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  |name = Storeroom
  |name = Storeroom

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Cost $3
Type(s) Action
Kingdom card? Yes
Set Dark AgesDark Ages icon.png
Illustrator(s) Alex Drummond
Card text
+1 Buy
Discard any number of cards, then draw that many. Then discard any number of cards for +$1 each.

Storeroom is an Action card from Dark Ages. It is a terminal sifter, which lets you discard cards first to draw more cards, and then for $.


[edit] FAQ

[edit] Official FAQ

  • You gain +1 Buy
  • Discard any number of cards from your hand, and draw as many cards as you discarded.
  • Then, discard any number of cards - which could include cards you just drew - and you get +$1 per card you discarded that time.

[edit] Other Rules clarifications

[edit] Strategy Article

Original article by Qvist, originally posted on the forum

Secret ChamberSecret Chamber.jpg + CellarCellar.jpgReaction – 1 Action + Buy = Storeroom... End of Article? No, it’s not that simple. At first glance it seems like a boring straightforward card. But I think it offers more than it seems.

I make no claim that this article is complete, I just wanted to point out some observations that I made about this “seemingly innocent card”.

Storeroom is more like an upgraded Secret Chamber (without its Reaction) than an upgraded Cellar. The lack of +1 Action is what makes Cellar a decent addition to any engine, but in engines with strong terminals Storeroom hurts more than it may help. It’s also bad on boards with discard attacks because – like all discarders – it needs big handsizes to be really useful.

So, what is it good for?

