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Some Dominion sets, in addition to cards, provide other materials.

Player-specific materials are often distributed in six different colors, one for each possible player: red, blue, orange, green, white and yellow.


[edit] Player mats

Player mats (playmats or mats for short) are pieces of cardboard used by certain cards to set aside resources for future use. IslandIsland.jpg sets aside cards on a mat until the end of the game. Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg and Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg set aside Tokens on a mat to keep track of $ they generate when played. Native VillageNative Village.jpg sets cards aside to be drawn later. Cards that produce VP.png tokens put them on a mat to be scored at the end of the game. The Tavern mat is a place to keep your Reserve cards until you call them. The Coffers / Villagers mats keep coin tokens in reserve for extra +$ and +Actions when needed. The Trash mat is the place to keep cards that are trashed during the game.

[edit] Tokens

A token is a metal, cardboard, or wooden piece used in Dominion. They are used to track various game states that are not represented directly by cards. Some sets use tokens as one of their primary themes; some tokens are only used by a single card.

[edit] Victory tokens

Victory tokens (or VP tokens, denoted by the symbol VP.png) are metal tokens featured in Prosperity and Empires, and are an example of alt-VP. These are chips that players may earn by playing certain cards, buying certain Events, or meeting the conditions of certain Landmarks. VP.png cannot run out; players should use a substitute if needed.

[edit] Coin tokens

Coin tokens are metal tokens featured in Seaside, Prosperity, Guilds and Renaissance. They can be placed on the Coffers and Villagers mat(s), and saved for later; they are removed from their mats for +$1 and +1 Actions, respectively. Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg, Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg and Sinister PlotSinister Plot.jpg also use these tokens to track their own effects. Coin tokens cannot run out; players should use a substitute if needed.

[edit] Embargo tokens

Embargo tokens are metal tokens included with Seaside. One of these tokens is placed on a Supply pile each time an EmbargoEmbargo.jpg is played, to track the number of CursesCurse.jpg a player gains when buying a card from that pile. Embargo tokens cannot run out; players should use a substitute if needed.

Embargo tokens.

[edit] Adventures tokens

Adventures comes with 10 different cardboard tokens, in each of 6 player colors. Some provide a vanilla bonus for cards from the Action card Supply piles they're on, others act as penalties, and the rest have a various effects. They are used by several cards and Events.

[edit] Debt tokens

Debt tokens (denoted by the symbol D) are metal tokens featured in Empires, and provide an alternate cost to certain cards and Events. When buying a card or Event with a D cost, the player takes the specified number of tokens to track their Debt. One card (CapitalCapital.jpg), one Event (TaxTax.jpg), and one Landmark (Mountain PassMountain Pass.jpg) provide additional ways to accumulate D. D cannot run out; players should use a substitute if needed.

[edit] Wooden cubes

Renaissance comes with 12 wooden cubes, 2 in each of 6 player colors (1 cm on a side). Players use these to track which Projects they have purchased, and are receiving the effects of. Each player only has 2 of these cubes, which do run out.

Wooden cubes on a Project.

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