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Followers, a Prize card.

Prizes are a card type from Cornucopia. The Prizes are five differently-named unique cards that are not in the supply, but can be gained by playing TournamentTournament.jpg.


[edit] List of Prizes

[edit] Official Rules

  • There are five Prizes: Bag of Gold, Diadem, Followers, Princess, and Trusty Steed.
  • These are cards which are never part of the Supply.
  • If the Prizes run out, that does not count towards the game end condition.
  • The Prizes may not be bought, or gained via cards like Horn of PlentyHorn of Plenty.jpg; they may only be gained via the card Tournament, or via cards that directly provide a way to gain them (such as LurkerLurker.jpg from second edition IntrigueIntrigue.jpg, which can gain Actions from the trash).
  • AmbassadorAmbassador.jpg (from Dominion: SeasideSeaside.jpg) cannot return Prizes to their pile.
  • Trashed Prizes go to the trash pile, like other cards; they do not return to the Prize pile.
  • If you are using the promotional card Black MarketBlack Market.jpg, do not put Prizes in the Black Market deck.
  • Even though Prizes cannot be bought, they have a cost of $0, which matters for cards like RemakeRemake.jpg.

[edit] Strengths and weaknesses

The Prizes all have the potential to be strong cards, but some are much more situational than others. Since there is only one copy of each, this can place the player who is second to get a Prize at a serious disadvantage, since the best one is probably already taken. On the other hand, it's possible for Prizes to be merely a distraction: since you have to have gained a ProvinceProvince.jpg already to be able to gain a Prize at all, this means that usually by the time you're able to gain Prizes your deck is already in a condition to begin greening, and it may be better to focus your strategy on building your score rather than pursuing Prizes that you may only have a couple of chances to play before the game ends.

FollowersFollowers.jpg is a curser, and is especially strong if there are no other cursers on the board. It becomes much weaker if cursers are on the board or if there is strong trashing available.

PrincessPrincess.jpg can be critical if the kingdom lacks +Buy, and it is good for picking up different engine pieces and/or attempting to quickly end the game on three piles. Its price-reduction ability cannot be Throne RoomedThrone Room.jpg or King's CourtedKing's Court.jpg, however. Princess is usually outclassed by FollowersFollowers.jpg and Trusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg.

Trusty SteedTrusty Steed.jpg is a versatile card that offers many choices and can be used as a village. Thus, it is especially strong if your deck has several terminal actions and no villages are in the kingdom. You may still want to pass on the Steed for the strong attack that Followers provides, or if you need the +buy of Princess.

[edit] Statistics

According to a Dominion Strategy article by Captain Frisk,[1] the gain rate of each prize based on a weekend's worth of data is:

Trusty Steed – 28%
Followers – 24%
Princess – 23%
Bag of Gold – 22%
Diadem – 13%

The win rate with each prize is as follows, where a win rate of "1" means winning half the time:

Followers – 1.52
Trusty Steed – 1.51
Princess – 1.41
Diadem – 1.38
Bag of Gold - 1.35

Note that the win rates of the prizes are affected by the fact that a gained prize means that player has at least one Province in his or her deck and is likely winning anyway.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • Czech: Odměna
  • Dutch: Prijs
  • Finnish: Palkinto
  • German: Preis
  • Polish: Nagroda
  • Russian: Трофей (pron. trofyey, lit. trophy)

[edit] Secret History

And finally there are the Prizes themselves. There were always five; that's just how much space was left, and was a fine number anyway. I was not going to take out a card so I could have sixteen Prizes. They always cost $0. They need a cost because some cards care about card costs. There are various arguments for why they should have what cost, but I think a crucial one in favor of $0star is, that it makes it extra clear that you cannot actually buy them. I also like that you don't think, "oh man the correct play is to Remodel my prize."

The Prizes wanted to be cards that I wasn't "wasting" as Prizes. Cards that I couldn't do normally, because they were too hard to price well, or were too powerful in multiples, or too narrow. You don't always have extra actions for Diadem, but you can just take another Prize instead; it's not a whole unused pile.

The first set of Prizes was less exciting, and people complained and I excitified them. Bag of Gold originally did not give +1 Action. Princess only made VP cards cheaper. Trusty Steed gave you +2 Cards and +$2, no choice. Diadem went unchanged, look at that. And in place of Followers I had a VP-Action card. It didn't work out because, you know, you buy VP cards later in the game, for the points they're worth. I just couldn't make a VP prize exciting enough without making it too good. It couldn't be something you built your deck around, because you might not get it and at most got one. Something like Harem or Nobles just wasn't going to look pretty next to the other Prizes, because part of what you "paid for" was the 2 VP. Anyway Followers, who doesn't like Followers.

Diadem started in the large version of Alchemy long ago, as an Action: "+$2. Return this to your hand." It was a cute combo with Villages, but useless without them. I then tried some "choose one" versions, which solved the problem of it sometimes being dead, but didn't make the actions-to-money part any better. I eventually gave up on it, and well here it is at last.

Followers meanwhile started out as a Goons in Prosperity. I tried a bunch of "choose one" cards in that slot, and then tried this attack-two-ways, profit-the-opposite-ways thing. It was the same except it cost $6 and gave you a VP token instead of an Estate. It was too strong. An Estate is obv. a lot worse than a VP token, and being a Prize means it doesn't get to hit you that often or early either.

At one point Trusty Steed also gave you +2 Buys when you picked +2 Actions, and at one point Princess gave you +1 Action too.

[edit] References


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