  • Discarding: You discard two times in a row, so cards that profit from discarding combo really good with Storeroom.
    • TunnelTunnel.jpg: That was the most obvious combo after the release of Storeroom. You only need 1 Tunnel in 8 cards if you discard your whole hand with the first discard option. That makes it one of the best Tunnel enablers. The +Buy also makes it possible to pick up 2 Tunnels soon after you got the first few GoldsGold.jpg. With 2 Storerooms, a lot of Tunnels, you get a lot of Golds and can easily switch to ProvincesProvince.jpg afterwards. Also – because of the discard option – the high variance in your deck caused by lots of Golds and lots of green doesn’t really hurt you at all.
    • TacticianTactician.jpg: That’s not different to Secret Chamber or VaultVault.jpg. It’s also better to find your second Tactician more easily when you discard 9 cards and draw 9 new cards. You can then discard 7 cards for $7, and play your second Tactician. This is not enough to buy a Province and it needs a little support. With a non-terminal drawer (LaboratoryLaboratory.jpg, StablesStables.jpg, also CrossroadsCrossroads.jpg,...) or cantrip money-generating card (MarketMarket.jpg, PeddlerPeddler.jpg, TreasuryTreasury.jpg,...) you can buy a Province easily each turn. With support this is one of the most reliable double Tactician combos so far. You really don’t need a third Tactician as backup. 2 Tacticians and ~4 Storerooms + support should be enough to guarantee a Province each turn.
    • Enabling Big Draw: MenagerieMenagerie.jpg needs hands with different cards. Storeroom lets you discard all duplicates and gets even money for them. So you can even discard CoppersCopper.jpg for $1 and don’t lose anything. But you need Villages to enable this combo, but Storeroom lets you find your villages more reliably and as soon as this gets rolling you also have the needed buy to buy multiple of this cheap engine components. Draw up to X cards like WatchtowerWatchtower.jpg and LibraryLibrary.jpg can even draw more than 3 cards, but you need more Villages to set this up as they are terminal.
  • Guaranteed $4 each turn: In games where you don’t want to go for Provinces, Storeroom is a good supporting card. In games without discarding attacks you have $4 with every hand containing a Storeroom.
    • GardensGardens.jpg: Secret Chamber isn’t the best Gardens enabler, but Storeroom’s +Buy makes it way better. You can even open Double-Storeroom and have a higher chance to have a Storeroom in turn 3 in hand. When those collided, discard all cards for +Cards and in turn 4 you already trigger the reshuffle and will see one Storeroom soon again. If they didn’t collide, discard only for $4 and you probably see the other Storeroom in turn 4. So you can go for Gardens (with CopperCopper.jpg buys) very soon and can later 3-pile Gardens, Storerooms and Estates – because each Storeroom also guarantees a Double Estate buy.
    • Other Alt-VP: Alternative VP strategies will have many dead cards in your deck. Storeroom really helps here by discarding your dead cards and drawing e.g. SilverSilver.jpg. The +Buy allows it to buy extra Coppers on the way. Storeroom isn’t the best supporting card for alternative VPs other than Gardens, but in combination with Silk RoadSilk Road.jpg or DukeDuke.jpg and few more Silver buys it’s a reliable strategy.
  • PotionPotion.jpg cards: The best use for Storeroom are the combinations with Potion cards. The problem with Potion is that you want to see it often early in the game but don’t want to clog your deck with 2 Potions. Also your Potion(s) are dead cards later in the game. Strategies with Potion cost cards also need +Buy for cases when you hit $5P or better. Your supporting card also should cost less than $4 that you can open Potion+X. Storeroom solves all of these issues. You always want to open Storeroom + Potion and discard all 4 cards when you don’t have a Potion in hand. The probability is high to draw your Potion which guarantees you $3P which is enough for 8 out of 10 Potion cards. If you miss your Potion you should have at least $3 to buy a second Storeroom.
    • Scrying PoolScrying Pool.jpg: Like written above you should easily get a Scrying Pool each turn. In turns where you didn’t get your Potion in hand pick up cheap Villages or other cheap cantrips or non-terminal trashers. Your Scrying Pools should give you 6-7 cards hands very soon where you can pick up a Scrying Pool + X to pile up on action cards. Later when you draw your whole deck you can even discard your Action cards with Storeroom for money and draw them all again with Scrying Pool (if you played at least one Village). You can then easily buy 2 Provinces. Storeroom + Scrying Pools isn’t good on its own, but with a cheap Village and/or non-terminal trashing, this is a really powerhouse.
    • Philosopher's StonePhilosopher's Stone.jpg: Storeroom may be even better than Herbalist as a supporting card. Both have the much needed + Buy so you can pick up a lot of Storerooms and Coppers on the way and both have a mechanic to see the Potion often early in the game. But Storeroom can mostly discard 2-3 dead cards and Coppers which makes your Philosopher's Stone worth 0.5$ more on average! When you have your first Philosopher's Stone in hand, it should already be worth $3 and soon $4. That means: 2 Philosopher's Stones and you can already buy Provinces.
    • FamiliarFamiliar.jpg: Like written above a Storeroom and a Potion guarantees you a $3P hand, exactly the amount you need for Familiar. The probability is therefore high you can buy a Familiar in turn 3 or 4 with this opening. Storeroom also triggers the reshuffle more often which you need to play your Familiar as often as you can early in the game. The problem is that you can’t play a drawn Familiar because Storeroom is terminal, so take that into account.
    • Other Potion cards: Storeroom isn’t a good enabler for UniversityUniversity.jpg or VineyardVineyard.jpg on its own. But on boards where University or Vineyard are an option, Storeroom is also a very good reason to go for them – for reasons written above. ApothecaryApothecary.jpg has often the problem of leaving bad cards on top of your deck. If you play a Storeroom at the end of your turn you can discard exactly as many Coppers as you need for drawing your junk and discard them again for the same amount of money. This can setup a next good turn. With Villages you can even build an engine fast. With 1 Apothecary and 1 Storeroom you can often buy another Apothecary and Storeroom (or village or another engine component) and you can then quickly cycle through your deck as the Apothecaries now leave good cards on your deck which you can draw with your Storeroom. On boards with good engine potential, where GolemGolem.jpg is a good card, Storeroom lets you buy the Golem faster. When you play your Golem you’ll find your Storeroom for the needed buy and deck filtering. This accelerates the engine and mitigates the problem of Potion cards being slow. Seeing your Potion often is especially important with AlchemistAlchemist.jpg. Storeroom lets you buy them faster and can put them more reliably on top of your deck. Storeroom being terminal isn’t a big problem here as you won’t draw Alchemists dead often.
  • Treasure cards: There are other cases where your key card is a Treasure other than Potion. So the drawback that Storeroom is terminal isn’t a drawback anymore.
    • Ill-Gotten GainsIll-Gotten Gains.jpg: With a Storeroom/Silver opening you can quickly reach a level when you hit $5 nearly every turn. Just discard all cards other than Ill-Gotten-Gains and your opening Silver and you should be drawing at least one Ill-Gotten-Gains or Silver because you only need a 1 out of 8 probability. With 2-3 Storerooms you should be able to keep hitting $5 every turn and can then switch to DuchiesDuchy.jpg.
    • Fool's GoldFool's Gold.jpg: Fool's Gold is cheap and you want as many as you can get. Therefore you need +Buy. Check. You also want collisions, you want to draw 3 Fool's Golds in the same hand. Therefore you either need draw or cycling. Check. Like written above, with a Storeroom in hand, you are guaranteed +$4 and 2 Buys, that’s perfect for picking up 2 Fool's Golds. And with many Fool's Golds it’s not that hard to have 3 of them in hand as you can either draw 4 when you didn’t have one in hand, 3 when you did have one and even 2 cards when you already had 2 FGs.
    • QuarryQuarry.jpg: Storeroom + Quarry is no strategy on its own. But in games where Quarry is strong, Storeroom + Quarry is a very good opener. With a Storeroom in hand you likely draw them together and then you have $4 and all Action cards cost $2 less. So, you basically have $8 and 2 buys. Perfect for picking up 2 $4 key cards or your $5 key card with a $3 supporting card.
  • Triggering reshuffles: All of the above combos and other engines where preparing the next turn by triggering or not triggering the reshuffle is important can benefit from Storeroom. Storeroom may be not the best X in Hunting PartyHunting Party.jpg + X because it often only gives you $1 instead of $2, but discarding exactly as many Coppers and Estates that you’ll have an empty deck while still getting money out the discarded cards is nice. The probability of having a Hunting Party in the next hand will be much higher. Triggering reshuffles may also come in handy if you want to prepare a good turn with InnInn.jpg. So let’s say you’re building a GoonsGoons.jpg engine. So the +Buy from Storeroom is important, the cycling may give you more Double-Goons turns and you can time an empty deck and then buy an Inn for a Mega Goons Turn.

