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'''Prosperity''' is the fourth Dominion expansion, released in October 2010. The box contains 25 sets of Kingdom Cards. The basic conceptual theme of the set is wealth, focusing on [[Treasure]] cards and on expensive cards with powerful abilities. It is a full size expansion, and it is best known for featuring a variety of powerful game-changing cards, including the two new [[basic cards]] {{Card|Colony}} and {{Card|Platinum}} and cards that produce {{VP}} [[Victory_token|token]]s. Prosperity also introduced the first Treasure cards that have effects in addition to simply providing +{{Cost}}. It was the first expansion to feature cards costing {{Cost|7}}, and the only one to have no cards costing {{Cost|2}}. It thereby has the highest average card cost of all expansions.
'''Prosperity''' is the fourth Dominion expansion, released in October 2010. The box contains 25 sets of Kingdom Cards. The basic conceptual theme of the set is wealth, focusing on [[Treasure]] cards and on expensive cards with powerful abilities. It is a full size expansion, and it is best known for featuring a variety of powerful game-changing cards, including the two new [[basic cards]], {{Card|Colony}} and {{Card|Platinum}}, as well as cards that produce {{VP}} [[Victory_token|token]]s. Prosperity also introduced the first Treasure cards that have effects in addition to simply providing +{{Cost}}. It was the first expansion to feature cards costing {{Cost|7}}, and the only one to have no cards costing {{Cost|2}}. It thereby has the highest average card cost of all expansions.
== Contents ==
== Contents ==

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Type Expansion
Icon Prosperity icon.png
Cards 300
250 (25 sets)
Additional Material(s)  
  • Wealth
  • Treasures with abilities
  • Expensive powerful cards
Release October 2010
Cover artist Harald Lieske
Official Rulebook PDF

Prosperity is the fourth Dominion expansion, released in October 2010. The box contains 25 sets of Kingdom Cards. The basic conceptual theme of the set is wealth, focusing on Treasure cards and on expensive cards with powerful abilities. It is a full size expansion, and it is best known for featuring a variety of powerful game-changing cards, including the two new basic cards, ColonyColony.jpg and PlatinumPlatinum.jpg, as well as cards that produce VP tokens. Prosperity also introduced the first Treasure cards that have effects in addition to simply providing +$. It was the first expansion to feature cards costing $7, and the only one to have no cards costing $2. It thereby has the highest average card cost of all expansions.


[edit] Contents

[edit] Basic Supply cards

[edit] Kingdom cards

[edit] Additional materials

[edit] Mats

[edit] Tokens

[edit] Additional Rules

[edit] Preparation

  • Prosperity includes two new base cards, PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and ColonyColony.jpg. You can include them whenever you want to; they are always used together. If you want to determine when to use them randomly, choose a random Kingdom card being used, and if it is from Prosperity, use PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and ColonyColony.jpg. When used, they are in the Supply and can be bought and gained, but they do not take the place of Kingdom cards; you still have the usual 10 Kingdom cards. Use 8 copies of ColonyColony.jpg for games with 2 players, 12 for games with 3 or more players. Use all 12 PlatinumsPlatinum.jpg with any number of players.
  • Prosperity has player mats for tracking VP tokens. You do not have to use one; if you do, take one when you first have VP tokens. There is also a mat for Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg. In games using Trade RouteTrade Route.jpg, put out the mat at the start of the game, and put a Coin token on each Victory card pile in the Supply.

[edit] Platinum and Colony

  • In games using PlatinumPlatinum.jpg and ColonyColony.jpg, there is an additional way the game can end. At the end of each turn, the game ends if one of these three conditions is met: the Supply pile of ProvinceProvince.jpg cards is empty OR any 3 Supply piles are empty (4 piles in a 5-6 player game) OR the Supply pile of ColonyColony.jpg cards is empty.

[edit] Victory tokens

  • The VP tokens are simply tokens that are worth VP at the end of the game. They provide a way to score that is not cards in a player's deck. They come in 1VP and 5VP amounts; make change as needed. They are not counter-limited; use a replacement if you run out. Cards say "+1VP " (or other amounts) to indicate that a player takes VP tokens. Cards that give +VP take the tokens from the pile of unused tokens, not from a player. VP tokens are not private; anyone can count them.

