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Poor House, a virtual coin card.

Virtual coin, also called virtual money, refers to an Action card which provides buying power.

Non-terminal virtual-coin Actions are often classified as either cantrip money or disappearing money based on whether they provide +Cards or not. Terminal virtual-coin Actions almost never provide +Cards.


[edit] Synergies/Combos

  • Poor HousePoor House.jpg - Poor House provides good buying power in decks without treasure, and Poor House itself is a form of virtual coin.
  • TacticianTactician.jpg - Tactician benefits from virtual coin played on the turn where Tactician is played; this strategy requires +Actions. First play the cards providing virtual coin, and play Tactician as the last action, discarding the hand, before making a purchase. The Double Tactician strategy usually relies heavily on this.
  • Counter to Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg - Virtual coin decks counter pirate ship effectively, as there are fewer or no targets for Pirate Ship.
  • MinionMinion.jpg
  • Scrying PoolScrying Pool.jpg
  • King's CourtKing's Court.jpg

[edit] List of cards that offer virtual coin

There are a tremendous number of cards that offer virtual coin. Cards in italics have been removed.

[edit] Non-Supply cards

[edit] Events

[edit] Cost 0-1

[edit] Cost 2

[edit] Cost 3

[edit] Cost 4

[edit] Cost 5

[edit] Cost 6+

Attacks CurserDeck inspection attackDeck order attackHandsize attackJunking attackTrashing attackTurn-worsening attack
Buy/Money +BuyCost-reducerDisappearing moneyOverpayPeddler variantTerminal silverVirtual coinVirtual +Buy
Cycling Deck discarderDeck inspectorDiggingDiscard for benefitSifter
Terminality CantripNon-terminalNon-terminal drawSoft terminalTerminalTerminal drawThrone Room variantVillage
Other Alt-VPBasic cardsGainerLuck-basedNon-Attack interactionOne-shotSplit pileTop deckerTrasherVanilla
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