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Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final

This template creates a bracket for 8 players, single elimination.

[edit] Usage

<!-- Date-Place/Team 1/Score 1/Team 2/Score 2 -->
<!-- quarter finals  -->
<!-- semi finals -->
<!-- final -->
<!-- consol=name -->
<!-- parameters -->
<!-- exclude matches -->

Use the parameters listed below to customise the template. For example, putting |3rdplace=yes|color=yes}} in the last line will add the 3rd place match place-holder and color the Champion, Runner-up & Third place-holders. The following parameter values are acceptable:

Parameter value Description
RD1=name Renames Quarter-finals to name.
RD2=name Renames Semi-finals to name.
RD3=name Renames Final to name.
Consol=name Renames Third place to name.
3rdplace=no Remove 3rd place match place-holder.
color=yes Add color for Gold, Silver & Bronze position.
skipmatch01=yes To skip match 1 of the 1st round.
skipmatch02=yes To skip match 2 of the 1st round.
skipmatch03=yes To skip match 3 of the 1st round.
skipmatch04=yes To skip match 4 of the 1st round.
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