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Nomad Camp, a card that invokes the No Visiting rule.

The "No Visiting" rule is a rule dictating that when a card is gained to a place other than the discard pile, such as to the top of a player's deck, that card does not "visit" the discard pile; in other words, the card is not put into the discard pile before going to its final destination, but goes directly to where it is being gained to. This is important when used in conjunction with the Lose Track rule; cards that do not "visit" when gained to a place other than the discard pile are not lost track of. For example, if you SummonSummon.jpg a Nomad CampNomad Camp.jpg, even though the Nomad Camp is not in the discard pile, since it went directly to the top of your deck, Summon will know to find it there, and be able to set it aside. In contrast, if you had Summoned a WoodcutterWoodcutter.jpg, and used WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg to put it on top of your deck after you gained it, Summon would have no idea where the Woodcutter was, and would not be able to set it aside.

[edit] Official Rules

  • When a card is gained to a location other than a discard pile, it does not "visit" the discard pile - it goes directly to where it was gained. For example ArmoryArmory.jpg gains cards directly to the top of a deck.

[edit] List of cards that invoke the "No Visiting" rule

[edit] Exceptions

These are cards that change gain destinations, but are worded in such a way that the gained card is moved after it is gained, not while it is gained, so it does go to the discard pile first.

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