[edit] Synergies/Combos

[edit] Antisynergies

[edit] Versions

[edit] English versions

Print Digital Text Release Date
Storeroom Storeroom from Goko/Making Fun +1 Buy. Discard any number of cards. +1 Card per card discarded. Discard any number of cards. +$1 per card discarded the second time. Dark Ages 1st Edition August 2012
Storeroom Storeroom from Shuffle iT +1 Buy. Discard any number of cards, then draw that many. Then discard any number of cards for +$1 each. Dark Ages 2nd Edition September 2017

[edit] Other language versions

Language Name Print Digital Text Notes
Czech Komora Czech language Storeroom
Dutch Berghok (lit. shed)
Finnish Kellarivarasto (lit. basement storage)
French Salle d'entreposage
German Lagerraum German language Storeroom +1 Kauf
Lege eine beliebige Anzahl Karten
aus deiner Hand ab.
+1 Karte pro abgelegter Karte.
Lege eine beliebige Anzahl Karten
aus deiner Hand ab.
+$1 pro nun abgelegter Karte.
Japanese 物置 (pron. monooki) +1 購入。 好きな枚数のカードを捨て札にし、同じ枚数のカードを引 く。 その後、好きな枚数のカードを捨て札にし、1枚につき+$1
Korean 저장실 (pron. jeojangsil)
Polish Przechowalnia (lit. "Store") Although Polish version is not released, this card is referred to in the Polish version of Empires rulebook
Russian Кладовая (pron. kladovaya)
Spanish Depósito

[edit] Trivia

Official card art.

The art for Storeroom is the only known instance of official card art being used on isotropic, probably due to it being turned in for an earlier set.

[edit] Card Art

This art was turned in as an alternate option for VaultVault.jpg.

[edit] Secret History

This was an old idea that I had briefly tried and forgotten about long ago. I wanted a card-filterer to help dig through your Ruins and saw this on a list and thought hey, let's try that again.

