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Engine is an archetypical deck structure which aims to buy many action cards and chain them together each turn. It is often contrasted with a Big Money strategy which seeks to buy mostly money and only a few supporting action. To build an engine you generally need a village, terminal draw, and either a gainer or card offering +Buy. For stronger engines any kind of trasher and Attack card is needed. But you can also build an engine from only buying non-terminal actions. These include Combo: Hunting Party+X and MinionMinion.jpg.


Types of Engines

Single Card Engines

These simple engines are typically powered by a single card. To achieve the required payload, they will often incorporate 1-2 Action cards, especially cards which trash, sift, or provide +$2.

Megaturn Engines

Megaturn engines are usually more complex and take longer to develop than other engines. These engines will often aim to gain multiple Provinces (or Colonies) in a single turn.

Draw Engines

Draw engines are simple engines which will typically employ +Action and +Cards kingdom cards to attempt to draw a large portion of your deck each turn. An article discussing the basics of this type of strategy can be found here.

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