[edit] Special Treasures

  • Prosperity includes eight Treasure cards with rules on them. They are in the Supply if selected as one of the 10 Kingdom cards for the game; they are not part of the Basic Supply. They are just like normal Treasures, but have special abilities. They are played during the Buy phase like normal Treasures and are affected by cards that refer to Treasures.
  • Players may play Treasure cards in any order, and may choose not to play some (or all) of the Treasure cards they have in hand. The order can matter; for example BankBank.jpg counts Treasures played before it, and itself, but not Treasures played after it.
  • During the Buy phase, playing Treasures comes strictly before buying cards; once a card is bought, no further Treasures can be played. This can be important, for example with Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg or MintMint.jpg.

[edit] Flavor text

Ah, money. There's nothing like the sound of coins clinking in your hands. You vastly prefer it to the sound of coins clinking in someone else's hands, or the sound of coins just sitting there in a pile that no-one can quite reach without getting up. Getting up, that's all behind you now. Life has been good to you. Just ten years ago, you were tilling your own fields in a simple straw hat. Today, your kingdom stretches from sea to sea, and your straw hat is the largest the world has ever known. You also have the world's smallest dog, and a life-size statue of yourself made out of baklava. Sure, money can't buy happiness, but it can buy envy, anger, and also this kind of blank feeling. You still have problems - troublesome neighbors that must be conquered. But this time, you'll conquer them in style.

[edit] Cards gallery

[edit] Basic cards


[edit] Kingdom cards

Loan.jpgTrade Route.jpgWatchtower.jpgBishop.jpgMonument.jpgQuarry.jpgTalisman.jpgWorker's Village.jpgCity.jpgContraband.jpgCounting House.jpgMint.jpgMountebank.jpgRabble.jpgRoyal Seal.jpgVault.jpgVenture.jpgGoons.jpgGrand Market.jpgHoard.jpgBank.jpgExpand.jpgForge.jpgKing's Court.jpgPeddler.jpg

[edit] Impact

Prosperity is a very popular expansion, as its themes lend very well to extravagant engines and frequent high-spending turns, which are usually quite a lot of fun to play. Most of the cards produce $, and Prosperity-heavy games can result in ludicrously high amounts of VP being gained (at least compared to other expansions), including cards that can indefinitely continue to produce VP. It quite firmly grounded the strategic center of Dominion in engine decks, and it wasn't until the release of Hinterlands that this changed.

[edit] Game-changing cards

Prosperity is filled with incredibly powerful cards which often dominate the games they are a part of. Some of these include:

  • CityCity.jpg - Level 2 Cities are fantastic cards, offering +Actions, +Cards, and +$.
  • GoonsGoons.jpg - The VP chips and +Buy make Goons viable in both BM and engine games. Goons is capable of producing obscene scores well over 100 VP.
  • Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg - A powerful cantrip which players will often rush to grab.
  • King's CourtKing's Court.jpg - Being able to play a card 3 times is invaluable, and players will often gladly trade a ProvinceProvince.jpg buy to grab a King's Court.
  • MountebankMountebank.jpg - One of the most powerful attacks in the game, it is capable of damaging an opponent's deck even after the CurseCurse.jpg pile empties.

[edit] Victory tokens

The three VP token cards - BishopBishop.jpg, MonumentMonument.jpg and GoonsGoons.jpg - allow for the acquisition of VP without gaining Victory cards. They are all quite popular cards, as well as strong ones, and can, in some cases, lead to stalemate game states where no player moves to end the game, because they can simply continue producing VP indefinitely. Despite being such a small part of the set, they are usually thought of as one of the key themes of the expansion. All of them favor engine games, as they allow not only for decks without Treasures, but decks without any Victory cards to clog a trimmed engine.

[edit] Treasures

Despite having the most Kingdom Treasures of any set, the Treasures of Prosperity for the most part favor engine and combo play more than big money.

  • LoanLoan.jpg - trashes other Treasures to help jumpstart an engine
  • QuarryQuarry.jpg - makes it much easier to purchase high-cost Actions
  • TalismanTalisman.jpg - can pick up cheap engine parts quickly
  • ContrabandContraband.jpg - terrible as a BM card, works best in Alt-VP strategies
  • Royal SealRoyal Seal.jpg - allows for the immediate use of engine parts
  • BankBank.jpg - functions best with large handsizes, which engines provide most reliably

However, a minority of the Treasures are well-suited to BM strategies:

  • VentureVenture.jpg - an "engine" onto itself, but only with other Treasures
  • HoardHoard.jpg - encourages BM play, though it can fit in certain engines

[edit] Colonies and Platinum

Colonies and Platinum impact the games they are present in in a variety of ways.