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Renaissance $2 Border GuardBorder Guard.jpg (HornHorn.jpgLanternLantern.jpg) • DucatDucat.jpgLackeysLackeys.jpg $3 Acting TroupeActing Troupe.jpgCargo ShipCargo Ship.jpgExperimentExperiment.jpgImproveImprove.jpg $4 Flag BearerFlag Bearer.jpg (FlagFlag.jpg) • HideoutHideout.jpgInventorInventor.jpgMountain VillageMountain Village.jpgPatronPatron.jpgPriestPriest.jpgResearchResearch.jpgSilk MerchantSilk Merchant.jpg $5 Old WitchOld Witch.jpgRecruiterRecruiter.jpgScepterScepter.jpgScholarScholar.jpgSculptorSculptor.jpgSeerSeer.jpgSpicesSpices.jpgSwashbucklerSwashbuckler.jpg (Treasure ChestTreasure Chest.jpg) • TreasurerTreasurer.jpg (KeyKey.jpg) • VillainVillain.jpg
Projects: $3 CathedralCathedral.jpgCity GateCity Gate.jpgPageantPageant.jpgSewersSewers.jpgStar ChartStar Chart.jpg $4 ExplorationExploration.jpgFairFair.jpgSilosSilos.jpgSinister PlotSinister Plot.jpg $5 AcademyAcademy.jpgCapitalismCapitalism.jpgFleetFleet.jpgGuildhallGuildhall.jpgPiazzaPiazza.jpgRoad NetworkRoad Network.jpg $6 BarracksBarracks.jpgCrop RotationCrop Rotation.jpgInnovationInnovation.jpg $7 CanalCanal.jpg $8 CitadelCitadel.jpg
Menagerie $2 Black CatBlack Cat.jpgSleighSleigh.jpgSuppliesSupplies.jpg $3 Camel TrainCamel Train.jpgGoatherdGoatherd.jpgScrapScrap.jpgSheepdogSheepdog.jpgSnowy VillageSnowy Village.jpgStockpileStockpile.jpg $3star HorseHorse.jpg $4 Bounty HunterBounty Hunter.jpgCardinalCardinal.jpgCavalryCavalry.jpgGroomGroom.jpgHostelryHostelry.jpgVillage GreenVillage Green.jpg $5 BargeBarge.jpgCovenCoven.jpgDisplaceDisplace.jpgFalconerFalconer.jpgGatekeeperGatekeeper.jpgHunting LodgeHunting Lodge.jpgKilnKiln.jpgLiveryLivery.jpgMastermindMastermind.jpgPaddockPaddock.jpgSanctuarySanctuary.jpg $5star FishermanFisherman.jpg $6star DestrierDestrier.jpgWayfarerWayfarer.jpg $7star Animal FairAnimal Fair.jpg
Events: $0 DelayDelay.jpgDesperationDesperation.jpg $2 GambleGamble.jpgPursuePursue.jpgRideRide.jpgToilToil.jpg $3 EnhanceEnhance.jpgMarchMarch.jpgTransportTransport.jpg $4 BanishBanish.jpgBargainBargain.jpgInvestInvest.jpgSeize the DaySeize the Day.jpg $5 CommerceCommerce.jpgDemandDemand.jpgStampedeStampede.jpg $7 ReapReap.jpg $8 EnclaveEnclave.jpg $10 AllianceAlliance.jpgPopulatePopulate.jpg
Ways: ButterflyWay of the Butterfly.jpgCamelWay of the Camel.jpgChameleonWay of the Chameleon.jpgFrogWay of the Frog.jpgGoatWay of the Goat.jpgHorseWay of the Horse.jpgMoleWay of the Mole.jpgMonkeyWay of the Monkey.jpgMouseWay of the Mouse.jpgMuleWay of the Mule.jpgOtterWay of the Otter.jpgOwlWay of the Owl.jpgOxWay of the Ox.jpgPigWay of the Pig.jpgRatWay of the Rat.jpgSealWay of the Seal.jpgSheepWay of the Sheep.jpgSquirrelWay of the Squirrel.jpgTurtleWay of the Turtle.jpgWormWay of the Worm.jpg
Promo $3 Black MarketBlack Market.jpgChurchChurch.jpg $4 DismantleDismantle.jpgEnvoyEnvoy.jpgSaunaSauna.jpg/AvantoAvanto.jpgWalled VillageWalled Village.jpg $5 GovernorGovernor.jpgStashStash.jpg $6 CaptainCaptain.jpg $8 PrincePrince.jpg
Events: $5 SummonSummon.jpg
Base Cards $0 CopperCopper-new.jpgCurseCurse-new.jpg $2 EstateEstate-new.jpg $3 SilverSilver-new.jpg $4 PotionPotion-new.jpg $5 DuchyDuchy-new.jpg $6 GoldGold-new.jpg $8 ProvinceProvince-new.jpg $9 PlatinumPlatinum-new.jpg $11 ColonyColony-new.jpg
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