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Dominion videos are video recordings of Dominion games (typically online games) used for strategy and analysis. Videos give the viewer an inside look at gameplay that game logs simply can't provide. The video of the game play is usually supplemented with commentary by the player recording, offering insights into the player's strategy, thought processes, and decision making.



Videos offer many benefits compared to traditional analysis of logs or general kingdom discussion:

  • The player in the video can offer commentary on their thought process at each decision.
  • The viewer can watch high level play and compare the decisions they would have made against the decisions made in the video.
  • The viewer is able to observe both the finer points of playing traditional strategies as well as the improvisation and adjustment of strategies on the fly.


A number of individuals in the Dominion community have organized their videos of Dominion play into Youtube channels. More information can be found in the appropriate subforum. Some of those channels include:


There are a number of threads discussing the videos, including discussion on WW's youtube channel and discussion on whether video recordings should require permission from both players.

Creating Videos

User jsh357 has put together a handy article on how to go about creating Dominion videos. The guide can be found here.

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