  • Longer Games - Colony games typically last longer than ProvinceProvince.jpg games, as it is more difficult to build to the $11 required to buy a Colony.
  • Engine Viability - Because games are typically longer, engines tend to be more viable than BM strategies in Colony games.
  • Alternate VP - Alt-VP are typically less viable in Colony games, as the 10 VP of a Colony is often large enough to offset the massed VP you will see from cards such as DukeDuke.jpg, GardensGardens.jpg, or Silk RoadSilk Road.jpg.

[edit] Theme

Game designer Donald X. offered some insight into some themes of the set here.

  • 8 Special Treasure: Loan, Quarry, Talisman, Contraband, Royal Seal, Venture, Hoard, Bank (Platinum)
  • 7 Treasure interaction: Counting House, Mint, Mountebank, Venture, Grand Market, Hoard, Bank
  • 5 Non-attack player interaction: Trade Route, Bishop, City, Contraband, Vault
  • 3 VP tokens: Bishop, Monument, Goons
  • 8 Expensive: Goons, Grand Market, Hoard, Bank, Expand, Forge, King's Court, Peddler (Platinum, Colony)

[edit] Alternate versions

[edit] Trivia

Prosperity was the only expansion to feature Kingdom Cards costing $7 until the release of MenagerieMenagerie (expansion).jpg.

Official box art.

[edit] In other languages

  • Czech: Prosperita
  • Dutch: Welvaart
  • Finnish: Nousukausi (lit. upswing)
  • French: Prospérité
  • German: Blütezeit (lit. flowering time)
  • Italian: Prosperità
  • Japanese: 繁栄 (pron. han'ei)
  • Polish: Złoty Wiek (lit. golden age)
  • Russian: Процветание (pron. protsvyetaniye)
  • Spanish: Prosperidad

[edit] Secret history

  • Rather than a card-by-card breakdown, Prosperity's Secret History was originally written as a version-by-version look at the set as a whole. That version can still be viewed here, but Donald X. has provided it to the community in the same format as the other Histories to accomodate this wiki. [1]

As part of my ongoing effort to endlessly document Prosperity, here is a new intro.

I made Dominion. It gradually got more cards. One day I divided up the cards into a main set, a first expansion, and a second expansion. Then I moved on! My friends just wanted to play Dominion though. Okay; I could make some more Dominion expansions.

I asked my friend Molly if there was a theme she'd like to see. She said "spendy." And spendy I gave her.

Initially the set's themes were: spendy, in particular Platinum/Colony; cards caring about treasures; treasures that did something when spent; and actions that let you spend money to do things. At the time the set was just 18 cards, including Platinum/Colony. Intrigue and Seaside/Hinterlands were both 15, but counting Platinum/Colony in 15 cards seemed too small, and then a page holds 9 cards. So, 18. Then I decided the sets were too small and upped them all to 20; then during work on the published version I tried all of the sets at 16 cards briefly, then finally up to 25.

The spendy theme got fleshed out by having four cards costing $7, and nothing costing $2. Seaside got extra $2's to compensate. Cards caring about treasures remained a minor theme. I added more treasures that did things, but changed "when spent" to "when played," to deal with rules questions, while having some treasures do things "while in play." The actions that let you spend money died; they weren't compelling and anyway Black Market confused some people.

I added a non-attack interaction subtheme. The set needed interaction, like any set, but it had trouble with attacks. Attacks slow down the game and push you away from buying Colonies. But this is the set with Colonies, you want those to be reachable. So in the end the set only has 3 attacks, but it has 5 non-attacks that interact (not counting Watchtower).

I also added the VP tokens. Monument hadn't always been in the set, and then at one point left, tentatively slated for Dark Ages. I brought it back as a thing people liked that seemed to fit well. I knew tokens would be used for Monument, and also that people would be disappointed if it was the only card that used them (Seaside just had one use per token type because the set did not originally use tokens). In the end I managed to have three cards that used them.

Prosperity was initially the third expansion. Around the time work on it was almost done, it turned out that the powers that be wanted small expansions, and could the next one be small? So Prosperity got put on hold while I worked on Alchemy. This gave it extra time to get extra polished. Bishop and Goons came out of that period, and various small tweaks.

