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Cellar, a non-terminal card.

A non-terminal is any Action which provides at least +1 Action. These cards allow you to play more Actions after them and so chain cards together; any number of non-terminals can be played on a single turn. This differentiates them from terminal actions, of which only one may be played each turn without assistance from villages.

Cards that provide +1 Card and +1 Action have the nickname "cantrips"; these can usually be played with no penalty to yourself either in handsize reduction or lack of extra Actions. Any non-terminal Action that provides more than +1 Card is non-terminal draw, and any card providing more than +1 Action can be referred to as a village.

Special Treasure cards that have Action-like abilities are sometimes classified with non-terminal Actions, as are Night cards, because, like non-terminal Actions, any number of Treasures or Night cards can be played on a turn without affecting your ability to play terminal Actions. Thus, for example, LoanLoan.jpg or MonasteryMonastery.jpg might be described as a "non-terminal trasher", in the same category as an Action card like LookoutLookout.jpg.

Attacks Attack immunityCurserDeck inspection attackDeck order attackHandsize attackJunking attackTrashing attackTurn-worsening attack
Buy/Money +BuyCost-reducerDisappearing moneyOverpayPeddler variantTerminal silverVirtual coinVirtual +Buy
Cycling Deck discarderDeck inspectorDiggingDiscard for benefitSifter
Terminality CantripNon-terminalNon-terminal drawSoft terminalTerminalTerminal drawThrone Room variantVillageConditional non-terminal
Other Alt-VPBasic cardsDuration drawCommand variantGainerLuck-basedNon-Attack interactionOne-shotSplit pileTop deckerTrasherVanilla
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