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Played a game recently where someone used Inn on a $5 open in order to buy a Silver on turn 2. This move was a bit unexpected and had more merit in the game than I thought. Worth a mention in the article? Chris is me (talk) 07:57, 2 February 2015 (EST)

  • Possibly. Bear in mind that doing this triggers a reshuffle - he's not going to see that Silver (or the Inn) for another few turns, and meanwhile the rest of his deck is only Coppers and Estates. And Inn, like most Villages, is mainly a support card. Werothegreat (talk) 08:55, 2 February 2015 (EST)

Early game, if you can pair an inn with at least 2 estates, its as good as a lab. As well, triggering the early shuffle (on a 5/2 opening - not 2/5) will place your inn, 3 estates, silver and 3 copper to be in the discard. leaving a four copper draw. This means a second reshuffle to draw the 5th card. with a minimum $4 in hand with greater than 50% chance to have $5 or more - Murphy

  1. Turn 1: Play 5 Copper -> Buy one inn shuffle into deck. (Discard Pile: 5 Copper; Draw Pile: 3 Estates, 2 Copper, 1 Inn). Next Hand: Draw 2 Estates, 2 Copper, 1 Inn (there is a ~18% chance Inn misses out of this draw- breaking the strategy)
  2. Turn 2: Play Inn, Draw 2 cards (this will force reshuffle) drawing 1 Estate and 1 Copper. Discard 2 Estates, play 3 Copper -> Buy 1 Silver. (Discard pile: 3 Estates, 3 Copper, 1 Inn, 1 Silver; Draw Pile: 4 Copper).Next Hand: Draw 4 Copper (this will trigger reshuffle to draw fifth card). 37.5% chance of drawing Copper or Estate, 12.5% chance of drawing Inn, and 12.5% chance of drawing Silver.
  3. Turn 3: Playing an Inn will give you decent odds on either clearing out unwanted estates or drawing a silver and improving your hand by $1.

This strategy will turn your 5/2 opening into a likely 5/3/4 or 5/3/5 opening or possibly a 5/3/6 opening.

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