[edit] Retrospective

Prosperity got more testing than any other set, due to being pushed back for Alchemy. It did not need even more testing; whatever cards could be improved, it would not be worth spending time improving them. That's time that could be spent improving other expansions or working on other games. That's how I see it.

[edit] Recommended sets of 10

[edit] Prosperity only

Beginners [images]
Bank Counting House Expand Goons Monument
Bank.jpg Counting House.jpg Expand.jpg Goons.jpg Monument.jpg
Rabble.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Venture.jpg Watchtower.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Rabble Royal Seal Venture Watchtower Worker's Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Friendly Interactive [images]
Bishop City Contraband Forge Hoard
Bishop.jpg City.jpg Contraband.jpg Forge.jpg Hoard.jpg
Peddler.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Trade Route.jpg Vault.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Peddler Royal Seal Trade Route Vault Worker's Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Big Actions [images]
City Expand Grand Market King's Court Loan
City.jpg Expand.jpg Grand Market.jpg King's Court.jpg Loan.jpg
Mint.jpg Quarry.jpg Rabble.jpg Talisman.jpg Vault.jpg
Mint Quarry Rabble Talisman Vault
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Dominion

Biggest Money [images]
Artisan Harbinger Laboratory Mine Moneylender
Artisan.jpg Harbinger.jpg Laboratory.jpg Mine.jpg Moneylender.jpg
Bank.jpg Grand Market.jpg Mint.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Venture.jpg
Bank Grand Market Mint Royal Seal Venture
The King's Army [images]
Bureaucrat Council Room Merchant Moat Village
Bureaucrat.jpg Council Room.jpg Merchant.jpg Moat.jpg Village.jpg
Expand.jpg Goons.jpg King's Court.jpg Rabble.jpg Vault.jpg
Expand Goons King's Court Rabble Vault
The Good Life [images]
Artisan Bureaucrat Cellar Gardens Village
Artisan.jpg Bureaucrat.jpg Cellar.jpg Gardens.jpg Village.jpg
Contraband.jpg Counting House.jpg Hoard.jpg Monument.jpg Mountebank.jpg
Contraband Counting House Hoard Monument Mountebank

[edit] Prosperity & Intrigue

Paths to Victory [images]
Bishop Counting House Goons Monument Peddler
Bishop.jpg Counting House.jpg Goons.jpg Monument.jpg Peddler.jpg
Baron.jpg Harem.jpg Pawn.jpg Shanty Town.jpg Upgrade.jpg
Baron Harem Pawn Shanty Town Upgrade
All Along the Watchtower [images]
Hoard Talisman Trade Route Vault Watchtower
Hoard.jpg Talisman.jpg Trade Route.jpg Vault.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Bridge.jpg Mill.jpg Mining Village.jpg Pawn.jpg Torturer.jpg
Bridge Mill Mining Village Pawn Torturer
Lucky Seven [images]
Bank Expand Forge King's Court Vault
Bank.jpg Expand.jpg Forge.jpg King's Court.jpg Vault.jpg
Bridge.jpg Lurker.jpg Patrol.jpg Swindler.jpg Wishing Well.jpg
Bridge Lurker Patrol Swindler Wishing Well

[edit] Prosperity & Seaside

Exploding Kingdom [images]
Bishop City Grand Market King's Court Quarry
Bishop.jpg City.jpg Grand Market.jpg King's Court.jpg Quarry.jpg
Fishing Village.jpg Lookout.jpg Outpost.jpg Tactician.jpg Wharf.jpg
Fishing Village Lookout Outpost Tactician Wharf
Pirate Bay [images]
Expand Hoard Mint Trade Route Watchtower
Expand.jpg Hoard.jpg Mint.jpg Trade Route.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Bazaar.jpg Lighthouse.jpg Pirate Ship.jpg Smugglers.jpg Warehouse.jpg
Bazaar Lighthouse Pirate Ship Smugglers Warehouse

[edit] Prosperity & Alchemy

Counting Contest [images]
Bank Counting House Hoard Goons Rabble
Bank.jpg Counting House.jpg Hoard.jpg Goons.jpg Rabble.jpg
Quarry.jpg Philosopher's Stone.jpg Golem.jpg Herbalist.jpg Apothecary.jpg
Quarry Philosopher's Stone Golem Herbalist Apothecary
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Lower Learning [images]
Talisman Mint Bishop Worker's Village Peddler
Talisman.jpg Mint.jpg Bishop.jpg Worker's Village.jpg Peddler.jpg
Vault.jpg Familiar.jpg Apprentice.jpg University.jpg Vineyard.jpg
Vault Familiar Apprentice University Vineyard
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Prosperity & Cornucopia

