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Some Coin tokens.

Several cards have effects that put Coin tokens on a mat to keep track of certain parameters—most often the Coffers, Villagers and Favors mats. They are represented by small metal tokens in the likeness of the Dominion Coin ($). Coin tokens are made of brass-plated steel, have a diameter of 15 millimeters and show the same engraving on both sides.

[edit] Uses

[edit] Trivia

Before the 2016 Errata, the Coffers function of Coin tokens did not have a special name, and was simply referred to as "Coin tokens".

[edit] In other languages

  • Finnish: Kolikko (lit. coin)
  • German: Münzmarker, Geldmarker

Dominion Game Mechanics
Turn Phases ActionBuyNightClean-up
Vanilla Bonuses +Card • +Action+Buy • +Coin
Tokens AdventuresCoin (Coffers, Villager, Favors) • DebtVictory
Other mechanics CallCost reductionDiscardExchangeExileGainOverpayPassPayRevealRotateSet asideTrash
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