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Monastery, a Night card.

Night is a card type that may be played during one's Night phase, which comes after one's Buy phase. During their Night phase, players may play any number of Night cards. Night cards are introduced in Nocturne.


[edit] Overview

The ordinary vanilla bonuses that many Action cards provide are not useful in the Night phase, so Night cards have to benefit the player in other ways. They include Attacks, gainers, trashers, and Duration cards that provide benefits in the following turn's Action phase.

Most Night cards have their typing because their effects have to take place after your Buy phase: some care about cards you have in play, or cards you've gained this turn, and several are gained directly to your hand, meaning they can be played the turn they are bought. A couple, though, are Night cards purely for flavor reasons, such as Cobbler and Vampire. Either way, having a new type and a new phase to be played in has the following consequences:

  • Night cards can never be drawn dead, and are always non-terminal.
  • In general, there is no way to multiply a Night card with a Throne Room variant (the exception being calling Royal CarriageRoyal Carriage.jpg on Werewolf).
  • Cards that care about specific types will not have their usual effects when dealing with Night cards, whether positive (like IronworksIronworks.jpg or MagpieMagpie.jpg) or negative (like RabbleRabble.jpg).
  • Cards that care about specific phases, like VillaVilla.jpg, will not have their usual effects in the Night phase. Haunted WoodsHaunted Woods.jpg is particularly brutal, as it prevents you from playing any of your Night cards if you buy anything.

[edit] List of Night cards

[edit] Official Rules

  • Nocturne adds Night cards and the Night phase.
  • In games using Night cards, the Night phase happens after the Buy phase - it goes, Action, Buy, Night, Clean-up.
  • In your Night phase, you can play any number of Night cards.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Russian: Ночь (pron. noch')

[edit] Preview

It's always the same dream. I'm working in a factory, making giant marshmallows. When I wake up, I have an extra pillow. And also it's time to post a Dominion preview. Or am I still dreaming? Well I'll just get the preview posted, and worry about that later.

Nocturne has five themes, and there are five weekdays, so that's all going to work out neatly. Today: Night.

Night is a new phase. It comes after the Buy phase, and in it you can play any number of Night cards. That's all there is to it. We get right to the point here in Dominion-land.

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