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I think "alternate Victory cards" is more accurate on the theme of Intrigue than "Victory cards that do things", since Duke is part of the set and doesn't "do things". --Schneau (talk) 07:51, 27 October 2012 (EDT) Good point, you're right --ftl_ftw


[edit] Card Count

The card count seems off to me. There are 25 kingdom cards, so how can there be 26 randomizers? Are we sure there are 8 blank cards? 09:41, 6 May 2013 (EDT) I updated the page after checking the BGG page to 25 randomizers and 8 blanks.

[edit] The Duke's Ball

Something about the apostrophe in the name of this recommended Intrigue/Hinterlands set is preventing the [+/-] link from opening the card image view of the set. I cannot figure out how to fix it and keep the apostrophe but am hoping someone else can.

[edit] Decisions, Decision

Same as above, but this time the comma in the Recommended Set "Decisions, Decisions" keeps it from opening. Hopefully someone who knows more than I can fix it!

All the apostrophes and commas up to Adventures should work now. I just added an "id = whatever" parameter to the kingdoms.

[edit] Card Gallery Updates

I decided to make the card images in the gallery link to the card pages instead of the images. A template was created to help with this. I think it works fairly well. Now to deal with the other sets over time, but if someone wants to create a bot for this, I am happy to let it take over. (Or maybe I can create one myself.) -- Edward

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