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(Intrigue Theme)
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Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set [ here], with how the Kingdom cards fit into that theme:
Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set [ here], with how the Kingdom cards fit into that theme:
* 10 Choices: Pawn, Masquerade, Steward, Swindler, Wishing Well, Baron, Mining Village, Minion, Torturer, Nobles
* 10 Choices: Pawn, Masquerade, Steward, Swindler, Wishing Well, Baron, Mining Village, Minion, Torturer, Nobles
* 7 Also choices, but less unique: Courtyard, Secret Chamber, Ironworks, Scout, Saboteur, Trading Post, Upgrade
* 7 Also choices, but less unique: Courtyard, Secret Chamber (Passage), Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Saboteur, Trading Post, Upgrade
* 4 Victory cards: Great Hall, Duke, Harem, Nobles
* 4 Victory cards: Great Hall (Mill), Duke, Harem, Nobles
* 5 Cards interacting with Victory cards: Baron, Ironworks, Scout, Duke, Tribute
* 5 Cards interacting with Victory cards: Baron, Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Duke, Tribute
* 4 Off-theme: Shanty Town, Bridge, Conspirator, Coppersmith
* 4 Off-theme: Shanty Town, Bridge, Conspirator, Coppersmith

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Type Standalone (1st) / Expansion (2nd)
Icon Intrigue icon.png
Cards 500 (1st) / 300 (2nd)
258 (1st) / 268 (2nd) (25/26 sets)
208 (1st only)
25 (1st) / 26 (2nd)
8 (1st) / 6 (2nd)
Other Card(s)
1 Trash pile card (1st only)
  • Choices between different effects
  • Multi-type Victory cards
Release July 2009 (1st) / Fall 2016 (2nd)
Cover artist Matthias Catrein (1st) / Joshua Stewart (2nd)
Official Rulebook PDF

Intrigue is the first expansion to Dominion designed by Donald X. Vaccarino, released in 2009 by publisher Rio Grande Games. The box contains 25 sets of Kingdom Cards. The first edition contained Basic Supply Cards to support up to 4 players, or up to 6 players when combined with those from base Dominion. A second edition was released in Fall 2016, updating wording and formatting on cards, removing the basic cards, and replacing 6 first edition cards with 7 new ones. The new cards are also available in an update pack provided to allow existing Intrigue sets to be updated to the second edition form.



Kingdom Cards, second edition

Cards with an asterisk (*) were added in the second edition.

$2 CourtyardCourtyard.jpg, LurkerLurker.jpg*, PawnPawn.jpg
$3 MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg, Shanty TownShanty Town.jpg, StewardSteward.jpg, SwindlerSwindler.jpg, Wishing WellWishing Well.jpg
$4 BaronBaron.jpg, BridgeBridge.jpg, ConspiratorConspirator.jpg, DiplomatDiplomat.jpg*, IronworksIronworks.jpg, MillMill.jpg*, Mining VillageMining Village.jpg, Secret PassageSecret Passage.jpg*
$5 CourtierCourtier.jpg*, DukeDuke.jpg, MinionMinion.jpg, PatrolPatrol.jpg*, ReplaceReplace.jpg*, TorturerTorturer.jpg, Trading PostTrading Post.jpg, UpgradeUpgrade.jpg
$6 HaremHarem.jpg, NoblesNobles.jpg

Removed first-edition Kingdom cards

$2 Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg
$3 Great HallGreat Hall.jpg
$4 CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg, ScoutScout.jpg
$5 SaboteurSaboteur.jpg, TributeTribute.jpg

Basic Supply Cards

These are only available in the first edition; the second edition is only an expansion, so no Basic Supply Cards are included.
$0 CopperCopper.jpg, CurseCurse.jpg
$2 EstateEstate.jpg
$3 SilverSilver.jpg
$5 DuchyDuchy.jpg
$6 GoldGold.jpg
$8 ProvinceProvince.jpg

Flavor Text

Something's afoot. The steward smiles at you like he has a secret, or like he thinks you have a secret, or like you think he thinks you have a secret. There are secret plots brewing, you're sure of it. At the very least, there are yours. A passing servant murmurs, "The eggs are on the plate." You frantically search your codebook for the translation before realizing he means that breakfast is ready. Excellent. Everything is going according to plan.

