Dominion 2019 Errata and Rules Tweaks

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The Dominion 2019 Errata and Rules Tweaks were an update to existing Dominion cards and rules to mainly solve complex rules issues with early Emulators.



These tweaks and errata involved modifying cards that changed their abilities at various times to instead playing the card to emulate and adding the Command type to prevent them from playing each other in loops. Certain one-shots were changed to require the card to be trashed for the effect to trigger, as repeated emulation was too powerful. Cards were changed to not care about which cards of a type are yours, as you can literally lose track in certain cases. A few corresponding rules were added to facilitate these changes and simplify wordings.

Card Errata

Emulators with New Errata

  • $5: Band of MisfitsBand of Misfits.jpg — Plays a card from the Supply, instead of becoming it. Now is also a Command card and can't play Command cards to prevent loops.
  • $6: CaptainCaptain.jpg — Now is also a Command card and can't play Command cards to prevent loops.
  • $7: InheritanceInheritance.jpg — The set-aside card is now played when an EstateEstate.jpg is played, instead of the Estate gaining the ability. Estates no longer gain the types or abilities of the set-aside card, and are not Actions based on who owns them, but rather based on whose turn it is. Victory cards are now usable with Inheritance (now that the confusion of inheriting a Victory ability on an Estate is gone), but not Command cards (to prevent loops).
  • 8D: OverlordOverlord.jpg — Plays a card from the Supply, instead of becoming it. Now is also a Command card and can't play Command cards to prevent loops.

One-shots with New Errata

  • $2: EmbargoEmbargo.jpg — Adding an Embargo token is now contingent on trashing the card.
  • $4: Death CartDeath Cart.jpg — The +$5 bonus is now contingent on trashing a card.
  • $5: PillagePillage.jpg — All effects are now contingent on trashing the card.

Other New Errata

  • $4: ProcessionProcession.jpg — It can no longer play Durations (to avoid tracking issues).
  • LanternLantern.jpg — Changes Border Guards you play instead of those you own (this prevents the prior versions of InheritanceInheritance.jpg from causing issues, and works better with the newer emulators).

New Rules

New rules were added to help facilitate the card changes and to help simplify wordings.

Tracking for Emulators

  • Some cards, like the new Band of Misfits, can play a card that isn't put into play.
  • When you play Band of Misfits, leave it in play as long as you would have left the card it plays in play.
    • Normally that will be the same turn's Clean-up.
    • For a Band of Misfits playing a Duration card, it will be the Clean-up of the last turn the Duration card has any effects.
    • For a Band of Misfits playing a Throne Room playing a Duration card, it will be the Clean-up of the turn the Duration card leaves play.
    • For a Band of Misfits playing a card that can move itself from play, like Mining Village, the Mining Village can't move itself, so Band of Misfits doesn't leave play any earlier than normal.
  • If a Band of Misfits plays multiple Duration cards (e.g., you used Throne Room on it), leave it out until the Clean-up of the last turn that one of them still had effects.

Stop-moving rule

Main article: Stop-Moving rule

  • An effect can move a card if it specifies where the card is coming from, or if the effect put the card where it is now.
  • If a card isn't where the effect would expect it to be, or has moved away from there and then back, it can't move the card.
    • Played cards expect to be in play; they can't move themselves if they aren't.
    • Gained cards are expected to be where they were gained to, even if this isn't the discard pile.
    • Cards in discard piles can be moved even if covered up by other cards; cards on top of a deck can't be moved once covered up.

This rule replaces the former Lose Track rule.

Look through discard when getting a card

  • When you are told to get a card from your discard pile that you choose or one other than the top one, you can look through it to get the card. That's just implicit. You don't have to just look at the top couple of cards, you can look through the whole discard pile.

Gain non-Supply cards when called out

  • When a card tells you to gain a non-Supply card by name, you can gain it from its pile, even though it's not in the Supply.

This allows simplifying the wording on cards that gain non-Supply cards, such as the updated PillagePillage.jpg wording.

Costs don't go below 0

  • The cost in $ of a card can't go below $0.
  • The cost in P of a card can't go below 0P.
  • The cost in D of a card can't go below 0D.



The reasons behind these changes are:

- It's possible for two copies of a card to have different abilities. This causes problems, the worst (extremely exotic) situation being, you play a card and don't actually know what it should do. The cards that do this are also confusing in general.

- There are cases where card interactions fail in an unintuitive way, due to it mattering if cards in a discard pile are covered up.

- Two minor rules clarify things a little and simplify texts a little, and are just coming along for the ride.

Errata to the Errata

Other tweaks were made after feedback and discussion around the initial errata so that Emulators can't play each other to help solve loops by adding the Command type later. This also tweaked Inheritance to target Victory cards as well. Additionally, the look through discard rule was tweaked to not allow looking through the discard pile when explicitly getting the card on top that was just placed there to simplify card wordings.

Did I say that was the errata? There is more errata.

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