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The Stop-Moving rule is a rule covering when an effect is allowed to move a card. It supersedes the Lose Track rule and was introduced as part of the Dominion 2019 Errata and Rules Tweaks.


[edit] Official Rules

  • An effect can move a card if it specifies where the card is coming from, or if the effect put the card where it is now.
  • If a card isn't where the effect would expect it to be, or has moved away from there and then back, it can't move the card.
    • Played cards expect to be in play; they can't move themselves if they aren't.
    • Gained cards are expected to be where they were gained to, even if this isn't the discard pile.
    • Cards in discard piles can be moved even if covered up by other cards; cards on top of a deck can't be moved once covered up.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

  • When you need to get a specific card from your discard pile, if it's on top, you take it without looking through your discard pile. If it's not on top, you can look through your discard pile to get the card. When you get to choose a card from your discard pile, you can look through it even if you know you will choose the top card.

[edit] List of cards that move cards

These cards have abilities that move themselves or other cards. It is not comprehensive; for example, cards that move other cards from their piles, from your hand, and from mats are not included. Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Cards that move cards out of play

[edit] Cards that move cards when they are discarded from play

[edit] Cards that move discarded cards

[edit] Cards that move gained cards

ReplaceReplace.jpg, SummonSummon.jpg, and ReapReap.jpg gain a card and then move it after it's been gained, which means you cannot choose to move them before GatekeeperGatekeeper.jpg moves it.

This doesn't include any cards that are gained directly to somewhere other than the discard pile. See the No Visiting rule.

[edit] Cards that move trashed cards

[edit] List of cards that prevent cards from moving

These cards stop other cards from moving, so they may not be where an effect would expect it to be.

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