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Navigator, a terminal card.

A terminal action is an Action card that does not give +Action when played. Terminals tend to have powerful effects, but only one can be played per turn without the use of villages. A central strategic principle, therefore, revolves around understanding how many terminals your deck can support and not overbuying them. The risk of collision—having more terminals in hand than can be played on a given turn—is serious, as it means that one of your hard-earned Action cards will not be played till the next reshuffle; but so is the risk of buying too few terminals if your strategy depends on playing them frequently.

[edit] Types of terminals

Terminals can broadly be categorized into hard and soft types; if two hard terminals collide in your hand, you must choose between them, whereas a soft terminal can make use of the other terminal if necessary.

Terminals that provide draw support, such as the SmithySmithy.jpg and Council RoomCouncil Room.jpg, form an important class of terminals known as terminal draw. Caution must be exercised with such terminals, as they make it possible to draw Action cards dead—i.e., without enough actions to use them. This pitfall must be considered when optimizing the action-density of a deck with terminal draw (e.g. Big Money variants). (While LibraryLibrary.jpg and CourtyardCourtyard.jpg avoid this pitfall, they are nevertheless draw terminals.)

Many terminals provide +$2 when played, usually with an additional bonus; these are known as terminal silvers.

Nearly all Attack cards are terminal.

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Opening two terminals

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