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Type Small Expansion
Icon Guilds icon.png
Cards 150
130 (13 sets)
Additional Material(s)  
Theme(s) overpaying, coin tokens, name a card
Release Spring 2013
Official Rulebook PDF

Guilds is the eighth (and reportedly last) expansion of Dominion. It was released in June 2013. The cards were available on Goko a few days before the physical expansion was released.[1] The set has two main themes - cards that give Coin tokens, and cards that you can overpay for, which are signified by a "+" in their cost. There are also two cards that name cards, several very wordy cards, and several cards whose art features bald people.

The first spoiler was unintentionally revealed by the release of a Dominion Set Generator by playtester Wei-Hwa Huang on 7th of December, 2012.[2][3] It was revealed that this expansion will have 13 cards and the abbreviations of all cards and their cost were visible. It is unclear how or even if these abbreviations relate to the card names.

Guilds has 2 attack cards, one treasure card, 4 cards that let you do somethig else if you overpay for them, and 5 cards that let you take coin tokens.


Kingdom Cards

$2 Candlestick MakerCandlestick Maker.jpg
$2plus+ StonemasonStonemason.jpg
$3plus+ DoctorDoctor.jpg, MasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg
$4 AdvisorAdvisor.jpg, PlazaPlaza.jpg, TaxmanTaxman.jpg
$4plus+ HeraldHerald.jpg
$5 BakerBaker.jpg, ButcherButcher.jpg, JourneymanJourneyman.jpg, Merchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpg, SoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg

Additional materials

Additional Rules

  • "In play" - Action cards and Treasure cards played face-up to a play area are in play until they are moved somewhere else — usually until they are discarded during a Clean-up phase. Only played cards are in play; set aside cards, trashed cards, cards in the Supply, and cards in hands, decks, and discard piles are not in play. Reaction abilities do not put those cards into play.
  • Some cards in Dominion: Guilds give players Coin tokens. Coin tokens always come from the supply of tokens, not from another player. In a player's Buy Phase, before buying any cards, that player may spend any number of Coin tokens; each Coin token spent gives that player +$1. Spent tokens are returned to the supply of tokens. Coin tokens are not component-limited; players may use a substitute if they run out. They are the same tokens that come with Dominion: Seaside and Dominion: Prosperity, but abilities that give players Coin tokens cannot be used to put them on Pirate ShipPirate Ship.jpg mats or the Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg mat. They can only be spent in a Buy Phase; they cannot be spent when buying a card via the promotional card Black MarketBlack Market.jpg.
  • Some cards in Dominion: Guilds can be "overpaid" for. The costs for these cards have a "+" next to the coin symbol. A player may pay any additional amount for such a card, and then gets an effect based on how much extra was paid. PotionPotion.jpgs (from Dominion: Alchemy) may be used in overpaid amounts if desired, although this is not always meaningful. A player may choose not to overpay, even if she has extra coins, but cannot choose to overpay $0; to overpay, a player has to actually pay more than the cost. The coins used to overpay are gone after spending them to overpay; they cannot be then used to buy something else. Overpaying happens when a card is paid for, which is before it is gained. Players can only overpay for a card when buying it, not when gaining it some other way. The "+" is just a reminder; a card with "+" in the cost still has its normal cost for all purposes. For example if a player plays HagglerHaggler.jpg (from Dominion: Hinterlands), then buys a MasterpieceMasterpiece.jpg, overpaying, Haggler will still gain her a card costing less than $3, the cost of Masterpiece. Similarly, Masterpiece could be the Bane card for Young WitchYoung Witch.jpg (from Dominion: Cornucopia), since it costs $3. Reducing the costs of cards via cards like BridgeBridge.jpg (from Dominion: Intrigue) or HighwayHighway.jpg (from Dominion: Hinterlands) does not interact with overpay; for example, if you play five Bridges and have $5 total to spend, HeraldHerald.jpg would cost $0, but if you bought one the most you could overpay for it would still be $5.
  • When two things happen to a player at the same time, that player picks the order to do them. For example, if a player with Merchant GuildMerchant Guild.jpg in play buys a Masterpiece, she chooses whether to take a Coin token first, or overpay for Masterpiece first (in this case the order would not actually matter, since it is too late to spend the Coin token). When two things happen to different players at the same time, go in turn order, starting with the player whose turn it is. For example, if a player plays SoothsayerSoothsayer.jpg with only one Curse left in the Supply, the player to her left gets it.
  • At any point in the game, if a player has to do anything regarding her Deck (draw, reveal, set aside, look at, or trash cards), and she needs more cards than are remaining in her Deck, she must do as many as she can and then shuffle her face-up Discard pile to form a new face-down Deck. Then, she does the things with the remaining number of cards from her newly shuffled Deck. If a player’s Deck is empty, she does not shuffle her Discard pile until she needs to do something with cards from her Deck and cannot.

Flavor Text

Jobs, everyone’s worried about jobs. Whatever happened to tilling the fields in obscurity? The economy is just a trick, like stealing someone's nose, but lately people seem to have seen through it, like when you realize someone hasn’t really stolen your nose. So now everyone’s joining a guild, learning a craft, and working on a masterpiece - a painting so beautiful it blinds you, or a cheese grater so amazing that you never eat cheese again. The only people left tilling the fields are the ones doing it ironically. The guilds cover everything - ironic tilling, butchering, baking, candlestick making, shoemaking, cheesemaking, cheese destruction. Your advisor is convinced that somehow, control of the stonecutters is key to world domination. Very well. You will have stone handled so expertly that the world trembles before you.


Guilds is notable in that its rulebook exclusively uses feminine pronouns; this is in contrast to all previous rulebooks, and all official cards, which exclusively use masculine pronouns.

Recommended Sets of 10

Guilds & Dominion

  • Arts and Crafts: Stonemason, Advisor, Baker, Journeyman, Merchant Guild / Laboratory, Cellar, Workshop, Festival, Moneylender
  • Clean Living: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker, Doctor, Soothsayer / Militia, Thief, Moneylender, Gardens, Village
  • Gilding the Lily: Plaza, Masterpiece, Candlestick Maker, Taxman, Herald / Library, Remodel, Adventurer, Market, Chancellor

Guilds & Intrigue

  • Name That Card: Baker, Doctor, Plaza, Advisor, Masterpiece / Courtyard, Wishing Well, Harem, Tribute, Nobles
  • Tricks of the Trade: Stonemason, Herald, Soothsayer, Journeyman, Butcher / Great Hall, Nobles, Conspirator, Masquerade, Coppersmith
  • Decisions, Decisions: Merchant Guild, Candlestick Maker, Masterpiece, Taxman, Butcher / Bridge, Pawn, Mining Village, Upgrade, Duke


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