Online and its pricing can be found on its page.

[edit] Dominion Online

[edit] Playing Online

[edit] Shuffle IT

Shuffle IT is the company that hosts the official online implementation of Dominion, which is located here.

[edit] Isotropic

Isotropic was a very popular unofficial online implentation of Dominion. It offered a very simple presentation of the game and hosted over 10 million games of Dominion.

[edit] Online Resources

[edit] Dominion (Card Game) Discord Server

The Dominion Discord is a discord server which has supplanted Dominion Strategy as the hub for organized Dominion play and discussion.


Dominion Strategy is a blog dedicated to analysis and strategy surrounding the game of Dominion. It was created by theory and led to the creation of the forums and eventually this wiki.

[edit] Dominion Strategy Forum

The Dominion Strategy Forum is an offshoot of the Dominion Strategy blog which allows for discussion related to the game of Dominion. All skill levels are welcome. Check out especially the Help! forum, where you can post a game log and seek advice on what you did right or wrong, or the Rules forum, where you can get your rules questions answered.

[edit] Dominion Videos

Dominion Videos are video recordings of Dominion games (typically online games) used for strategy and analysis. Videos give the viewer an inside look at gameplay that game logs simply can't provide. The video of the game play is usually supplemented with commentary by the player recording, offering insights into the player's strategy, thought processes, and decision making.

[edit] is a site dedicated to generating statistics from the logs of games played on Isotropic. It has not yet been updated to catalog logs from Dominion Online.

[edit] Other
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