Cards Gallery

Kingdom Cards

Courtyard.jpgLurker.jpgPawn.jpgMasquerade.jpgShanty Town.jpgSteward.jpgSwindler.jpgWishing Well.jpgBaron.jpgBridge.jpgConspirator.jpgDiplomat.jpgIronworks.jpgMill.jpgMining Village.jpgSecret Passage.jpgCourtier.jpgDuke.jpgMinion.jpgPatrol.jpgReplace.jpgTorturer.jpgTrading Post.jpgUpgrade.jpgHarem.jpgNobles.jpg

Removed Cards

Secret Chamber.jpgGreat Hall.jpgCoppersmith.jpgScout.jpgSaboteur.jpgTribute.jpg

Impact of Intrigue

Intrigue broadened the range of possible card effects beyond what was available in the base set in two major ways: it introduced cards that offer a choice between multiple distinct effects, as well as Victory cards with multiple types and functional effects beyond scoring points. Each of these functions would join the arsenal of basic Dominion card-design elements and go on to be reused by Donald X. Vaccarino in multiple future expansions. They nevertheless have held up as the distinctive theme of Intrigue, which contains more Victory kingdom cards, and more cards that offer an explicit choice between distinct effects, than any other expansion.

Intrigue also increased the strategic and tactical depth of Dominion beyond what the base set offered by introducing more cards that benefit from advanced play: for example, Wishing WellWishing Well.jpg rewards careful deck-tracking in a way no card in the base set does; SwindlerSwindler.jpg requires paying close attention to an opponent's strategy to know what cards will disrupt it; and CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpg and ConspiratorConspirator.jpg require decks specifically tailored to their strengths to be useful.

The first-edition of Intrigue developed a somewhat unfounded reputation as a highly attack-heavy expansion: in actuality, Intrigue contained fewer Attack cards than the base set and fewer than the next expansion, Seaside. This reputation arose in part from the fact that the Attack cards Intrigue did have had a reputation as particularly annoying attacks to get hit by (even the relatively weak SaboteurSaboteur.jpg, which is unpleasant out of proportion to how effective it is), and in part because it had some non-Attack cards (MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg and TributeTribute.jpg) that affect players in ways that occasionally make them feel like they're being attacked. The second edition has removed both SaboteurSaboteur.jpg and TributeTribute.jpg, and has a slightly modified MasqueradeMasquerade.jpg which has been revised to avoid the most punishing use from the first edition version.

Intrigue Theme

Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set here, with how the Kingdom cards fit into that theme:

  • 10 Choices: Pawn, Masquerade, Steward, Swindler, Wishing Well, Baron, Mining Village, Minion, Torturer, Nobles
  • 7 Also choices, but less unique: Courtyard, Secret Chamber (Passage), Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Saboteur, Trading Post, Upgrade
  • 4 Victory cards: Great Hall (Mill), Duke, Harem, Nobles
  • 5 Cards interacting with Victory cards: Baron, Ironworks, Scout (Patrol), Duke, Tribute
  • 4 Off-theme: Shanty Town, Bridge, Conspirator, Coppersmith

Alternate versions


In other languages

  • Chinese: 暗潮洶湧 (pron. àncháo xiōngyǒng, lit. surging undercurrent)
  • Czech: Intriky
  • Dutch: Intrige
  • Finnish: Hovin juonet (lit. courtly plots)
  • French: L'Intrigue
  • German: Die Intrige
  • Hungarian: Intrika
  • Italian: Intrigo
  • Japanese: 陰謀 (pron. inbō, lit. conspiracy)
  • Korean: 장막 뒤의 사람들 (pron. jangmag dwiui salamdeul, lit. people behind the curtain)
  • Norwegian: Intrigue
  • Polish: Intryga
  • Russian: Интрига (pron. intriga)
  • Spanish: Intriga

Secret History

Intrigue has existed in many forms over the years. It came into being as 12 cards in 2006, immediately became 15 cards, got expanded to 20 cards not too long afterwards, stayed at 20 for a long time, although cards paraded through it, got tried at 16 briefly, went back to 20, then made the leap to 25. Originally the set had three sub-themes; one of them (one-shots) gradually left, and another (decision-making cards) got expanded. The other theme (victory cards that do something) stayed as is but got cards to supplement it. Flavor-wise it always had Intrigue as a tentative theme, but it got much more Intrigue-like during development.