Detours [images]
Rabble Peddler Hoard Trade Route Venture
Rabble.jpg Peddler.jpg Hoard.jpg Trade Route.jpg Venture.jpg
Farming Village.jpg Horn of Plenty.jpg Jester.jpg Remake.jpg Tournament.jpg
Farming Village Horn of Plenty Jester Remake Tournament

[edit] Prosperity & Hinterlands

Instant Gratification [images]
Bishop Expand Hoard Mint Watchtower
Bishop.jpg Expand.jpg Hoard.jpg Mint.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Farmland.jpg Haggler.jpg Ill-Gotten Gains.jpg Noble Brigand.jpg Trader.jpg
Farmland Haggler Ill-Gotten Gains Noble Brigand Trader
Treasure Trove [images]
Bank Monument Royal Seal Trade Route Venture
Bank.jpg Monument.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Trade Route.jpg Venture.jpg
Cache.jpg Develop.jpg Fool's Gold.jpg Ill-Gotten Gains.jpg Mandarin.jpg
Cache Develop Fool's Gold Ill-Gotten Gains Mandarin

[edit] Prosperity & Dark Ages

One Man's Trash [images]
Counterfeit Forager Graverobber Market Square Rogue
Counterfeit.jpg Forager.jpg Graverobber.jpg Market Square.jpg Rogue.jpg
City.jpg Grand Market.jpg Monument.jpg Talisman.jpg Venture.jpg
City Grand Market Monument Talisman Venture
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Honor Among Thieves [images]
Bandit Camp Procession Rebuild Rogue Squire
Bandit Camp.jpg Procession.jpg Rebuild.jpg Rogue.jpg Squire.jpg
Forge.jpg Hoard.jpg Peddler.jpg Quarry.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Forge Hoard Peddler Quarry Watchtower
Landscapes and Additional Cards

[edit] Prosperity & Guilds

Quarrymen [images]
City Expand Grand Market Mountebank Quarry
City.jpg Expand.jpg Grand Market.jpg Mountebank.jpg Quarry.jpg
Baker.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg Soothsayer.jpg Stonemason.jpg Taxman.jpg
Baker Merchant Guild Soothsayer Stonemason Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Metal & Meat [images]
Forge King's Court Monument Venture Watchtower
Forge.jpg King's Court.jpg Monument.jpg Venture.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Butcher.jpg Candlestick Maker.jpg Plaza.jpg Stonemason.jpg Taxman.jpg
Butcher Candlestick Maker Plaza Stonemason Taxman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg
Penny Pinching [images]
Bank Counting House Goons Peddler Royal Seal
Bank.jpg Counting House.jpg Goons.jpg Peddler.jpg Royal Seal.jpg
Advisor.jpg Doctor.jpg Herald.jpg Journeyman.jpg Merchant Guild.jpg
Advisor Doctor Herald Journeyman Merchant Guild
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Adventures

Last Will and Monument [images]
Coin of the Realm Dungeon Messenger Relic Treasure Trove
Coin of the Realm.jpg Dungeon.jpg Messenger.jpg Relic.jpg Treasure Trove.jpg
Bishop.jpg Counting House.jpg Monument.jpg Rabble.jpg Vault.jpg
Bishop Counting House Monument Rabble Vault
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Inheritance
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Inheritance.jpg
Think Big [images]
Distant Lands Giant Hireling Miser Storyteller
Distant Lands.jpg Giant.jpg Hireling.jpg Miser.jpg Storyteller.jpg
Contraband.jpg Expand.jpg Hoard.jpg King's Court.jpg Peddler.jpg
Contraband Expand Hoard King's Court Peddler
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Ball Ferry
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Ball.jpg Ferry.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Empires

