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* German: Plage (lit. ''plague'')
* German: Plage (lit. ''plague'')
* Russian: Порча (pron. ''porcha'', lit. ''corruption'')
* Russian: Порча (pron. ''porcha'', lit. ''corruption'')
* Dutch: Spreuk
=== Preview ===
=== Preview ===

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Greed, a Hex.
The Hex card back.

Hexes, introduced in Nocturne, are harmful effects. They are dispensed by Doom cards.

The pile of Hexes is shuffled, and when a Doom card instructs you to receive a Hex, you draw the next one and get whatever malus it tells you, and return it to the Hex discard pile when you've resolved it. If the Doom card is an Attack, only one Hex is revealed, and it affects all other players. When the Hex pile is exhausted, the discarded Hexes are reshuffled.

Hexes are not "cards"; any text referring to a "card" does not apply to Hexes. However, for reference, the Hex effects are printed on cards in a landscape orientation with dark purple frames.


[edit] List of Hexes

[edit] Official Rules

  • Hexes are a face-down deck of cards that are revealed as needed.
  • The phrase "receive a Hex" means, turn over the top Hex, and follow the instructions on it.
  • "Each other player receives the next Hex" means, turn over just one Hex, and the other players all follow the instructions on that same Hex.
  • If all Hexes have been used, shuffle the discards to reform the deck; do this whenever the deck is empty.
  • Received Hexes always go to the Hexes discard pile.

[edit] Preparation

  • If any Kingdom cards have the Doom type, shuffle the Hexes and put them near the Supply, and put Deluded/Envious and Miserable/Twice Miserable near the Supply also.

[edit] Discussion

There are Hexes for each of the 6 kinds of Attacks in Dominion:

There is some overlap: Locusts can also be a junker, and Plague is also a score attack, like all cursers.

Most of the Hexes have effects seen previously, but Misery is the first "attack" that only affects a player's score, and Delusion and Envy's effects are unique in Dominion.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] In other languages

  • French: Sortilège (lit. magic spell)
  • German: Plage (lit. plague)
  • Russian: Порча (pron. porcha, lit. corruption)
  • Dutch: Spreuk

[edit] Preview

Your punishment today: a preview. See it's all about your own perspective on it.

Nocturne has Hexes. Hexes are another 12-card deck of landscape-style instructions. These ones are bad though. You get an effect like "each other player receives the next Hex," and then you turn over just one Hex, just one okay, and they all get that Hex. Of course sometimes you Hex yourself instead.

[edit] Secret History

I did not just leap to having a negative version of Boons. It was an obvious thing to try but in no way felt essential. I finally tried it many months into work on the set, after a particular card kind of wanted them. We enjoyed the craziness of them and there they are. They were tweaked a bunch but over a much shorter time span than the Boons. There is a lot of variance to a typical normal attack like MilitiaMilitia.jpg (maybe I have two EstatesEstate.jpg in hand while someone else goes from $8 to $6); there is more variance when the attack itself is random. They try to limit the amount of variance somewhat, but of course some hurt more than others.

Speed was still an issue here, but also oppression, just how much the attacks could hurt you. So the cards use various tricks to try to limit the damage.

I was trying for a variety of effects, while keeping power level as close as I could given that. Which is not so close but you know. Sometimes a Hex missed a lot and I tried to fix those; sometimes a Hex was devastating and there's less of that. And some Hexes tried to be novel, by handing out cards that track effects, or tracking an effect via a revealed hand. One tried revealing your top card to track the effect, but various takes on that did not work out.

Greed started out just giving out Copper, while Plague gave out Curse and +1 Card. The bonus on Plague was too relevant, and they got closer by putting the Copper on your deck and the Curse into your hand with no +1 Card.

There were multiple versions of the discard attacks, with Poverty leaving and then coming back. One tried to have you discard a copy of your top card, which missed too much. At one point I tried "discard an Action" and "discard a Treasure," at Billy's suggestion. They take way way more words than that and were not great. Billy suggested putting MinionMinion.jpg in but I didn't enjoy it and so in the end there's Fear, also Billy's suggestion. Haunting started out having them choose to put a card on their deck or discard down to 3; then it didn't have the "if they have 4 or more cards in hand" clause and I thought I could get away with that but decided in the end that I could not.

Famine started out discarding the $3-$6 cards. "Action" is simpler. Originally the other cards went back on top, but letting you order the top ends up helping you too often. Bad Omens started out like Fortune TellerFortune Teller.jpg.

One trashing attack dug for a Treasure other than Copper and trashed it. Locusts started out as "reveal top, trash if <= $6, gain CurseCurse.jpg if <= $2." Then it trashed the top, gave you a cheaper card sharing a type with it, and gave you a Curse if you couldn't gain anything. It hurt too much losing e.g. a VillageVillage.jpg to gain a Curse; the final version can eat Curses but that's a joyous moment for someone. War started out as a Knight attack, reveal top two and trash one for $3-$6. Now it misses less and hurts less.

Early versions of Delusion played around with limiting the order you could play cards. It sometimes ate your turn and usually did nothing. Then it was ContrabandContraband.jpg, but Matt's group complained about the time period in the game where you name ProvinceProvince.jpg. Envious made cards cost more (which has rules issues), then made you discard cards to buy cards. In place of Misery there was Confused, which made you discard a card after each Action card you played. And Confused and Envious both stuck around until you met a condition, they could last turn after turn. For the biggest hunk of that you could get rid of them by gaining a Treasure; sometimes you would spend your turn buying a Copper to end the madness. The Contraband Deluded was tracked by having your hand revealed; in the end Deluded and Envious are on the same card, so as to use a card.

In retrospect I wouldn't do Hexes at all.

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