From the start, Intrigue was groomed to be the first expansion. To me that meant making it the most true to the main set. If the first expansion was especially exotic, then when only the main set and that expansion were out, half the game would consist of this exotic stuff. If the second expansion is the first exotic one, then it's down to a third of your cards (if you have the first expansion too) (of course it's even less if not all of the second expansion is exotic). That seems more reasonable. The mechanics in the first expansion are things that to me are just a basic part of the game; later expansions may not have as many victory cards that do things or cards that say "choose one," but they'll have those things when they're wanted. The main set didn't have those things in part to keep it simple for new players and in part because you can only fit so much in 25 cards.

For more detail on the design of the cards see Secret History of the Intrigue Cards or the cards themselves.

Recommended Sets of 10

Intrigue Only

Victory Dance [images]
Baron Courtier Duke Harem Ironworks
Baron.jpg Courtier.jpg Duke.jpg Harem.jpg Ironworks.jpg
Masquerade.jpg Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Patrol.jpg Replace.jpg
Masquerade Mill Nobles Patrol Replace
Landscapes and Additional Cards
The Plot Thickens [images]
Conspirator Ironworks Lurker Pawn Mining Village
Conspirator.jpg Ironworks.jpg Lurker.jpg Pawn.jpg Mining Village.jpg
Secret Passage.jpg Steward.jpg Swindler.jpg Torturer.jpg Trading Post.jpg
Secret Passage Steward Swindler Torturer Trading Post
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Best Wishes [images]
Baron Conspirator Courtyard Diplomat Duke
Baron.jpg Conspirator.jpg Courtyard.jpg Diplomat.jpg Duke.jpg
Secret Passage.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Torturer.jpg Upgrade.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Secret Passage Shanty Town Torturer Upgrade Wishing Well
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Dominion

Underlings [images]
Cellar Festival Library Sentry Vassal
Cellar.jpg Festival.jpg Library.jpg Sentry.jpg Vassal.jpg
Courtier.jpg Diplomat.jpg Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg
Courtier Diplomat Minion Nobles Pawn
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Grand Scheme [images]
Artisan Council Room Market Militia Workshop
Artisan.jpg Council Room.jpg Market.jpg Militia.jpg Workshop.jpg
Bridge.jpg Mill.jpg Mining Village.jpg Patrol.jpg Shanty Town.jpg
Bridge Mill Mining Village Patrol Shanty Town
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Deconstruction [images]
Bandit Mine Remodel Throne Room Village
Bandit.jpg Mine.jpg Remodel.jpg Throne Room.jpg Village.jpg
Diplomat.jpg Harem.jpg Lurker.jpg Replace.jpg Swindler.jpg
Diplomat Harem Lurker Replace Swindler
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Seaside

A Star to Steer By [images]
Secret Passage Diplomat Swindler Wishing Well Courtier
Secret Passage.jpg Diplomat.jpg Swindler.jpg Wishing Well.jpg Courtier.jpg
Lookout.jpg Treasure Map.jpg Ghost Ship.jpg Haven.jpg Outpost.jpg
Lookout Treasure Map Ghost Ship Haven Outpost
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Shore Patrol [images]
Patrol Replace Shanty Town Trading Post Pawn
Patrol.jpg Replace.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Trading Post.jpg Pawn.jpg
Island.jpg Wharf.jpg Cutpurse.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Island Wharf Cutpurse Lighthouse Warehouse
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bridge Crossing [images]
Lurker Nobles Duke Conspirator Bridge
Lurker.jpg Nobles.jpg Duke.jpg Conspirator.jpg Bridge.jpg
Salvager.jpg Embargo.jpg Smugglers.jpg Native Village.jpg Treasury.jpg
Salvager Embargo Smugglers Native Village Treasury
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Alchemy

Servants [images]
Conspirator Mill Minion Pawn Steward
Conspirator.jpg Mill.jpg Minion.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg
Golem.jpg Possession.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg Transmute.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Golem Possession Scrying Pool Transmute Vineyard
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Secret Research [images]
Bridge Masquerade Minion Nobles Shanty Town
Bridge.jpg Masquerade.jpg Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Shanty Town.jpg
Torturer.jpg Familiar.jpg Herbalist.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg University.jpg
Torturer Familiar Herbalist Philosopher's Stone University
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Pools, Tools, and Fools [images]
Baron Ironworks Lurker Nobles Trading Post
Baron.jpg Ironworks.jpg Lurker.jpg Nobles.jpg Trading Post.jpg
Wishing Well.jpg Apothecary.jpg Apprentice.jpg Golem.jpg Scrying Pool.jpg
Wishing Well Apothecary Apprentice Golem Scrying Pool
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Prosperity