Big Time [images]
Capital Gladiator Patrician Royal Blacksmith Villa
Capital.jpg Gladiator.jpg Patrician.jpg Royal Blacksmith.jpg Villa.jpg
Bank.jpg Forge.jpg Grand Market.jpg Loan.jpg Royal Seal.jpg
Bank Forge Grand Market Loan Royal Seal
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Dominate Obelisk
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Dominate.jpg Obelisk.jpg
Gilded Gates [images]
Chariot Race City Quarter Encampment Groundskeeper Wild Hunt
Chariot Race.jpg City Quarter.jpg Encampment.jpg Groundskeeper.jpg Wild Hunt.jpg
Bishop.jpg Monument.jpg Mint.jpg Peddler.jpg Talisman.jpg
Bishop Monument Mint Peddler Talisman
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Basilica Palace
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Basilica.jpg Palace.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Nocturne

Treasures of the Night [images]
Crypt Guardian Night Watchman Raider Vampire
Crypt.jpg Guardian.jpg Night Watchman.jpg Raider.jpg Vampire.jpg
Bank.jpg Contraband.jpg Loan.jpg Royal Seal.jpg Venture.jpg
Bank Contraband Loan Royal Seal Venture
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Day at the Races [images]
Blessed Village Cemetery Druid Tormentor Tragic Hero
Blessed Village.jpg Cemetery.jpg Druid.jpg Tormentor.jpg Tragic Hero.jpg
Bishop.jpg Peddler.jpg Talisman.jpg Trade Route.jpg Watchtower.jpg
Bishop Peddler Talisman Trade Route Watchtower
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Boons Hexes
Boon-back.jpg Hex-back.jpg
Boons for Druid
The Swamp's Gift The River's Gift The Forest's Gift
The Swamp's Gift.jpg The River's Gift.jpg The Forest's Gift.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Renaissance

Dreamers of Dreams [images]
Cargo Ship Old Witch Priest Scepter Scholar
Cargo Ship.jpg Old Witch.jpg Priest.jpg Scepter.jpg Scholar.jpg
Expand.jpg Monument.jpg Vault.jpg Watchtower.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Expand Monument Vault Watchtower Worker's Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Movers and Shakers [images]
Hideout Patron Research Treasurer Villain
Hideout.jpg Patron.jpg Research.jpg Treasurer.jpg Villain.jpg
Bank.jpg City.jpg Grand Market.jpg Loan.jpg Rabble.jpg
Bank City Grand Market Loan Rabble
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Capitalism Citadel Key
Capitalism.jpg Citadel.jpg Key.jpg

[edit] Prosperity & Menagerie

Limited Time Offer [images]
Destrier Displace Fisherman Supplies Wayfarer
Destrier.jpg Displace.jpg Fisherman.jpg Supplies.jpg Wayfarer.jpg
Grand Market.jpg Mint.jpg Peddler.jpg Talisman.jpg Worker's Village.jpg
Grand Market Mint Peddler Talisman Worker's Village
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Desperation Way of the Frog
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Desperation.jpg Way of the Frog.jpg
Birth of a Nation [images]
Animal Fair Camel Train Mastermind Paddock Stockpile
Animal Fair.jpg Camel Train.jpg Mastermind.jpg Paddock.jpg Stockpile.jpg
City.jpg Monument.jpg Quarry.jpg Rabble.jpg Trade Route.jpg
City Monument Quarry Rabble Trade Route
Landscapes and Additional Cards
Platinum Colony Reap Way of the Otter
Platinum.jpg Colony.jpg Reap.jpg Way of the Otter.jpg

Cards $3 LoanLoan.jpgTrade RouteTrade Route.jpgWatchtowerWatchtower.jpg $4 BishopBishop.jpgMonumentMonument.jpgQuarryQuarry.jpgTalismanTalisman.jpgWorker's VillageWorker's Village.jpg $5 CityCity.jpgContrabandContraband.jpgCounting HouseCounting House.jpgMintMint.jpgMountebankMountebank.jpgRabbleRabble.jpgRoyal SealRoyal Seal.jpgVaultVault.jpgVentureVenture.jpg $6 GoonsGoons.jpgHoardHoard.jpg $6star Grand MarketGrand Market.jpg $7 BankBank.jpgExpandExpand.jpgForgeForge.jpgKing's CourtKing's Court.jpg $8star PeddlerPeddler.jpg $9 PlatinumPlatinum.jpg $11 ColonyColony.jpg
Combos and Counters Bishop/FortressCounting House/GolemCounting House/Travelling FairGolden deckGoons/WatchtowerKing's Court/BridgeMint/Fool's GoldVault/Grand MarketWarehouse/Counting HouseWorker's Village/PeddlerBishop vs GardensLibrary vs BishopSwamp Hag vs GoonsVault vs Ambassador
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