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Many Adventures cards don't have strategy sections. They claim that Adventures is the most recent expansion.

However, Empires comes out soon. The Adventures cards should be filled out more. Is this in progress?

There are two problems. First, while all the cards up to Guilds had been played regularly on either Isotropic or Dominion Online to let people get lots of experience with the cards to write articles about, Adventures still isn't playable online so all the experience is based on real-life games which are harder to play lots of. Second, the people who know enough about the strategy of the cards have to be motivated enough to write articles about them. However, given that there are now threads on the first dozen or so Adventures cards on the forums, hopefully we're starting to get a feel for the strategies and someone can start compiling them into articles. ConMan (talk) 18:13, 23 February 2016 (EST)
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