Paths to Victory [images]
Bishop Counting House Goons Monument Peddler
Bishop.jpg Counting House.jpg Goons.jpg Monument.jpg Peddler.jpg
Baron.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Baron Harem Pawn Shanty Town Upgrade
Landscapes and Additional Cards
All Along the Watchtower [images]
Hoard Talisman Trade Route Vault Watchtower
Hoard.jpg Talisman.jpg Trade Route.jpg Vault.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Bridge.jpg Mill.jpg Mining Village.jpg Pawn.jpg Torturer.jpg
Bridge Mill Mining Village Pawn Torturer
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Lucky Seven [images]
Bank Expand Forge King's Court Vault
Bank.jpg Expand.jpg Forge.jpg King's Court.jpg Vault.jpg
Bridge.jpg Lurker.jpg Patrol.jpg Swindler.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Bridge Lurker Patrol Swindler Wishing Well
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Cornucopia

Last Laughs [images]
Farming Village Harvest Horse Traders Hunting Party Jester
Farming Village.jpg Harvest.jpg Horse Traders.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Jester.jpg
Minion.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Steward.jpg Swindler.jpg
Minion Nobles Pawn Steward Swindler
Landscapes and Additional Cards
The Spice of Life [images]
Fairgrounds Horn of Plenty Remake Tournament Young Witch
Fairgrounds.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg Young Witch.jpg
Courtier.jpg Courtyard.jpg Diplomat.jpg Mining Village.jpg Replace.jpg
Courtier Courtyard Diplomat Mining Village Replace
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Bane pile:
Wishing Well
Wishing Well.jpg
Small Victories [images]
Fortune Teller Hamlet Hunting Party Remake Tournament
Fortune Teller.jpg Hamlet.jpg Hunting Party.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Duke.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Conspirator Duke Harem Pawn Secret Passage
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Hinterlands

Money for Nothing [images]
Replace Patrol Pawn Shanty Town Torturer
Replace.jpg Patrol.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Torturer.jpg
Cache.jpg Cartographer.jpg Jack of All Trades.jpg Silk Road.jpg Tunnel.jpg
Cache Cartographer Jack of all Trades Silk Road Tunnel
Landscapes and Additional Cards
The Duke's Ball [images]
Conspirator Duke Harem Masquerade Upgrade
Conspirator.jpg Duke.jpg Harem.jpg Masquerade.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Duchess.jpg Haggler.jpg Inn.jpg Noble Brigand.jpg Scheme.jpg
Duchess Haggler Inn Noble Brigand Scheme
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Dark Ages

Prophecy [images]
Armory Ironmonger Mystic Rebuild Vagrant
Armory.jpg Ironmonger.jpg Mystic.jpg Rebuild.jpg Vagrant.jpg
Baron.jpg Conspirator.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Passage.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Baron Conspirator Nobles Secret Passage Wishing Well
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Invasion [images]
Beggar Marauder Rogue Squire Urchin
Beggar.jpg Marauder.jpg Rogue.jpg Squire.jpg Urchin.jpg
Diplomat.jpg Harem.jpg Swindler.jpg Torturer.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Diplomat Harem Swindler Torturer Upgrade
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Abandoned Mine.jpg

Intrigue & Guilds

Name That Card [images]
Baker Doctor Plaza Advisor Masterpiece
Baker.jpg Doctor.jpg Plaza.jpg Advisor.jpg Masterpiece.jpg
Courtyard.jpg Harem.jpg Nobles.jpg Replace.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Courtyard Harem Nobles Replace Wishing Well
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Tricks of the Trade [images]
Stonemason Herald Soothsayer Journeyman Butcher
Stonemason.jpg Herald.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Journeyman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Masquerade.jpg Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Conspirator Masquerade Mill Nobles Secret Passage
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Decisions, Decisions [images]
Merchant Guild Candlestick Maker Masterpiece Taxman Butcher
Merchant Guild.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Masterpiece.jpg Taxman.jpg Butcher.jpg
Bridge.jpg Pawn.jpg Mining Village.jpg Upgrade.jpg Duke.jpg
Bridge Pawn Mining Village Upgrade Duke
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Adventures

