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This template is meant to be used on a card's page, and uses the {{PAGENAME}} parameter to determine the card's name.



language and description parameters are not named, and are ordered.

The first parameter (language) is any string that will be appended to card's base name, for example:


on WitchWitch.jpg page will produce:

German language Witch

Omitting the first parameter (language) will produce the English card preview.

The second parameter is the description displayed in a hint when a user moves mouse over the image. If omitted, it displays the card's name prepended with the language name (none in case of English language).

The only named parameter, d, determines if the digital version of the card is to be displayed. Setting this parameter to 1 automatically adds Digital to the card's base name (before language name, if any). Then, if the description parameter is not provided, the description will be the name of the card is appended with "from Shuffle iT" (prepended with language name).


on Witch page will display this:

Russian language Witch from Shuffle iT

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