Royalty Factory [images]
Bridge Troll Duplicate Page Raze Royal Carriage
Bridge Troll.jpg Duplicate.jpg Page.jpg Raze.jpg Royal Carriage.jpg
Conspirator.jpg Courtier.jpg Harem.jpg Nobles.jpg Swindler.jpg
Conspirator Courtier Harem Nobles Swindler
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Masters of Finance [images]
Artificer Distant Lands Gear Transmogrify Wine Merchant
Artificer.jpg Distant Lands.jpg Gear.jpg Transmogrify.jpg Wine Merchant.jpg
Bridge.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Steward.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Bridge Pawn Shanty Town Steward Upgrade
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Ball Borrow
Ball.jpg Borrow.jpg

Intrigue & Empires

Delicious Torture [images]
Castles Crown Enchantress Sacrifice Settlers
Castles.jpg Crown.jpg Enchantress.jpg Sacrifice.jpg Settlers.jpg
Baron.jpg Bridge.jpg Harem.jpg Ironworks.jpg Torturer.jpg
Baron Bridge Harem Ironworks Torturer
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Banquet Arena
Banquet.jpg Arena.jpg
Buddy System [images]
Archive Capital Catapult Engineer Forum
Archive.jpg Capital.jpg Catapult.jpg Engineer.jpg Forum.jpg
Masquerade.jpg Mining Village.jpg Nobles.jpg Pawn.jpg Trading Post.jpg
Masquerade Mining Village Nobles Pawn Trading Post
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Salt the Earth Wolf Den
Salt the Earth.jpg Wolf Den.jpg

Intrigue & Nocturne

Shadowy Figures [images]
Cobbler Conclave Faithful Hound Shepherd Tragic Hero
Cobbler.jpg Conclave.jpg Faithful Hound.jpg Shepherd.jpg Tragic Hero.jpg
Bridge.jpg Conspirator.jpg Mill.jpg Nobles.jpg Secret Passage.jpg
Bridge Conspirator Mill Nobles Secret Passage
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Impending Doom [images]
Leprechaun Monastery Necromancer Tormentor Werewolf
Leprechaun.jpg Monastery.jpg Necromancer.jpg Tormentor.jpg Werewolf.jpg
Courtier.jpg Lurker.jpg Mining Village.jpg Swindler.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Courtier Lurker Mining Village Swindler Upgrade
Landscapes and Additional Cards

Intrigue & Renaissance

Memento Mori [images]
Experiment Flag Bearer Patron Recruiter Silk Merchant
Experiment.jpg Flag Bearer.jpg Patron.jpg Recruiter.jpg Silk Merchant.jpg
Ironworks.jpg Lurker.jpg Patrol.jpg Swindler.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Ironworks Lurker Patrol Swindler Upgrade
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Clockwork Court [images]
Acting Troupe Inventor Research Scepter Scholar
Acting Troupe.jpg Inventor.jpg Research.jpg Scepter.jpg Scholar.jpg
Courtier.jpg Mining Village.jpg Nobles.jpg Replace.jpg Steward.jpg
Courtier Mining Village Nobles Replace Steward
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Fleet Sinister Plot
Fleet.jpg Sinister Plot.jpg

Cards $2 CourtyardCourtyard.jpgLurkerLurker.jpgPawnPawn.jpg $3 MasqueradeMasquerade.jpgShanty TownShanty Town.jpgStewardSteward.jpgSwindlerSwindler.jpgWishing WellWishing Well.jpg $4 BaronBaron.jpgBridgeBridge.jpgConspiratorConspirator.jpgDiplomatDiplomat.jpgIronworksIronworks.jpgMillMill.jpgMining VillageMining Village.jpgSecret PassageSecret Passage.jpg $5 CourtierCourtier.jpgDukeDuke.jpgMinionMinion.jpgPatrolPatrol.jpgReplaceReplace.jpgTorturerTorturer.jpgTrading PostTrading Post.jpgUpgradeUpgrade.jpg $6 HaremHarem.jpgNoblesNobles.jpg
Removed cards $2 Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg $3 Great HallGreat Hall.jpg $4 CoppersmithCoppersmith.jpgScoutScout.jpg $5 SaboteurSaboteur.jpgTributeTribute.jpg
Combos and Counters Baron/InheritanceHorse Traders/DukeIronworks/Great HallKing's Court/BridgeLurker/Hunting GroundsMasquerade pinNative Village/BridgeRoyal Carriage/BridgeScheme/ConspiratorMinion vs TreasuryWishing Well vs Ghost Ship
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